Dre Woods (as played by Sterling Sulieman on All My Children)

Useful information about Dre Woods

*Member of a garage band.
*His father is senatorial candidate Samuel Woods.

Who's played Dre Woods over the years?

Sterling Sulieman (Tuesday September 4 2007 - present)

Past History

Dre first appeared in Pine Valley in 2007. He was a member of a garage band that practiced near Tad Martin's new home. Dre has always been secretive about his past but he confided to Colby that his father, a politician, wants Dre to follow in his footsteps. Dre isn't interested in politics and so he is in hiding from his family.

When Samuel Woods began campaigning around Pine Valley, he found his son. Dre was standoffish at first but eventually the two developed a deeper bond. When he was suspected in the hit-and-run against Richie Novak, Dre turned to his father and turned himself in. He was later cleared of the charges; Dre joined Sam on the campaign trail.


Samuel Woods (father)


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