Dr. Joe Martin (as played by Ray MacDonnell on All My Children)

Useful information about Dr. Joe Martin

* Marital Status - Married to Ruth Martin.

Who's played Dr. Joe Martin over the years?

Ray MacDonnell (1970 - Present)

Past History

Dr. Joe Martin, the head of one of the founding families in Pine Valley, was a widower raising two children, Jeff and Tara, when he met and married Ruth, a nurse at the hospital where he worked. They adopted another son, Tad, and had a surprise child of their own, Joey. The Martin marriage was threatened only once, when Joe developed a fondness for one of his patients, but after a brief separation, Ruth and Joe reconciled.

When Charles Tyler, Chief of Staff, passed away, Joe assumed his position. His history at General Hospital has been nearly impeccable, except for a brief time when he was forced to step down by allegations made by conniving David Hayward. Joe has survived a tornado that almost took Tad's life, had a massive heart attack brought on by a confrontation with Dimitri Marick, and dealt with all the problems that have affected his children. He is the patriarch of Pine Valley and the steady voice of reason.

Recently, Joe learned that he had another grandchild, conceived during the marriage of Jeff and Erica. Josh Madden was the result of a fertilized egg taken from Erica and transplanted into Dr. Greg Madden's wife, leaving Josh to grow up believing the Madden's were his biological parents. Upon the brutal death of Greg Madden, Jeff returned to town to find a way to convince Erica to tell Josh of his real parentage. To Joe's delight, the three ironed out their differences and began accepting the truth.

Joe continued to work at Pine Valley Memorial with Jake. He was forced to give David Hayward a job after Jake's mid-tornado surgery on Kendall Hart Slater.

Joe retired and left town with Ruth. They both returned when Tad married Cara, Jake's ex-wife. While Ruth was accepting of the green card marriage, Joe expressed his concerns.

Flings and Relationships

Leora Sanders


Kate Martin (mother - deceased)
Henry Martin (father - deceased)
Paul Martin (brother)
Elizabeth Martin (niece - deceased)
Joshua Madden (grandson by Jeff)
Philip Charles Brent (grandson by Tara)
Kate Jefferson (granddaughter by Tara)
James Edward Martin (grandson by Tad by adoption)
Kathy Martin (granddaughter by Tad by adoption)
Samuel Carlos Grey (great-grandson by Kelsey - adopted by Edmund and Maria Grey)


Jeff Martin (son with Helen)
Tara Martin (daughter with Helen)
Bobby Martin (son with Helen mysteriously disappeared and is never mentioned)
Tad Martin (son with Ruth by adoption)
Joseph "Jake" Martin Jr. (son with Ruth)


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