Dr. Jeff Martin (as played by John James on All My Children)

Useful information about Dr. Jeff Martin

* Marital Status - Single.
* Fell in love with and married Mary Kennicott the love of his life.
* Helped clear Christina Karras for the murder of David Thornton.
* Worked in many third world countries over the last ten years, helping provide medicine for remote villages.
* Learned the child he thought ex-wife Erica aborted years earlier, Josh Madden, was alive and well.

Who's played Dr. Jeff Martin over the years?

John James (2006-2007)

Past History

As a young medical intern, Jeff Martin found himself smitten with the beautiful, Erica Kane. The two married, but Erica's need for a luxurious lifestyle didn't mesh with Jeff's salary. As their love started to fade, Jeff began spending his time with nurse, Mary Kennicott.

Erika discovered that she was pregnant with Jeff's child, but she was just beginning her career as a model and not ready for motherhood. She arranged to have an abortion without telling Jeff, and when he found out, he was enraged.

Jeff was crying on Mary's shoulder and Erica began spending time with Jason Maxwell. The constant bickering between the two led to their divorce. When Jason was discovered dead, Jeff was a prime suspect, but was later released when the real killer was found. Jeff was free to wed Mary, but they were happy for only a short time as Mary was killed by burglars.

After mourning his loss, Jeff fell in love with Dr. Christina Karras who was already engaged. When her fiance was killed, and Christina was proven innocent of his death, she and Jeff married and left Pine Valley. Eventually, they divorced.

Unlucky in love, Jeff became involved in medical care for third world countries and his visits to Pine Valley were only occasional. He recently returned after receiving a phone call from his father, Dr. Joe Martin, telling Jeff that he had a son. The abortion that Erica thought she had, resulted in her embryo being stolen by Dr. Greg Madden and implanted into his own wife. The pair raised the son as if he was their biological child. Jeff immediately made plans to come home to meet his son, but wondered how to explain the whole situation to a young man he didn't even know.

Shortly after Jeff's arrival, Dr. Madden was found murdered. Jeff and Erica had been at odds about whether or not to divulge the truth to Josh, but in his grief, it seemed the perfect time to comfort him as only parents could. Josh didn't receive the news well, and was torn between hating the man who created him, and loving that same man for having treated him like a true son. At first he wanted no part of his real family, and cast doubtful eyes on those he thought might have killed Greg Madden. He was also very smitten with Babe Chandler, something that Erica hated because of what she had done to Bianca.

Finding out they had a son brought Erica and Jeff close again, and their interaction in dealing with Josh began to affect her marriage to Jack. When Erica moved into the Valley Inn for some 'me' time, and failed to return, Jack had her belongings delivered to her hotel room door. Jeff felt encouraged that perhaps he might win Erica back when he began suffering from bouts of Malaria and she climbed into bed with him to help quell his fevered shivering.

Josh eventually eased into a relationship with both Erica and Jeff, and escorted his 'new mother' home to spend Christmas with Jack and the family.

After a short-lived affair with Erica, Jeff decided to return to his work in Africa.

Flings and Relationships

Erica Kane (affair)


Helen Martin (mother - deceased)
Joe Martin (father)
Ruth Martin (stepmother)
Tara Martin (sister)
Tad Martin (adoptive brother)
Jake Martin (brother)
Kate Martin ( grandmother - deceased)
Charlie Brent (nephew)
Jamie Martin (nephew - adoptive)
Kelsey Jefferson (niece)
Kate Martin (adoptive niece)
Paul Martin (uncle)
Beth Tyler (cousin - deceased)


Josh Madden (with Erica Kane)


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