Dr. Jake Martin (as played by Ricky Paull Goldin on All My Children)

Useful information about Dr. Jake Martin

* Real name Joseph Martin, JR; called "Joey" as a child.
* Fought with David Hayward at Pine Valley Hospital.
* Works with Doctors Without Borders in Africa; has also offered medical services to orphaned children in Chechnya.
* Fell for Taylor Thompson.
* Married to Amanda.

Who's played Dr. Jake Martin over the years?

Ricky Paull Goldin (Wednesday April 30 2008 - Present)
J. Eddie Peck (August 4, 2000 through February 25, 2003; June 9 and 10, 2003)
Michael Lowry (1996 to March 16, 2000)
Michael Brainard (1988 to 1991, 1994, 1995)
Michael Scaleri (1983 to 1988)

Past History

Jake Martin, called Joey as a child, was born to Ruth and Joe Martin. He was a by-the-book kid who always followed the rules. He met and fell in love with Emily Ann Sago and married her against his parents' wishes. Emily Ann lost her mind when she realized her birth parents were Billy Clyde Tuggle and Estelle LaTour; she became pregnant but lost the baby. Unable to cope, Emily Ann was committed to an institution. Jake divorced Emily Ann and moved to Stanford to attend Medical School.

Jake eventually dropped out of Stanford and began working as a handyman. During this time he met Liza Colby and they began dating. Liza eventually realized "Jake" was Tad's brother "Joey" and broke off their affair. He was hired by Adam, whom Liza had married, as an assistant at WRCW. Adam hoped that Jake would get a tape of Liza fooling around so he could divorce her. Jake was still in love with Liza and refused to do Adam's bidding.

Next he met and began dating Belinda but that relationship never went anywhere. He began working at Pine Valley Hospital where he met Allie Doyle. They were immediately attracted but Dr. David Hayward threw a wrench in their relationship because he was Allie's ex. David proposed to her but she turned him down so he blackmailed her by threatening to tell Joe Martin she falsified her college transcripts. David tried to ruin Jake, too, by drugging Adam Chandler while he was recovering from a stroke. Adam was nearly killed and David blamed Jake for it. Jake was suspended from the hospital.

Soon after, Liza decided it was time to have a baby. Jake offered to be her sperm donor and stay out of the child's life. Liza agreed. Then, she and Adam reunited. Jake, who had married Gillian, was afraid that Adam would harm the child and decided he would sue for custody. During this time Gillian and Ryan were involved in a car accident. Jake became her doctor. Gillian knew the truth about Liza's child, Colby, - that Adam switched sperm samples and was the child's biological father - but was unable to tell Jake because of her injuries. When he finally learned the truth he felt betrayed by Gillian. He left town angry which led to Gillian and Ryan getting back together. Gillian was eager for Jake to return so she could divorce him to be with Ryan. Jake had gone to Chechnya and was injured during the fighting there. When Jake returned, still in bad shape, Gillian realized she couldn't leave him and began neglecting Ryan. Ryan eventually told her their relationship was over.

Gillian and Jake eventually did divorce but remained friends.

Jake became involved with Greenlee Smythe and was also focused on destroying Dr. David Hayward. Greenlee couldn't let go of Leo, though, and Jake turned to Mia. She didn't keep his interest long and Jake was soon dating Greenlee again. Jake learned that David had put Dixie in danger while treating her heart condition but both Dixie and Tad convinced him not to go public with the information. Thinking he had the upper hand, David went to the board to have Joe removed from his Chief-of-Staff position. The board agreed that Joe was slipping but then named Jake as the new Chief of Staff and not David!

Jake and Mia soon got back together but Mia was being blackmailed by Trey. Mia told Jake that Trey helped her give up her son for adoption. Trey wanted to disrupt the child's adoption but Jake helped Mia convince them not to destroy the boy's life. A short time later, Liza accidentally pushed Mia off a balcony at the Chandler manse. Jake wanted Liza to pay for her crime but Mia would not press charges. They became closer than ever until Mia decided to go into business with Greenlee, Liza, Kendall and Simone. Mia worked long hours getting Fusion off the ground and began associating with handsome men, making Jake jealous. He proposed but Mia wasn't ready for marriage. Insecure because of her supposed rejection, Jake turned to Allison, an intern at the hospital, and they began an affair. When Simone caught them in a broom closet, Jake ran away from Pine Valley, leaving only a note for Mia and for Tad. Soon after, the Martins received word that Jake had joined the Doctors Without Borders program.

Jake returned to town a few months later with fiancee Carolyn in town. Mia was upset, especially when Jake blamed their break-up on her. Tad told him off but Jake stuck to his guns. Joe and Ruth were just glad to have their son back but Jake said he couldn't stay in Pine Valley because of his past. Both he and Carolyn returned to their jobs with Doctors Without Borders.

Jake was rescued from Africa by Aidan Devane after a ransom was sent to Zach's office. He wanted to return to Africa but Tad was hurt when Papel crashed Jesse's wedding and stayed in town. Tad and Joe convinced him to remain in town. Jake began an affair with Amanda but was also attracted to Taylor Thompson; when Amanda figured this out, she dumped him.

Jake focused on Taylor, who was recovering from paralysis after a fall at the hospital.

Jake came back in Pine Valley and helped Amanda plot against David, who wanted to steal her child when it was born. Jake and Amanda decided to get married and left town for her to have the baby. Jake made a side deal with Liza, telling her she could adopt Amanda's baby, but he actually got her another infant and hid Amanda's baby. Jake and Amanda told David that the baby died in childbirth. Currently, Jake and Amanda hatched a plan to have her son turn up as an abandoned child, which they would then adopt. David learned the child was alive and made Trevor and Amanda move in with him. Soon it was revealed that Jake was the real bio-dad. Now Jake and Amanda live with their child together.

After ridding themselves of Daivd, Amanda attracted a stalker when she started modeling for Fusion. The stalker turned out to be Janet and Jake helped his wife deal with her issues regarding her mother, as well as her fears over being a mother herself.

Jake decided he and Amanda should get re-married and threw his wife the wedding of her dreams.

After a few months of happiness, Jake's ex, Cara, came to town. It was revealed that she left him because drug lords were after her and threatened his life. She was still in love with him, which threatened Amanda. Despite Jake's insistence that he loved only her, Amanda, who didn't know about the drug lords, called immigration to tell them Cara was traveling under an assumed name. When they threatened to deport Cara, Tad stepped in and married her, which bothered Jake more than he admitted.

Flings and Relationships

Amanda Dillon (married)
Taylor Thompson (kissed)
Carolyn (past engagement)
Greenlee Smythe
Mia Saunders (engaged)
Katie Kennicott
Liza Colby
Allie Doyle
Gillian Andrassy
Dr. Patricia Trowbridge


Joe Martin (father)
Ruth Martin (mother)
Tad Martin (brother by adoption)
Philip Brent (half-brother by adoption)
Jeff Martin (half-brother)
Tara Martin (half-sister)
Bobby Martin (half-brother)
Henry Martin (grandfather)
Kate Martin (grandmother)
Paul Martin (uncle)
Amy Parker (aunt)
Elizabeth Martin (cousin - deceased)
Jamie Martin (nephew by adoption)
Jenny Carey (niece by adoption)
Josh Madden (half-nephew)
Philip Charles Brent (half-nephew)
Kelsey Jefferson (half-niece)
Samuel Carlos Grey (half-great-nephew)


Trevor Martin (son with Amanda Dillon)
Unnamed child (miscarriage with Gillian)


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