Derek Frye (as played by Charles Parnell on All My Children)

Useful information about Derek Frye

* Marital Status - Single/Divorced.
* Started a relationship with fellow officer Mimi Reed, breaking the PVPD's non-fraternization policy.

Who's played Derek Frye over the years?

William Christian (June 1990 - 1995; 1995 - August 28, 2005)
Charles Parnell (September 8, 2005 - September 2007)
Jerome Preston Bates (November 2007 - January 2008)
Charles Parnell (February 19, 2008 - February 2008 - June 2008)

Past History

Derek was promoted from officer to detective when Trevor Dillon left the Pine Valley Police Department. Derek married Mimi Reed and they had a daughter, but when they divorced Mimi took the child and moved away. When Anna Devane left PV, Derek stepped up to Acting Police Chief.

His first big case was the Cambias murder, and although he ended up offending close friends by trying to find the culprit, he saw the case concluded when Bianca Montgomery finally remembered the night she had blacked out. Everyone in Pine Valley had been suspect in the case.

Derek's work on the Greg Madden murder case went down the drain along with his friendship with Tad Martin. Derek was certain that he had the right suspects on trial, but Tad undermined the case by concocting a lie on the witness stand that set Dixie and Zach free. Although we all know the true killer, the case remains unsolved.

Now, there is a serial killer on the loose. Two of the women of Fusion Cosmetics have been killed, and Derek's daughter works there. Besides having a professional interest in finding the culprit, he has a much stronger personal one. Simone and Erin are gone, and Derek's job is to make sure they are the last to lose their lives needlessly.

Flings and Relationships

Taylor Roxbury-Cannon


Livia Frye (sister)
Terrence Frye (nephew)
Jamal Cudahy (nephew by adoption)


Danielle Frye (daughter with Mimi)


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