Damon Miller (as played by Finn Wittrock on All My Children)

Useful information about Damon Miller

* Thought he was the biological father of the baby Liza adopted, Stuart.
* Turned out to be Tad's son with Hilary Wilson.
* Dated Colby.
* Slept with Liza.

Who's played Damon Miller over the years?

Finn Wittrock (2009 - January 27, 2011)

Past History

Damon came to Pine Valley as the biological father of Baby Stuart, who had been adopted by Liza Colby. Damon became involved with Liza's daughter, Colby, as she was the only one who believed he was innocent of the rash of break-ins.

As time passed, Damon learned Tad Martin was his biological father, but that he was not the father of Stuart. Colby and Damon continued to date, as Damon and Tad formed a relationship.

Liza was unhappy that her daughter was dating Damon, who she believed was bad news. She tried to break them up, but to no avail. She eventually came around and offered him a job as her law clerk. They got along well, but took things too far after Damon found Colby kissing Asher for the second time. Damon went to Liza and they had sex.

Racked with guilt, Damon confessed to Tad, who suggested he not tell Colby. Damon told Colby he cheated on her, but didn't mention it was with her mother. He couldn't be around Colby knowing how he had betrayed her and decided to move. Liza pulled some strings and got him accepted into UC Davis in California.

Flings and Relationships

Liza Colby (one-night stand)
Colby Chandler (dated)
Bailey (mother of Baby Stuart)


Tad Martin (father)
Hilary Wilson (mother)
Jamie Martin (half-brother)
Jenny Colby Carey (half-sister)
Kathy Martin (half-sister)
Dr. Jake Martin (uncle by adoption)
Jenny Gardner (aunt; deceased)
Dr. Jeff Martin (uncle by adoption)
Opal Cortlandt (grandmother)
Ray Gardner (grandfather)
Langley Wallingford (grandfather)
Betty Wilson (grandmother)


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