Colby Chandler (Past) (as played by Natalie Hall on All My Children)

Useful information about Colby Chandler (Past)

* Was kidnapped, with Frankie, by Robert Gardner.
* Jenny Colby Carey was named for Colby.
* Ran away from home.
* She stole a car to return to Pine Valley.
* Extorted $50,000 from JR Chandler.
* Used a fake ID to get into ConFusion.
* Crashed the Montgomery's yacht, injuring several other of her party guests, then hid in the secret passage of the Chandler house, letting her family believe she had drowned.
* Suspected in the hit-and-run death of Richie Novak.
* Defended Petey against her father.
* Believed her mother, Liza, had abandoned her, but later learned her father had kept letters from her.
* Reconciled with Liza and lives with her.
* Learned that Liza lied about giving birth to Trevor, but forgave her.
* Dated Tad's son Damon, but he slept with Liza.
* Started falling for Asher.

Who's played Colby Chandler (Past) over the years?

Natalie Hall (November 25, 2009 - September 23, 2011)
Brianne Moncrief (May 7, 2008 - November 2009)
Ambyr Childers (July 3rd, 2006 - May 6, 2008)
Abby Wathen (2002 - a teenage Colby in Adam's visions)
Kathryn Newton (Colby Marian Chandler (#2) (2001-2004)
Brianne and Morgan Mullan (2000)

Past History

Colby was conceived by artificial insemination with sperm that was supposed to have been donated by Jake Martin. Wealthy, Adam Chandler, bought the sperm bank and substituted his own little swimmers, making Colby a Chandler. A tumultuous relationship between Adam and Liza caused her to take Colby and leave Pine Valley, against Adam's wishes. Despite hiring an army of private investigators, he was unable to find the duo.

At fifteen, Colby ran away from Liza and returned to Pine Valley in a stolen car. Of course, papa Chandler's money got her off with only a slap on the wrist. It was the night of her return to Pine Valley that Colby stumbled upon Dr. Greg Madden's dead body... Quite a welcome home.

Colby seems to have inherited her father's genes for deception and manipulation, as evidence at her sweet sixteen birthday party. Colby used her feminine charms to attract young Sean Montgomery into having sex to keep him from being interested in Sydney Harris, the niece of the Chandler's housemaid. After drinking way too much, Colby crashed the Montgomery yacht, injuring most of the young people aboard. She, then hid in the secret passageway of the Chandler Mansion, letting everyone believe she had been killed. Of course, her father was so relieved to see her alive, there were no repercussions. Luckily, the pregnancy scare from her brief sexual encounter turned out to be false.

Colby was determined to rid the Chandler household of Babe and Krystal. She planted a video camera in Josh's apartment, hoping to catch him with Babe. JR eventually learned of Babe's affair and kicked her out. Colby was still determined to get rid of Krystal, especially after she learned Krystal was carrying Tad's child and not Adam's. All that changed when Adam left Krystal alone and in labor. With no one else to help, Colby delivered the child and became bonded with Krystal.

She moved in with Tad and Krystal for a short time but returned to the mansion when she realized that Adam was trying to change.

Colby became friends with a hip-hop group in town. Dre, Ren and Corrinna became regular fixtures around the Chandler mansion until it was learned that Dre was Samuel Woods' son; Sam was running for a Senate seat and Dre didn't want to be involved with that at all. He turned to Colby for friendship and they developed a deep bond. When Cassandra Foster arrived in town, she joined their group. Colby and the others helped Cassandra with her feelings after Papel tried to kill her and ruin Angie's wedding.

At Colby's 18th birthday party, she got drunk and began flirting with Ren, who was dating Corrinna. Corrinna stormed out and Ren followed. Colby became sick so Dre drove her home; on the way, they hit something but didn't go back to check it out. Colby began drinking even more when she learned that Richie Novak had been killed on the same road on which they were driving. She eventually confided in Krystal. Dre went to the police to admit to the crime; Colby and Cassandra did the same thing. It turned out they weren't guilty and Richie was dead before they hit him.

Cassandra left town and so did Dre but Colby remained in Pine Valley and began a flirtation with Petey Cortlandt. Colby wondered why Petey was spending so much time at the Chandler mansion; after the Bella fiasco, Petey admitted he was working with Adam but only so he could spend more time with her. She was touched. When Adam tried to bribe Petey to leave town, Colby defended her friend and said she would tell everyone about Adam's real role in the poisonings. After the tornadoes, Colby began to leave heavily on Petey.

Colby lived with Adam, believing that her mother, Liza, had abandoned any thought of having a relationship with her. However, when Liza came to Pine Valley, it was revealed that Adam had hidden all the letters Liza had written to Colby. Colby reconciled with Liza and eventually moved in with her. Recently, Colby learned that Liza lied about giving birth to Trevor, and was going to leave town. She talked to JR and Marissa, and wound up forgiving Liza.

Colby started dating Damon, who turned out to be Tad's son. Fearing the apple wouldn't fall far from the tree, Liza worried about her daughter dating Tad the Cad's son and tried to keep them apart. Colby was determined to be with Damon though and even gave up a internship in New York to do so.

Asher came to town and befriended Colby and Damon. He developed a crush on Colby and kissed her twice, which Damon found out about. Damon broke up with Colby and turned to Liza, who he was working for. Liza, upset she and Colby were estranged, slept with Damon, upset Colby had kissed another guy. The guilt was too much for Damon, but Tad and Liza convinced him not to confess to Colby. Liza helped him get into a college in California and he left town.

Colby found out about the one night stand anyway and took to her video blog to tell the world what her mother did. The vlog was a hit and Colby continued to share her personal life with the online world. Once she started getting over her heartbreak, she started dating Asher.

By the end of the show, Colby had reconciled with Liza, reached out to Adam on unraveling JR's behalf and decided to go back to school.

Flings and Relationships

Petey Cortlandt (kissed)
Frankie Hubbard (kissed)
Josh_Madden (kissed)
Sean_Montgomery (lovers)
Damon (dated)
Asher Pike (dated)


Adam Chandler (father)
Liza Colby (mother)
Larry Colby (maternal grandfather - deceased)
Marian Colby (maternal grandmother)
Hayley Vaughan (paternal half-sister)
Adam Chandler Jr. (paternal half-brother)
Anna Claire Chandler (paternal half-sister - deceased)
Stuart Chandler (paternal uncle)
Charlotte Chandler (paternal aunt - deceased)
Mia Saunders (maternal half-aunt)
Scott Chandler (paternal cousin byadoption)
Ross Chandler (paternal cousin)
William (maternal half-cousin - given up for adoption)
Lorenzo Santos (paternal half-nephew)
Adam Chandler III (paternal half-nephew)
Julie Chandler (paternal first cousin)




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