Cassandra Foster (Past) (as played by Yaya DaCosta on All My Children)

Useful information about Cassandra Foster (Past)

*Cassanda was adopted by Angie and then-husband Jacob Foster.
*Cassandra has been living in Europe with Jacob.
*Was suspected in the hit-and-run death of Richie Novak.
*Left Pine Valley to be with her father.

Who's played Cassandra Foster (Past) over the years?

Yaya DaCosta (2008 - August 25, 2008)

Past History

Cassandra was adopted by Angie Hubbard Foster and then-husband Jacob Foster. She arrived in town very curious about Angie's renewed love for Jesse and carried with her a toy elephant that Angie got from the police station the day Jesse died. Inside was a diamond wanted by the criminal Papel and he began targeting Cass and the Hubbards to get it back. His plot was uncovered at Jesse and Angie's second wedding. Before things could calm down, Cassandra developed a friendship with Colby and a love interest with Dre.

Over the Fourth of July, the kids went to the Chandler lodge but Colby got drunk and on the way home, they hit something. Too scared to turn back, they kept going. Soon after they learned that Richie Novak had been killed, supposedly in a hit-and-run, on the same road, the same night. The kids began to fall apart. Cassandra tried everything to get Jesse to kick her out so she could escape Pine Valley and possibility of jail. Jesse and Angie finally figured everything out; Dre took the blame but Cassandra still couldn't come to terms with the death or with Jesse and convinced Angie that she would be better off in Paris with Jacob. She left town.

Flings and Relationships



Dr. Angie Baxter Hubbard (adoptive mother)
Jacob Foster (adoptive father)
Frankie Hubbard (adoptive brother)




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