Carmen “Sugar” Morales (as played by Elizabeth Rodriguez on All My Children)

Useful information about Carmen “Sugar” Morales

*Carmen "Sugar" Morales is Erica Kane's cell mate.
*Sugar is a huge Erica Kane fan.
*Took a job as Adam's maid.
*Dated Jack Montgomery.
*Was a foster child with Randi.

Who's played Carmen “Sugar” Morales over the years?

Elizabeth Rodriguez (March 13, 2008 - present)

Past History

Sugar has a history of criminal activity that has landed her in jail. She and Erica became cell-mates and when they were transferred to a larger prison, escaped and went on the run. Erica learned that Carmen had been framed and stayed on the run with her until they could prove her innocence. They found Carmen's ex and his mother, living in luxury, and held guns on them to get them to tell the truth. Jack and Zach busted into the apartment and ruined their scheme. They were sent back to prison.

In prison, Erica continued working to get Carmen a new trial and convinced Jack to represent her. Jack managed to get Carmen out of jail on early release pending the new trial. She took a job at the Chandler mansion and soon began dating Jack, who was trying to get over Erica. At a party, Carmen ran into Randi, a new arrival in Pine Valley. It turned out they were foster siblings; Randi harbored a lot of anger toward Carmen because Carmen left the foster home. They began to rebuild their friendship and Carmen began to give Randi advice on how to get on with her life.

Carmen and Jack continued dating but she soon realized that Erica was undermining her. They had a huge fight and Carmen quit her job with Adam because he was 'dating' Erica at the time.

Flings and Relationships

Jack Montgomery (dated)
Mondo (dated)






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