Caleb Cortlandt (as played by Michael Nouri on All My Children)

Useful information about Caleb Cortlandt

* Met Erica Kane when her plane crashed into his house.
* Lived in seclusion on a mountain.
* Palmer's newphew.
* Abandoned his son Asher as a child.
* Fell in love with Erica.
* Formed a relationship with Asher.

Who's played Caleb Cortlandt over the years?

Michael Nouri (May 24, 2010 - September 14, 2011)

Past History

Caleb was forced to move from his mountain home into his nearby cabin when Erica Kane's plane crashed into his house. He didn't know who Erica was and was clearly annoyed by her presence in his life.

Once Erica was rescued, Caleb came to Pine Valley on his late uncle Palmer's request to run Cortlandt Electronics with Erica. The two eventually formed a friendship, which turned into genuine feelings on Caleb's behalf. He tried to get Erica to leave Jack before their wedding, but she rejected him.

Caleb also discovered Asher Pike was his son who he gave up years ago after his mother died. Despite Asher's initial anger at his father, the two inched toward a relationship.

He and Erica weren't meant to be and Caleb spent the remainder of his time in Pine Valley butting heads with JR over business and Asher. Caleb started moving on from Erica and asked Liza out on a date.

Flings and Relationships

Liza Colby (asked out)
Erica Kane (flirtation)


Palmer Cortlandt (Uncle)
Dixie Cooney Martin (Cousin)
JR Chandler (Second Cousin)


Asher Pike (son)


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