Brot Monroe (as played by J.R. Martinez on All My Children)

Useful information about Brot Monroe

* Was injured and presumed dead in Iraq.
* He hired Tad to find Taylor.
* Was engaged to Taylor, but they broke up when they didn't gel away from Iraq.
* Supported Frankie when he was injured.
* Joined the PV police force.
* Began a relationship with Natalia.
* Helped Jesse with a cover up.
* Asked Natalia to marry him.

Who's played Brot Monroe over the years?

J.R. Martinez (October 31, 2008 - September 23, 2011)

Past History

Brot was injured in the Iraq War; Frankie tried to save him but Brot was presumed dead. He arrived in Pine Valley in 2008, looking for Taylor, his former fiancee.

Taylor and Brot found each other again, but realized that back in Pine Valley, they didn't gel. Brot supported Frankie when his hands were injured, and is also joined the Pine Valley police force.

After months of working with Natalia, he developed feelings for her. While his feelings were reciprocated, she was resistant to begin a sexual relationship because she was a virgin. She succumbed however and the two had sex. Unfortunately, their superiors weren't thrilled by the idea of them being a couple, so Natalia took a job out of town.

Brot found a baby in his squad car, just as Jesse delivered his and Angie's stilborn baby in an abandoned house. While Angie was passed out, Brot helped Jesse switch the babies. He helped Jesse keep the secret, but it became too much and he confessed his role in it to Natalia, who he proposed to.

Jesse eventually confessed to Angie as well. After some time, Angie accepted what Jesse did and Brot's role in it and the Hubbards went out as one big happy family.

Flings and Relationships

Natalia Hubbard (engaged)
Taylor Thompson (engaged)


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