Barbara Montgomery (as played by Susan Pratt on All My Children)

Useful information about Barbara Montgomery

* Has jumped from man to man since her husband Travis died.
* Became pregnant with her son, Sean, in order to save her daughter's life when she needed a bone marrow transplant.

Who's played Barbara Montgomery over the years?

Susan Pratt (1987 - 1991 - recurring since 1990's)

Past History

Barbara arrived in Pine Valley in 1987, involved with husband Travis Montgomery's election campaign. She and Erica Kane immediately butted heads when Barbara learned that Erica was pregnant with Travis' child. She later became involved with Tom Cudahy, who was married to Skye Chandler. Skye was in a coma at the time, but even after she recovered, Barbara did everything she could to keep Skye and Tom apart. Skye kidnapped Barbara and threatened to kill her because of this but Tom was able to save Barbara's life.

Barbara became involved with Tom, but when his daughter Laura was killed by a drunken driver, the relationship ended. Barbara began having an affair with Tad Martin and later went back to Travis. She became pregnant with his child but he left town before she could tell him. Tom proposed and raised Molly as his own. When Molly was diagnosed with Leukemia, Barbara told Travis the truth. Though Travis was married to Erica at the time, they agreed to have another child to save Molly's life. They made love and Barbara became pregnant with Sean, breaking up both of their marriages. Sean's bone marrow saved Molly's life. Travis and Barbara left town to start a new life in Seattle with Sean, Molly and Travis' daughter Bianca. Since Travis' death, Barbara has returned often to Pine Valley, causing problems for Erica.

Flings and Relationships

Tom Cudahy
Travis Montgomery
Tad Martin




Molly Montgomery (daughter with Travis)
Sean Montgomery (son with Travis)


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