Babe Carey Chandler (as played by Alexa Havins on All My Children)

Useful information about Babe Carey Chandler

* Marital Status - Married (JR Chandler).
* Other Names: Arabella Carey (full name)
* Bigamy: Married JR Chandler while still married to Paul Cramer.
* Stole a plastic cow from Benny's Beef & Bun.
* Adultery: Slept with Jamie Martin while married to JR Chandler.
* Blackmailed Paul Cramer into fixing a paternity test.
* Withheld knowledge that "her" baby, Bess, was actually Miranda Montgomery.
* Kidnapped Ace Buchanan and fled to Virginia, Florida and New Orleans.
* Arrested for the kidnapping of Ace Buchanan.
* Lied to the police by covering for J.R. Chandler, saying she hit Amanda with her car, not JR.
* Lied in court to protect J.R. and to keep him out of jail.
* Despite her wedding vows to JR, she slept with Josh.
* Killed in the tornado while trying to protect AJ.

Who's played Babe Carey Chandler over the years?

Amanda Baker (October 8, 2007 - October 31, 2008; June 4, 2009; June 29, 2009)
Alexa Havins (October 13, 2003 - October 8, 2007; September 20 - 21, 2011)

Past History

The night that the Face of Fusion contest winner was announced, Jamie Martin met a very drunk young lady on the beach. The two went on a little spree, stole a plastic cow from a local eatery, and then ended up having sex. The very next night, at a dinner at the Chandler Mansion, host JR, introduced his new bride, Babe Carey (AKA Arabella), and Jamie was stunned to learn that his first sexual encounter had been with his half-brother's new wife.

The plastic cow raised questions, but the duo made up a bogus story that satisfied JR's curiosity, however despite keeping their liaison a secret, the adoring stares from Jamie, and Babe's nervousness around him, gave JR's father, Adam, reason to be suspicious. He was certain that Babe's only interest was the Chandler fortune, and he offered her a large amount of money to leave town.

Babe stayed and soon announced her pregnancy. Jamie pressed her to find out if he was the father, but Babe's flirtations with her young doctor convinced him to lie about the stage of her pregnancy so she could rule Jamie out. Eventually, JR started putting pieces together and confronted the two about their relationship. Jamie told the truth, but Babe lied, making it look like Jamie was pressuring her to leave her husband. JR chose to believe his wife, setting the brothers at odds.

With everyone curious about the paternity, Babe finally confessed to JR that she was pregnant prior to the marriage, and didn't tell him for fear of losing him. JR believed her story, but their marriage was fraught with lies and deceptions. Babe had actually married before, (Paul from OLTL) failed to have it annulled, and then married JR. After discovering the truth, and with Jamie still insisting on a paternity test, JR wanted one, too. Babe manipulated her previous husband into making sure the results showed that JR was the father.

Babe and Bianca Montgomery, both expecting around the same time, found themselves stranded together during a storm in a remote cabin. When Bianca went into labor, Babe called on her previous husband, a chopper pilot, for help to get her to the hospital. After delivering the child herself, she went into labor. Paul arrived, and seeing a perfect opportunity to steal a son for his sister to replace the one she lost, he administered medication to Babe to make her groggy, delivered her baby and then staged a copter crash, telling Babe that her child had been killed.

After Adam threatened bodily harm if anything had happened to his grandchild, Paul switched his story. He said that Bianca's child had been thrown from the aircraft, and Baby 'Bess' went home with Babe and JR. The baby enhanced their relationship and they even planned to re-marry so Babe could have her dream wedding, but nightmares of the night the child was born continued to haunt Babe. Disturbing bits and pieces of what had happened made her question Paul's integrity. She eventually learned the truth, but because JR and Adam had become so attached to the baby, she only shared the information with her mother, Krystal.

Everyone was blackmailing everyone else, and Dr. David Hayward, who had a vendetta against the Chandlers, discovered the truth and threatened to tell. Krystal silenced him by revealing that Babe was the result of their one-night stand. A DNA test confirmed the facts, and Babe came face-to-face with her real father.

Babe and JR's marriage began to falter, and she ended up in the hospital as a result of his drugging her. Jamie finally convinced her to leave JR, and her decision cost her custody of Bess. While in Llanview, she met little Ace Buchanan, son of Paul's sister, Kelly. Babe felt an immediate attraction, and a later DNA test revealed he was truly her son. Babe shared the whole story with Jamie and he helped her kidnap the little boy, and the trio went into hiding. Babe left behind letters for both JR and Bianca, revealing the whole truth, feeling content that Bianca had her daughter back. JR had found and destroyed the letters and still had Bess. When Babe found out, she tried again, by convincing JR to bring the baby to Florida to meet her. She had Bianca there and came clean about Bess.

Eventually kidnapping charges were levied, court cases ensued, and Krystal took the blame and went to prison to save her daughter. Jamie stood to inherit a large amount of money, but not as long as Babe was in his life, and she arranged for him to find her in bed with someone else to make him leave her. Babe plotted to get JR to marry her again so she could gain custody of her son, but she didn't count on falling in love with him again. After a harrowing experience in which she and her son were kidnapped by Janet Green, Babe and JR exchanged vows in the Chandler garden.

The marriage that was supposed to last a lifetime was shattered when JR's paranoia caused him to try to kill Babe while she was working at Fusion. Unfortunately, his mistaken victim was a very pregnant Kendall Slater, and he nearly killed both her and her unborn child. Babe turned on JR, was consoled by Josh Madden, but eventually believed JR's remorseful plea, and defended him in court, freeing him of murder charges. At Fusion, her co-workers were furious with her.

Josh's love for Babe lured her into having sex with him, and JR, fueled by constant allegations of Babe's betrayal from his sister, Colby, got drunk and went to Josh's apartment. He encountered Bianca and Erica there waiting for Josh, an argument ensued, and JR took a header out a window, nearly killing himself. Babe, torn between the two men she loved, realized that her future was with JR and little Adam, and begged Josh to leave her alone. She returned home to try to make amends while JR recovered from his injuries.

JR continued to hold Babe at arm's length, with little nuances that showed he still cared, the biggest being hiring an armed body guard to watch over her. When Simone Torres and Erin Lavery were killed by the Satin Slayer, it became evident that all of the Fusion women were targets of a killer. In an attempt on Babe's life, Dixie Martin was accidentally killed. She ate poisoned peanut butter pancakes intended for Babe. As Dixie was dying she told JR that Krystal, Babe's mother, was actually carrying Tad's child. This gave JR extra ammunition to use against Babe. A few days later, he gave Babe an ultimatum: give him a divorce and custody of little Adam or he would take the secret public. Babe wouldn't bend to JR's threats, but before he could drop the bomb, the Satin Slayer attacked Babe, stabbing a needle into her neck.

Babe became involved with a new bartender at Krystal's bar, The Comeback. Wes was really Richie Novak, Annie's crazy brother, but Babe didn't want to believe that. She saw the light after it was learned that Richie kidnapped JR to steal his bone marrow; she cut ties with him. Out of jail on bond, he kidnapped Babe and took her to the cabin in the woods. She escaped with the help of Kendall and Greenlee; the women threatened Richie but didn't hurt him. He escaped from them and was later found dead on the road.

Soon after this, JR and Babe found their way back to one another and decided to take over Fusion together. They brought Adam into their scheme. JR proposed and Babe accepted. Their scheme went wrong when Adam tainted the Bella perfume. Babe admitted what she did, stepped down from Fusion and prepared to leave town with JR. They left for San Diego but Adam subpoenaed them back to Pine Valley; as soon as they arrived, tornadoes touched down. In the aftermath, Babe realized her body was crushing Little A's; even though she knew it could kill her, she told JR to save their son. Angie, JR and Krystal worked to save Babe's life but she died in the hospital a few days later.

Babe appeared to JR a few later to try and help him get his life back on track. However, he realized she was just a vision and nothing changed.

Flings and Relationships

Local marines based in San Diego [Pre-Pine Valley]
JR_Chandler (Illegally married September 2003)
Jamie_Martin (Affair)


David Hayward (father)
Krystal Carey (mother)
Leora Hayward (paternal half-sister - deceased)
Charles Hayward (paternal grandfather - deceased)
Vanessa Bennett (paternal grandmother - deceased)
Leo du Pres (paternal half-uncle - deceased)
Ben Shepherd (paternal half-uncle)
Earl Carey (maternal uncle)
Tallulah (maternal great-aunt)
Gwyneth Stone (paternal great-aunt)
Mary Frances Stone (paternal first cousin - deceased)
Mary Margaret Stone (paternal first cousin)


Adam Chandler III (son with J.R. - born 22 March 2004)


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