Ava Benton (as played by Leven Rambin on All My Children)

Useful information about Ava Benton

*Dropped out of high school and began living on the streets.
*Eventually made her way from Texas to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
*Became a spokesmodel for Fusion "Green"

Who's played Ava Benton over the years?

Leven Rambin (2007 - March 2008)

Past History

Ava Benton was discovered living in Philadelphia and working as a prostitute and thief when Aidan Devane met her on a stakeout. Seeing her resemblance to Lily Montgomery made Aidan curious about the woman and he began asking questions.

Ava wasn't interested in meeting Lily or accepting help from Aidan at first, but after she was attacked by a john, she headed to Pine Valley.

After living with Lily and the Montgomerys for a while, Ava began a relationship with Sean. They were "friends with benefits" until Sean decided he liked Colby Chandler too much to keep sleeping with Ava. Scorned, Ava teamed up with Adam to frame Sean in a drug deal. Sean took the fall but when Jack Montgomery found out about Ava's part in it she was kicked out of the house.

Ava landed on her feet at Wildwind and took at job at The Comeback. In close proximity with Jonathan he began to see that her hard exterior was simply protecting a wounded heart. He started to fall for her but Ava wasn't sure if Jonathan wanted her or someone who looked like his ex-wife - and her sister - Lily!

Ava became the face of the Fusion Green line, which made it even harder for her to be with Jonathan. She was taken in by the bright lights and eventually they parted ways. Ava left town to follow her dreams of becoming a big star.

Flings and Relationships

Sean Montgomery
Jonathan Lavery


Denny Benton (father - deceased)
Lily Montgomery (half-sister - paternal)




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