Aidan Devane (as played by Aiden Turner on All My Children)

Useful information about Aidan Devane

* Marital Status - Single.
* Took David Hayward hostage.
* Theft - Stole a gun from David's cabin.
* Broke into David's cabin and planted a bug.
* Stole Michael Cambias' body from the funeral home and buried it at the garbage dump.
* Filled Michael Cambias' empty coffin with stones.
* Hid prosecution witness Fred Lomax in an attempt to prevent him from being called to testify against Kendall.
* Knocked unconscious by Erin Lavery to prevent him from calling the police about Jonathan.
* Married Greenlee Smythe Lavery.
* Helped Tad investigate Jesse Hubbard.
* Conspired with Annie to con Ryan out of millions of dollars.

Who's played Aidan Devane over the years?

Aiden Turner (June 6, 2002 - Present)
Tom Archdeacon (May 2004 - May 2004 - 6 episodes - temporary recast)

Past History

Aidan came to Pine Valley looking for the aunt he had never met, Anna Devane. A child of her sister, he had been raised by another aunt and uncle when his mother passed away. He had just completed a stint with Special Services in the military and hoped to find employment and connect with family.

His first job, working on Erica Kane's penthouse, provided the opportunity to meet her spirited daughter, Kendall. Upon realizing that her real love interest was Ryan Lavery, Aidan steered clear. She was too volatile for his taste.

While walking in the park, he happened upon a woman being mugged, and saved her. He hid Maureen Gorman in his room until she could find out who was digging into her past. Her background was sketchy and intriguing, and she had no memory. She was later revealed to be Maria Santos Grey, who was presumed dead, but had actually had her mind altered by David Hayward. Maria had no idea that she was married to Edmund and had two children, but she eventually returned to their home at Wildwind, trying to recapture what she had lost.

Aidan was still haunted by feelings for Maureen, but tried to form a deeper connection with Kendall. Unfortunately, they couldn't get past friendship because she was still haunted by her past with Ryan. Maria's relationship with Edmund faltered, and she turned again to Aidan. The two left town together, but as her memory of loving Edmund returned, she again bid Aidan farewell and went home, leaving him to pine for a woman who never really existed.

Tad Martin paired with Aidan and formed a private investigation business, and Aidan investigated former federal agent, Chris Stamp, for DA, Jackson Montgomery. Although he had respect for the man, Aidan discovered that Stamp was corrupt, and Aidan almost lost his life in a boat explosion.

Aidan continued his interest in Santos women by helping pick up the pieces of Anita's failed marriage with Bobby Warner. The relationship between Aidan and Anita had just begun when Jackson's autistic daughter, Lilly, formed her first teenage crush on Aidan when he saved her from a conniving group of high school girls. What he supposed was just a childhood fascination turned into an angry father making false accusations, but Jackson eventually understood the whole story and made peace with Aidan. Aidan continued to watch over Lily, even presenting her with a pair of sunglasses to dim the vibrant color of red that so greatly alarmed her.

Anita and Aidan's romance ended after a very short time, and through his investigations of Jonathan Lavery, Aidan became involved with sister, Erin. They fell in love, but Erin didn't deal well with her childhood insecurities and pushed him away. She broke it off with him about the time he agreed to help Thompson McDermott find his missing wife, Annie, and daughter, Emma. At least the assignment kept his mind busy.

Annie McDermott had learned that her husband, Thompson, was involved in pornography and sexual abuse of young girls. She came to the Montgomery Center for Women, hoping to hide Emma from the man who really wasn't her father. Erin took Annie under her wing, and when Aidan discovered the truth, he helped Erin hide the pair, still fighting feelings for her. He finally realized their relationship was over when he saw her kissing one of the bartenders at ConFusion. What he didn't know was that the kiss was staged, and Erin still loved him.

Aidan found solace in the company of Di Henry, but he broke down and cried when Erin was discovered dead, killed by an apparent serial killer. He vowed to Jonathan to find the person responsible.

Di eventually realized their relationship was going nowhere and, after Dixie's death, moved to New York. At loose ends, Aidan concentrated on work. Zach hired him when Greenlee returned to town to keep an eye on her. After the accident with Spike, Aidan took her to the crash site and Greenlee broke down; the two developed a friendship and soon began sleeping with one another. When Greenlee was stuck in the bomb shelter she realized how much she loved Aidan and he realized the same thing, however, he had a one night stand with Kendall when it seemed all was lost.

When it turned out Zach and Greenlee were alive, Aidan and Kendall kept their secret. It eventually got out and Greenlee dumped Aidan. It took them a while but Greenlee finally forgave Aidan and they were eloped to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, Ryan soon regained all of his memories and realized he was still in love with Greenlee; this began to tear Greenlee and Aidan apart. Greenlee finally admitted her feelings and Aidan left her.

Aidan began conspiring with Annie to get back at their exes; Annie wanted to win Ryan back. She and Aidan faked her kidnapping and Emma's; they then convinced Greenlee to ante up the $10 million ransom money. Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan followed Annie's 'kidnappers' to Puerto Rico.

Flings and Relationships

Fiona Sinclair (lovers - deceased)
Morgan Gordon (lovers - deceased)
Kendall_Hart_Slater (lovers)
Maria Santos (engaged)
Mia Saunders
Anita Santos (lovers)
Erin_Lavery (lovers)
Di_Henry (lovers)


Lindsay Devane (mother - deceased)
Alexandra Devane (aunt)
Anna Devane (aunt) (GH)
Gabriel Devane (half-uncle)
Robin Scorpio (cousin) (GH)
Leora Hayward (cousin - deceased)




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