Adam Chandler (as played by David Canary on All My Children)

Useful information about Adam Chandler

* Had Stuart locked up in the West Wing of the Chandler Mansion for years.
* Tried to drive Dixie crazy, in order to get custody of their son, Adam, Jr.
* Hired someone to shoot Palmer Cortlandt.
* Faked his own death to test Erica.
* Stole Natalie's money by having her sign papers she didn't know she was signing.
* Blackmailed Erica into marrying him again.
* Illegally divorced Erica (had Stuart stand in for him).
* Kidnapped Erica and took her to Canada.
* Rigged a pregnancy test to show that Jeremy was the father of Natalie's baby.
* Staged his own kidnapping to test Gloria's loyalty.
* Locked a pregnant Gloria in an abandoned building because he didn't believe her pregnancy was in danger. Swapped Jake's sperm specimen with his own so that Liza would have his child.
* Bribed a judge to grant custody of Max to Mateo rather than Raquel.
* Switched Colby's stem cells with another infant's so that his genetic link to Colby would not be revealed.
* Plotted to buy a controlling percentage in WRCW so that he could ruin Tad's career.
* Blackmailed Leo du Pres into having Paolo Caseli seduce Marian (to break up Marian and Stuart's marriage).
* Lied to the police and claimed he was driving a car that crashed instead of Adam JR.
* Hired a photographer to take pictures of Anna and David and published that they were married.
* Tried to make Liza believe she was crazy/ill.
* Blackmailed Trey Kenyon.
* Arrested for breaking and entering into a doctor's office at Pine Valley Hospital.
* Had a videotape altered to make it appear as though Babe had threatened to kill JR and used the tape to blackmail Babe.
* Left Krystal alone to deliver baby Jenny.
* Pretended to be Stuart to get close to Krystal.
* Conspired with Petey to take over Fusion.
* Shot his brother Stuart while drugged by David Hayward.
* Married Annie.
* Divorced Annie and reunited with Brooke.

Who's played Adam Chandler over the years?

David Canary (fall 1984 - 2010; September 21 - 23, 2011)

Past History

It's hard to believe that Adam Chandler, one of Pine Valley's wealthiest men, hails from a place called Pigeon Hollow and has a past working with carnivals. He grew up with Pete Cooney, who later changed his name to Palmer Cortlandt, and the two continued to do battle, but this time in business. Their rivalry began when Pete took an interest in Adam's sister, Charlotte.

Adam has had a long string of romances and marriages, and most have ended in disaster because of underhanded plots, evil schemes and his insatiable need for control. He attempted to swindle Natalie, blackmailed Erica, and tried to drive Dixie, the mother of his son, crazy in order to gain custody of the child.

Liza Colby had her eye on Tad Martin, and Adam wanted Brooke English, so Liza teamed with Adam to destroy the relationship of the two. The plan backfired when their own planned marriage wasn't halted as they hoped, and they ended up legally wed. Although the marriage was a sham, they eventually slept together, and Liza got pregnant. Both were elated and realized they did have feelings for one another. When Liza was traveling on a corporate jet and lost the child because of a mechanical malfunction, she blamed him and filed for divorce.

Stress and unhappiness caused Adam to suffer a stroke, and Liza rushed to his bedside. But both had too much pride to admit how they truly felt, so the divorce was finalized.

Adam's meek and mild twin brother, Stuart, was on the receiving end of Adam's nastiness when he paraded a string of Marian Colby's ex-lovers in front of him to convince Stuart what a tramp she was. It didn't work, and he and Marian wed, and remain happy.

Liza, still grieving for her lost child, convinced Dr. Jake Martin to artificially inseminate her. Adam overheard, bought the clinic and switched his sperm for Jake's. He kept the trade a secret, but was later blackmailed by the evil doctor, David Hayward. Eventually Adam and Liza remarried, and little Colby was born, with Liza still believing that Jake was the father. The truth was eventually revealed.

Adam's previous wife, Dixie, had run off to Europe while pregnant with Tad's child, and was reported killed in a car accident. Adam turned his wrath on the Martin clan for trying to steal his son, JR, but Adam's evil doings turned the young man against him. JR delved into drugs and got into trouble with the law, but met Babe Carey, fell hard, and they wed. Adam enlisted the help of money-hungry, Mary Smythe, to help break them up, feeling that Babe was only interested in the Chandler fortune. She failed.

During an unhappy moment in JR and Babe's marriage, she slept with his half-brother, Jaime, and when her pregnancy test was positive, she didn't know who had fathered the baby. It proved to be JR, and Babe gave birth at the same time that Bianca Montgomery bore her daughter, Bess. The two women were stranded in a mountain cabin, and during a rescue, one baby was presumed killed in the helicopter crash, and Babe, in her delirium, was convinced that she had given birth to a daughter. In truth, the helicopter pilot stole the male child to replace the child his sister had lost, but that's a whole other story on One Life to Live.

While Bianca grieved the loss of her child, JR and Adam doted on little Bess, until the truth was revealed through a series of DNA tests. Bess was eventually returned to her real mother, and Jamie and Babe kidnapped little Adam back from Llanview, but JR won custody through the courts. Babe's mother, Krystal, took responsibility for the kidnapping and ended up in prison. Babe was falling back in love with JR.

Adam was suspicious of the new nanny JR hired to look after little Adam, and Babe, vying for more time with the baby, agreed to help prove Di was a fake if Adam would help get Krystal released from jail. He agreed, and in the end, the nanny, claiming to be Dixie, was revealed for the fake she was. In reality, she was Dixie's sister.

With Adam's political connections, Krystal was released and moved into the Chandler mansion. In a drunken stupor, the two wed, but their animosity toward one another eventually blossomed into true feelings, and to everyone's surprise, they renewed their vows at JR and Babe's remarriage. Adam is happily awaiting the birth of his daughter, Charlotte, clueless to the fact that the baby is actually Tad Martin's.

Adam learned at the last minute - just before Krystal went into labor - that Charlotte was actually Tad's child. He kicked Krystal out of the mansion and burned everything he had purchased for the baby. When Krystal went into labor, he threw her a dead cell phone and left the mansion. Krystal was alone but when Colby came home she helped with the delivery. Adam remained distant and decided to get back at Krystal and Tad by kidnapping the child. He helped Janet Green escape from the mental institution and told her she could have the baby. When she learned he was really planning to sell it, she kidnapped Jenny and the baby nearly died from a reaction. At the last minute, Amanda and Jamie found the child. During this time, Amanda delivered a box of things from Wildwind to Adam; inside was the adoption record proving Kathy Mershon was Kate Martin.

Adam kept up his stance, refusing to even talk to Krystal or admit any wrongdoing. Since no one could connect him with the kidnapping, he was off the hook. Amanda, however, found proof that he was involved but instead of going to the authorities, she blackmailed Adam for $5 million!

Near the Christmas holidays, Adam realized he still loved Krystal and wanted her back but she wouldn't even talk to him. He began impersonating Stuart to get close to her and the two actually shared a kiss. When Krystal realized he was pretending to be Stuart, she tried to make him see that she still loved him and he could love Jenny. Adam wouldn't admit to anything. Krystal decided she needed to cut her ties to him and married Tad.

Once she was married, Adam realized he couldn't stop loving Krystal and began trying to woo her back. She wouldn't even talk to him. Colby say how twisted Adam was, too, and decided to move in to Krystal and Tad's place. Eventually she moved back home because she saw how broken Adam was. JR moved back home, too.

Dixie began haunting Adam soon after, hoping that he would come forward with the information that Kathy Mershon, Julia's ward, was actually Tad's daughter Kate. Adam refused so Dixie made him appear to be crazy. JR actually had him committed for a short time. When Tad was shot at Jesse Hubbard's wedding, Adam realized how wrong he was. He came up with a plan to tell Tad the truth but not to admit he had known all along. Tad and Kathy were united and Dixie told Adam he had saved his soul.

Adam began working hard to win Krystal's heart. Krystal remained with Tad, though. Colby soon go into a bind when it seemed that she was part of a hit-and-run in which Richie Novak was killed. Adam had Colby's car demolished and tried to protect her but Jesse discovered the truth. The evidence wound up clearing Colby but Adam never admitted his guilt.

About this time, JR and Babe began working their way back to one another and decided to take over Fusion. Adam learned about it and wanted in but didn't tell them he was actually conspiring with Petey Cortlandt to win the company for himself and cut out JR and Babe altogether. They worked together to poison the new Bella perfume.

Kendall figured things out - to a point. She thought Adam was after the company and accused him of that when word of the tainted Bella perfume came out. She convinced Erica to spy on Adam for her. Adam insisted he was innocent; JR and Babe decided to start fresh in San Diego. Adam had them subpoenaed for his lawsuit of Fusion because of the tainted perfume. They returned as tornadoes hit Pine Valley; Adam and Erica were trapped in the Chandler tunnels and survived the weather system. Adam admitted everything to Erica. They were rescued but learned that Babe was killed. Adam began trying to make things right with JR.

While under the influence of drugs administered by David Hayward, Adam shot his brother Stuart and killed him. It took months before he clearly remembered the event. Annie, who stood by him throughout, became his wife. However JR didn't approve of the union and slept with his step mother she wasn't good for him. Adam dumped Annie, turned his back on JR and left town with Brooke English.

Adam returned in 2011 after JR started on a downward spiral, which included losing the house and the company. While home, Adam discovered that David had been keeping Stuart alive since the shooting. Stuart woke up for good once Adam was by his side.

Flings and Relationships

Annie McDermott Lavery Chandler (wife)
Joy Hawkins
Kay Campobello
Arlene Vaughan
Kay Campobello
Mary Smythe


Stuart Chandler (twin brother)
Charlotte Chandler (sister - deceased)
Ross Chandler (nephew)
Scott Chandler (nephew by adoption)
Julie Rand Chandler (great-niece)
Lorenzo Hector Santos (grandson)
Adam Chandler III (grandson)


Hayley Vaughan Santos (daughter with Arlene)
Adam Chandler Jr. (son with Dixie)
Anna Claire Chandler (daughter with Gloria - deceased)
Unnamed Child (with Liza - miscarriage)
Colby Chandler (daughter with Liza)
Skye Chandler Quartermaine (previously adopted by Adam and Althea)


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