J.R. Martinez (Brot Monroe on All My Children)

Current Character: Brot Monroe


J.R. Martinez was a soldier in the Iraq War; J.R. was deployed to Iraq in 2003. Soon after, during a routine movement, his Humvee hit a landmine. J.R. received severe burns to more that 40% of his body during the incident and spent the next 32 months in the hospital where 32 different surgeries were performed to save his life. He is a national spokesman for the Coalition to Salute America's Heros, an organization which promotes and supports programs for wounded service members.

He joined the cast of All My Children after a nationwide search was begun to find a real-life soldier to play the part of Taylor's fiance in Pine Valley. After he was hired for the role, Brot's injuries were created to match the injuries that J.R. sustained in real life.

Career Highlights

All My Children - October 31, 2008 - September 23, 2011


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