Aiden Turner (Aidan Devane on All My Children)

Current Character: Aidan Devane

Birthday: 1977-04-02

Birthplace: Born in Hertfordshire, England

Marital Status: Married


Aiden John Turner was born in Hertfordshire, England. On Saturdays, Turner finished school at 2, then joined the boys in the rugby field to play against other schools until 5 o'clock. Aiden was in the "1st's team" for his school.

At age 16, Aiden completed his "GCSES" (General Certificate of Secondary Education) Due to private schools then not having what he deemed "suitable" classes/subjects for him to take (physics, chemistry, economics, math, law, etc), Aiden decided to not take A levels. Instead, he chose to go to Culinary school--not with the exact intention of being a chef forever, but he did love to cook dinner and desserts at home so it seemed to be the right decision.

After graduating, Aiden saved enough money to purchase a round-the-world ticket. In Australia he was approached to do some modeling. During the days, he would go on "castings", and tended bar at night.

One year later, he returned home and took acting classes at the Method Studio Covent Garden in London. This led to auditions for commercials, and small parts in televisions programs.

While modeling, he traveled back and forth to Paris. On one trip, he met a girl from Atlanta, GA who inspired him to come to the USA to audition for parts. Taking her up on the idea, he eventually landed the part of Aidan Devan in All My Children.

Career Highlights

All My Children - Aidan Devane (2002 to Present)
Undressed (1999)

Awards & Acclaim

Daytime Emmys Nomination, Outstanding Younger Actor (2003)
Daytime Emmys Pre-Nomination, Outstanding Younger Actor (2003)


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