The only place likelier to work you into a lather than the shower, has endeavored since its 2006 launch to be The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful fan’s go-to website for detailed daily recaps of their “stories,” the latest comings and goings (and also coming-backs and going-agains), unpredictable Q&As, juicy spoilers and observations that make you go, “Why didn’t I think of that? Wait, I did think of that, didn’t I? Get outta my head!”

Along the way, has evolved into not just a hotspot for spirited debate — our comments sections and message boards have been known now and again to resemble Thunderdome — but a sorta community center, a place where daytime-TV aficionados can gather to virtually hang with their peers and read insightful and entertaining articles written by an editorial lineup that’s every bit as passionate about the subject matter as they are. Get to know Team below:

Richard Simms, Executive Editor
Richard Simms is both the new kid on the block and an old pro. He joined in 2020 after helping launch Soaps in Depth magazine and guiding its team in the same role for nearly a quarter of a century. In that time, he screened enough episodes of The Young and the Restless to now be considered an honorary member of the Newman family, he interviewed enough General Hospital actors to learn the passcode to the greenroom, he traced and retraced the branches of Days of Our Lives’ family trees so often that he no longer fears going out on a limb, and he attended enough fashion shows on The Bold and the Beautiful — from the comfort of his office — that he can almost be trusted to match a shirt and tie. Almost. You can find him online, often live-tweeting the soaps, @soapoperafan.

Charlie Mason, Deputy Editor
A veteran of Soap Opera Update and Soaps in Depth, Charlie Mason is engaged in a torrid love triangle with our sister site, TVLine, where he’s spent years covering everything from Downton Abbey to The Walking Dead. Among his prouder achievements is the fact that he knew from the start of Cynthia Watros and Maura West’s careers in daytime television that the the future Emmy winners were going places. In his spare time, Charlie is a Eurovision Song Contest-winning lyricist whose work has been used in Top 40 singles around the world. Please don’t follow him; he’s jumpy enough as it is.

Amy Mistretta, Associate Editor
As much a part of as recaps and fan wars, Amy Mistretta has been with the site from the beginning. In the years that have followed, the Jaclyn of all trades has contributed to… well, every section that it’s ever had, whether by reporting news, writing columns, putting the “social” in social media or ensuring that copy is letter-perfect. In her past life, Amy published five romantic suspense novels. Follow her @AmyMistretta.

Candace Young, Contributing Editor 
For 13 years and counting, Candace Young has done way more than just recap:’s resident rock chick — and every site should have one — has covered all things sudsy, from backstage shakeups to real-life meltdowns. Along the way, she’s also written for SheKnows’ Reality TV, Food, Parenting and enough Canadian websites to have left traces of maple syrup in her blood. But, of course, holds a special place in her heart. A lifelong daytime fan — Another World tops her most-missed-shows list — Candace never dreamed that the cardinal rule of “Don’t talk while my stories are on” would apply to her job or that a key component of it would be grousing about what a scoundrel The Young and the RestlessVictor Newman is. That said, trust that when Candace is ranting about a soap — The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful are her main beats — she’d rather be raving about how good it is. It’s all about the feels for her, so she wants her shows to make her cry, make her laugh, make her care. Career highlights — and she’s just getting warmed up — include interviewing the great Victor Newman’s portrayer, Eric Braeden, and the late Jeanne Cooper, who played The Young and the RestlessKatherine Chancellor for four decades. When not staring down her TV screen or laptop, Candace loves live music and traveling to tropical locales. Needless to say, were she a soap character, she’d be a pot-stirring redhead sipping a margarita at Bikini Beach. Follow Candace @CandaceLYoung.

Lori Wilson, Junior Editor
Eyeball-deep in suds since 2007,’s Lori Wilson does it all for the site: news, casting notices, social media, interviews, recaps (as of 2020, primarily Days of Our Lives). And no matter how wacky the idea, she’s the first to say, “Sure, I’ll try that!” When not letting her cat moon her co-workers during Zoom powwows — side note: always a highlight of those meetings — Lori reminisces about supercouples past, among them Dusty and Lily from As the World Turns, Frisco and Felicia from General Hospital and Adrienne and Justin from Days of Our Lives. (Now, to be clear, she’s not saying that she totally put a tape recorder up to her TV to record Justin serenading Adrienne in the 1980s, she’s… um… OK. Yeah. She’s totally saying that.) When not watching soaps, Lori binge-watches primetime series and has a special affinity for Netflix ones in Spanish. Follow Lori @LoriKWilson.

Dustin Cushman, Contributor contributor — or, as we like to think of him, Special Guest Star — Dustin Cushman has watched soaps since he was a small child, thrilling to Days of Our Lives with his mother and not one but both grandmothers. In fact, among his earliest memories are Stefano DiMera faking a heart attack and Roman Brady falling from a cliff while fighting the villain to his supposed death. Years later, Dustin launched Dustin’s Days Page — one of the first Days of Our Lives fan pages in existence back when Al Gore invented the Internet. After the site morphed into Soap Opera Fan, Dustin took some time off from writing about daytime, then was brought on as a writer/recapper at, where his focus is now General Hospital and, of course, Days of Our Lives. When not glued to his TV, this trained archaeologist and anthropologist teaches at a local university and moonlights as a historic tour guide and ghost hunter. What did you expect us to say? He has a split personality, and you can find him most nights at the Floating Rib? Follow Dustin @BlueWizard75.

Matt Purvis, Contributor
An original “cast member,” contributor Matt Purvis remembers when there were still nine daytime dramas on the air — and he covered them all at one time or another. Nowadays, the art and film historian’s focus is General Hospital recaps and weekly spoilers — and finding new and creative ways to feed his obsessions with Passions and Knots Landing. Follow Matt @SOFMattsMusings.

Kristyn Burtt, Contributor
Contributor Kristyn Burtt loves to say that she spent her childhood in Pine Valley — at least insofar as All My Children was the soap that her mom always had on while she ironed her dad’s shirts. Kristyn joined Team 2014 and hit the ground running, covering everything from the Daytime Emmy Awards to Day of Days fan events. When she’s not conducting zippy Zoom interviews with a Who’s Who of Who’s Hot and Happening in soapdom, she’s reporting on the commercial dance world, from Dancing With the Stars to World of Dance. Follow her @KristynBurtt.