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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    I Love My Ring!

    Friday, June 11 2010
    Kevin tells Chloe that Jana's moving on with Ryder, Jana and Ryder share wine in his room, and Victor deals with a gang of men on the boat.

    Chance and Chloe arrive at Crimson Lights as Chloe flashes her ring. Kevin congratulates them. They sit and Chloe says she loves the ring but doesn't love that Chance is Heather's bodyguard. Chloe tells herself she can do this. Heather arrives and tells Chance, "I'm all yours." After Heather takes a work call, Chloe reminds them that Chance has a wedding to plan and Delia misses him. Chloe suggests Heather get another guard. Chance reassures her that he can guard her and stay attentive to Delia. Chloe suggests they all have dinner, but Heather has work to do. Chance and Heather leave. Jana arrives and Kevin tells her he changed the schedule around so they don't work together. Jana hands him her keys and says she's moving to the Athletic Club. Kevin asks if she wants to be there because of Ryder, but Jana says she's just pampering herself, and she and Ryder will move to another place soon. Kevin asks if she's seeing Ryder, but Jana denies it. Kevin tells Jana to enjoy herself and she leaves. Chloe walks up to Kevin and asks if his day sucks as much as hers. They discuss their relationship troubles, Chance being Heather's bodyguard, and Jana being with Ryder. Chloe suggests Kevin cut off his feelings for Jana, as Kevin reminds her that Chance's assignment is temporary.

    Jack arrives at the ranch, and Nikki tells him that Adam is in Brazil and that Skye might've faked her death. Nikki asks Jack to stop Nick from going to Canada, and Jack leaves. Sharon walks in and tells Nikki that she's moving to Phyllis' penthouse. Nikki tells Sharon this is a bad time to leave since Adam is alive. Sharon insists it's best for Phyllis and Nick's marriage if they leave. Nikki asks if Phyllis pushed her to do this. Sharon says she's just trying to co-exist with Phyllis.

    Nick arrives at home and tells Phyllis he's going to Ottawa to tell Victor that Adam is in Brazil. Phyllis begs him not to take the risk. Jack arrives and tells him not to go, and offers to go to Brazil himself. Nick insists that he goes to find Adam and make him pay. Heather and Chance arrive and Heather tells Nick he's not going anywhere. Jack leaves as Chance explains they're not taking him to jail, but he needs to surrender his passport and driver's license. Chance and Heather insist they're trying to help him, but Nick says they should be finding Adam. Nick says he's suing them for false arrest when the truth comes out. After they leave, Phyllis sees that Nick is upset with her and reassures him that Jack will find Victor and Adam. Nick gets a call from Sharon who asks him to talk at the main house. Nick tells Phyllis about it and leaves.

    Chance and Heather arrive back at the coffeehouse and Chloe suggests that Heather stay at the Chancellor's so that Chance can work at home. Heather says she's tired and wants to go home. Chance takes Chloe aside and tells her he'll miss her. Someone rushes past Heather and she jumps. Chance leaps to her side as Chloe and Kevin exchange looks.

    In Brazil, Skye tells Adam to stop being paranoid. Adam says he can't get caught. Skye and Adam discuss another scheme and Adam tells her they need to get the man to meet them now, or they must leave town. Later, Skye returns and tells him the man won't meet with them now but offered protection for a price. She goes to shower and tells Adam to answer her phone if it rings.

    In Ottawa, Victor threatens Shaw to take him to the same port he took Adam to. Two of Shaw's friends arrive and agree to teach Victor some manners. Shaw grabs his rifle and points it at Victor. Victor reminds him that people will look for him. Shaw tells the others to leave. He shoots a hole in the boat and runs off as it leaks, locking Victor inside.

    Jana arrives in Ryder's room and they share wine as Ryder returns her Zen book. He asks her how she became so kind and compassionate. Jana disagrees and calls herself an unfeeling cyborg. Ryder kisses her and they move to the bed. Ryder hesitates but Jana says this is the first thing she's wanted in a long time, and they have sex.

    Nikki arrives at Phyllis' house and tells her she heard about Sharon moving into her penthouse. Nikki reminds her that Sharon will still call Nick, but they'll be alone in the penthouse. Phyllis realizes that moving Sharon off the ranch could've been a mistake.

    Nick tells Sharon that Skye is alive and she and Adam are in Brazil. He tells her about the call he made, and Sharon asks for the number because she has to hear Adam's voice to believe that he's alive. Sharon could get some clues if she talks to Adam. Nick hesitantly calls him for her. Adam picks up and says "hello."

    Chloe and Kevin commiserate, and both decide they don't want to go home so they leave to see a movie.

    In Heather's room, Heather thanks Chance again and says she's been on edge since the bomb scare. She explains that she grew up in an abusive home and hates this feeling. Chance reassures her that she'll be fine.

    Jack arrives in Ottawa and asks Meggie at the bar if she's seen Victor. Shaw and his buddies arrive and tell her that they're having a wake for an old friend.

    Meanwhile, Victor tries to escape as the boat continues to leak.

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Daniel tells Abby she's sexy and kisses her.

    Tucker asks Ashley to go to Tokyo with him

    Victor continues to struggle to escape the boat as it fills with water!

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    Posted by at Thursday, June 10 2010 03:58 PM

    This is Rolla Bahsous subbing for Candace! Hope you enjoy my update today

    Chloe flashing her ring was pretty entertaining...and who knew Ryder had a body like that, eh!

    Posted by juann at Thursday, June 10 2010 04:04 PM

    Thanks for the update Rolla!! Yes I agree, Ryder has an amazing body!!LOL

    Posted by juann at Thursday, June 10 2010 04:18 PM

    Dang, Jana told Kevin that she and Ryder would move to another place soon. That hot body must of did it for Jana!!LOLOL
    Um....Yes Nikki, Phyllis did push Sharon to move to the penthouse. She doesn't want her husband around his true love Sharon.
    I think Heather is using this Chance as her bodyguard situtation to her advantage. Chloe made a generous offer to Heather by inviting her to stay at the Chancellor's but Heather wants to go to her own home cause she knows she will have some alone time with Chance. Heather better not come up against Chloe , she might live to regret it. We all know what Chloe is capable of doing if being pushed to the limit.
    Look at Jana. She brings Ryder a bottle of wine and they end up having sex together. I think we all knew this was coming.
    So Chance is with Heather and now Chloe and Kevin are going to a movie together. I guess Chloe must be having a pretty rotten night too!
    Pretty good episode for a Friday cliffhanger!
    Have a great night:D

    Posted by tarheel715 at Thursday, June 10 2010 04:20 PM

    Still believe Chance's assignment was Heather's idea. And yes let's be alone in a small room at the AC instead of in a mansion full of people. Or better yet why can't Heather go stay with her dad for a little while until she feels more comfortable. Chance has to be with her 24/7 and of course he can't have his own room across the hall to keep an eye on her. He needs to be in her room on the couch.

    If I were Chloe I'd have a problem with this crapola as well. It's so unbelievably stupid and contrived. Heather is going to milk this for all she can and of course Chloe's in the wrong for not trusting the woman that's been throwing herself at her man for weeks. And I don't mind Chloe and Kevin being friends... but that's it. I have no interest in watching either of these loving partners that would never cheat get thrown under the bus and made to do something out of character to justify some BS down the road.

    Posted by Coastie at Thursday, June 10 2010 04:40 PM

    Thank you Rolla!
    That Chloe, she will never be able to hold onto Chance if she doesn't trust him! Oops! There I go thinking again!

    I wonder if Phyllas gave Sharon a "Co-Exist" bumper sticker?
    He He, moving Sharon and Faith out just might back fire on her!

    Another gas leak? Seems like a out Jack!

    Posted by Coastie at Thursday, June 10 2010 04:46 PM

    I wonder if Chloe checked with Chance before she went to the movie with Kevin?

    What is wrong with Meggie's hair? She looks like she has black cotton candy on her head!

    Ah so! We will be seeing Tucker and Ashley with Billy and Victoria in Japan!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, June 10 2010 04:52 PM

    Has Chole informed Billy of her wedding plans? Did I miss that scene? Maybe it's only Billy that has to inform HER if he is getting re-married and not the other way around.

    I don't feel bad for Kevin.

    I thought Nikki would be happy if Sharon moved out. She is always telling Sharon not to break up Nick's marriage.

    No they ain't trying to blow up sweet Vic. Vic better channel his MacGyver skills.

    I wonder if Jana kept that same blank look on her face while she was having sex with Ryder.

    Poor Phyllis, she moved Sharon from the ranch and now thinks it might have been a mistake. Phyllis honey, you need to learn to let go. It ain't worth it. I'm sure if you look very very hard, you can find somebody or something that wants you. And this time, make sure he's not married or grieving the loss of a child.

    Dang, I had forgotten all about Abby unitl I read the previews. Didn't miss her at all.

    And Neil you are losing your woman. Get out of Lily's and Cane's business and deal with your own.

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, June 10 2010 05:07 PM

    Hello again, Rolla! Your update is great reading. Thank you.

    Posted by MsChief at Thursday, June 10 2010 05:26 PM

    Lawd, Victor stuck in a gas leak without the leather jacket - looks kinda bleak I guess Jack will come to the rescue

    I guess SUMMER = SEX

    Jana and Ryder - ok we saw it coming but still reading about it and visualizing just isnt right

    Tucker's going to Japan too? And Victoria and Billy AND Ashley - this should be pretty interesting.

    And before I forget, who in the h3ll does Nikki think she is?????

    She's done some calling in her day

    Shut up Nikki!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by MsChief at Thursday, June 10 2010 05:27 PM

    Juann of course Heather is using it to her advantage.

    Why are they doing this to all the characters....

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