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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    The Naked Heiress!

    Tuesday, May 18 2010
    Abby shocks her parents, Kevin brings Jana home, and Emily adjusts to life after Patty.

    In the hospital, Kevin tells Jana the doctors said she could come home with him tonight. She remarks that he must be hoping she'll feel something. Kevin admits it's true, and assures her they'll get through this, it will just take time. He tells her he's going to check in at work and leaves.

    At the coffee house, Emily is on the phone trying to line up a job. She encounters an angry client who got lousy advice from Patty - she warns her she's thinking about suing! Kevin appears and asks Emily for some advice about Jana, saying he thinks her current situation might have to do with the stress from being held captive. Since Emily can relate, she agrees to speak to Jana.

    On the patio at Crimson Lights, Reed tells JT he wants to see his mommy. JT says they talked about this, assuring Reed that she'll visit him as often as she can.

    Ashley is with Tucker at Jabot when a call comes from security that someone is protesting in the lobby. He hangs up and tells Ashley, who heads downstairs. It's Abby, and she is talking to the press about testing on animals, declaring that she'd rather be naked than hurt animals. Abby doffs her clothes and smiles! Ashley storms into the lobby, angry because she has never tested on animals. She sees Ashley and drags her off. Tucker placates the press, saying Abby is young and had her wires crossed! Back upstairs, Ashley informs her daughter that she is the new CEO of Jabot! Abby apologizes, then worries about the footage of her naked ending up on the internet. Ashley tells her she'll put legal on it, then sends her out the back door. Once outside the office, Abby calls someone and asks if they got it all, then says she'll meet them at Crimson Lights to meet her adoring public!

    Emily sits in Jana's hospital room, asking about her going home tonight. Kevin is obviously excited. Jana tells Emily it's a lot to take in. Emily warns Kevin that even though his approach is coming from a place of love, it may be too overwhelming. Jana asks if this condition will go away. Emily needs to do some research, but offers to work with her. Kevin listens as Emily advises him to back off, but says he won't apologize for loving Jana. When Kevin steps out, Jana asks Emily how she should act at home - should she pretend? Emily tells her not to be afraid to tell Kevin what she needs.

    At the airport, Victor asks Billy if this is his way of hitting him back. Billy starts to say he's out of line, but Jack butts in, asking if Victor gave Billy the black eye. Victoria asks them all to stop! She declares that she is single and over 21. Jack drags Billy away, saying he wants to talk. Victor asks Victoria if he raised her to end up with that obnoxious punk! He reads the riot act, but Vikki puts her hands up, saying, "More guilt! I'm out of here!" Victor is still standing there alone when the first footage of Abby nude hits the airwaves - he gapes at the airport TV!

    Billy and Jack sit down at the Club, where Jack launches into a warning about being involved with Victor's daughter. He says the shiner will be the least of his worries if he keeps this up. Jack tells him to grow up, and Billy nastily asks him where he gets off judging his life, adding a jibe about him not being able to recognize his own wife. Jack growls, "Get out of my sight." Billy leaves, and Emily walks in. Jack tries to interact with her. She tells him to get rid of her things that Patty used, adding that she has clients threatening to sue her thanks to that woman. She urges Jack to let go, but he asks her not to go down this road. She angrily asks how he could have been fooled. Jack defends himself, and tells her he'll give her space if that's what she wants, but he's not giving up. Jack kisses her, says he'll wait for her, then leaves. Billy comes back in and asks for a water at the bar. He looks at his airline ticket stub and frowns.

    Victor goes to Jabot and tears a strip off Ashley for agreeing to work for Tucker McCall, and for not focusing on Abby. He asks if she remembers what happens tomorrow. Ashley acknowledges that tomorrow will change their daughter's life. Victor suggests they rethink the plan in light of Abby's actions today. Tucker comes in and sends Ashley to the boardroom. Tucker tells Victor not to worry - he took care of everything with Abby. Victor notes he's been around to take care of things quite often lately, and lays another ominous threat on him! Victor leaves, and Ashley returns. Tucker is understanding about Abby, which impresses her.

    Abby arrives at Crimson Lights and watches the footage with her male friend. She laughs at how witchy her mother sounds, and promises the guy money tomorrow to pay the cameraman. As she is celebrating, Abby turns to see Victor in the doorway. He tells her to come to the patio. Abby goes out and says she didn't want to embarrass them, she just wanted him to be proud. Victor says she has to take responsibility for her actions. She tearfully thanks him before going back in to talk to her male friend again. He has a photo of an advertisement for 'The Naked Heiress'. She giggles that by this time tomorrow they'll have all they need to make their reality show pitch happen! Out on the patio, Victor receives a call from Ashley telling him he is right that Abby can't handle what they had planned for tomorrow. She asks him to undo the arrangements they made and hopes Abby's not too upset when she finds out!

    Victoria is at home and a knock comes at the door. Reed is there with a bouquet of flowers for her. She takes him in her arms. Vikki thanks JT, and he says it was Reed's idea. He muses that last night couldn't have been easy for her after the custody hearing. Victoria wonders why he's being so nice. He says he wants to figure out how to work together as parents. Reed comes down with a book, and Vikki kisses him goodbye. JT says he'll call about visitation before leaving. Vikki phones Michael about an annulment, but opts not to leave a message when she finds him out.

    Jana and Kevin arrive home and she looks at a photo of their wedding. He pulls out the Ouija board to see if she wants to try it. She doesn't. Kevin doesn't want to crowd her. She agrees that a night alone might be good. He offers to go sleep on Michael and Lauren's couch, saying he hopes she'll recall how much she loves their life together. She thanks him for going, but turns her head when he tries to kiss her goodbye. He leaves.

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Billy asks Vikki how the best days of their lives could be a mistake.

    Cane tells Lily he can't stand by and watch her sacrifice herself!

    Abby tells her friend that she is a Abbott and a Newman, and she will get the money!

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    Posted by Coastie at Monday, May 17 2010 09:20 AM

    Why is Emily trying to get back to work so soon after her ordeal?

    TGVN's girls are out of control!!

    Does NuAbby think that she is Paris Hilton?

    Posted by Coastie at Monday, May 17 2010 09:23 AM

    Is that a new hair do on Emily?

    It sounds like Billy wants to be with MiniVic!

    Posted by nanas3 at Monday, May 17 2010 09:40 AM

    Torture! That's it! Torture!

    Posted by anasta at Monday, May 17 2010 09:46 AM






    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, May 17 2010 09:46 AM

    I wonder if the patient that is mad at Emily is the one she told to go to her happy place. I guess she couldn't find it. Needed a map.

    Dang, poor Victor, he's having a bad day. His namesake just married an Abbott and his youngest daughter just stripped nude in front of the world. I hope Victor has his pills with him. Don't want him to have another seizure.

    I love you Jack but how can you tell Billy to grow up and you can't do the same. When you and Victor both grow up and stop this going back and forth at each other, then maybe somebody will listen to y'all. That Billy did get in a good line about Jack not recognizing his own wife.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Monday, May 17 2010 09:48 AM

    anasta, You can get banned for bashing posters. Coastie has a right to post the way she wants, just like you.

    Posted by Coastie at Monday, May 17 2010 10:08 AM

    Thanks CBF, and Anasta, I've been to Hell, Cayman Islands!
    Is that where you were talking about?

    Posted by juann at Monday, May 17 2010 11:53 AM

    Oh Lawd! What have they done to Emily's hair? I guess they have decided to give her a make-over.
    The Mustache is having a really bad day with his daughters! One girl got married to an Abbott and another daughter is running around Jabot Nude! I hope Victor's new heart can take all this distress!
    My heart really goes out to Kevin right now. I hate Jana being in this state of mind, but Kudos to Kevin for giving her all the time and space she needs. I hope these two can work their way back to the way it was before this whole mess started with Daisy and Ryder.
    Jack, I know you think that you are looking out for Billy however your track record isn't all roses you know.
    Is Victoria having second thoughts about the annulment?
    I am happy to see that J.T. took Reed over to visit his mother. Hopefully these two can work together for Reed's sake.
    Have a great day.

    Posted by simscb at Monday, May 17 2010 12:32 PM

    anasta: Perhaps you have not read the GUIDELINES about posting. Ditto with cowboys fan's comment.

    Many of us have nick names for the characters. As long as Administration doesn't reprimand us, it is all right. If you don't like the nickames, skip over those comments. We can agree or disagree, but to tell Coastie to go to Hell is dead wrong.

    You don't really know us at all. We do, can and will use all the nicknames that we choose.

    Posted by simscb at Monday, May 17 2010 12:37 PM

    cowboys fan: You are right. Emily(Patty)'s patient was irate with the advice to go to her happy place. All the woman wanted was an increase in her dosage of her meds. Of course, Parry, being the nit with she is didn't have a clue. Nut case leading another nutcase. LMBO

    I hope Emily can inform the woman that Patty was an imposter. Just ask Jack.

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