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Wednesday, May 05 2010
Phyllis finds someone in the tack house, Lauren is reunited with Fen, and Ryder and Daisy make plans.

Nick is brought into the interrogation room. Upstairs, Pomerantz asks Chance how long before he can access messages from Adam's cellphone. Chance says soon. Owen tells him Nick is ready in the interrogation room, adding, "You know what to do, right?" Chance nods. Chance calls Chloe, but is interrupted by a cop saying shots have been fired at the amusement park.

In the Chancellor living room, Chloe fills Amber in on the shots fired at the amusement park and Daniel comes in saying Murphy called him. He and Katherine and Kevin have found Jana and taken her to the hospital - it doesn't look good!

At the hospital, Kevin is worried about Michael. Daniel, Chloe, and Amber arrive and listen to Kevin as he, Murphy, and Katherine try to explain the whole story. Kevin is upset as he tells them that Jana has been kept in a filthy cage and went into convulsions. Amber is stunned to learn that the woman she had in her home wasn't Lauren. Kevin adds that Daisy and Ryder are Tom's kids, his family, which makes him want to puke. As Kevin rants, Amber walks away, upset about Sara being in her house. Daniel comforts her.

Still in the house of mirrors, Michael speaks gently to the version of Lauren holding a gun. She starts shooting and he hits the floor! Phyllis is also in there and does the same. Michael checks her out and she says she lost her gun. Michael tells her to sit tight while he looks for Lauren. Phyllis gets up on her crutches and finds herself looking at Sara. She aims, and more shooting occurs. Phyllis realizes from the cut on her wrist that Sara has been shot. Michael runs to Lauren. They all watch as Sara takes her last breath. Lauren asks about Fenmore, and then Jana.

Chance is on his way in to talk to Nick when Chloe calls from the hospital to ask him to try to apprehend Ryder and Daisy. Chance says it will have to wait, they've had a break in the murder case. Chance goes in to see Nick, telling him he's going to want to hear what he has to say.

Michael and Lauren arrive at the hospital and embrace Kevin. Katherine hugs Lauren, who tells them all that Sara is dead. Michael adds that Daisy and Ryder have gotten away. Daniel learns that Phyllis is also there getting checked out. Michael and Lauren try to calm Kevin. The doctor comes out and looks grim. He says Jana has an aneurysm and that another few minutes would have done her in. They thanks him for the information.

Daniel and Amber go into Phyllis's hospital room where she is having flashbacks about Sara trying to kill her in the tack house. She is cleared and they go to join the others. Phyllis tells Michael and the others that the bullet grazed her cast. Phyllis tells Lauren that something is still off about this whole Sara/Sheila story. Daniel takes her home. Amber tells Lauren she needs to call to check on Eric. Lauren is stunned to hear that he is in Genoa City. She tells Amber that Sara was Deacon's dragon lady - the one who threatened Eric's life! Kevin thanks Kay and Murphy for their help again, and Chloe kisses Kay, saying she's going to check in with Chance. Michael apologizes to Kevin for bringing up Ryder and Daisy. They wonder if they're still dangerous. Lauren and Amber puzzle over Sara's motives in going after Daniel and Amber. Amber worries that they are still in danger from Daisy and Ryder. Amber feels she should go check on Eric, and Katherine and Murphy say they'll go with her. Amber thanks Daniel for understanding as he urges her to go. Michael and Lauren discuss Jana and how strong they had to be. Michael tells Lauren that Fen knew Sara wasn't his mother. Just then, Gloria brings Fenmore in, and he and Lauren are reunited. Michael joins his family for hugs and kisses.

Chance speaks with Chloe in the police station and confirms that Ryder and Daisy got away. Pomerantz pulls him aside and asks if he dealt with Nick. Chance says it's taken care of, and the D.A. replies that his wife won't know what hit her. Chance goes back to his laptop, frustrated because the program won't work properly. Chloe helps him out, then says she has to go. Chance sits down to listen to Adam's phone messages. There is one from Adam saying his family has him trapped in the basement of the Genoa City Athletic Club!

Daniel drops Phyllis off at home and they realize someone is inside! Daniel thinks it might be Daisy and bursts in. It's Nick! Phyllis and Nick embrace as he says the charges have been dropped. They settle in and he is shocked as Phyllis tells him the story of Sara, Lauren's lookalike. Nick is angry that he wasn't there to protect her. He is worried that her kids are still out there. They decide to make love and then go visit Michael and Lauren. Nick's hoping Michael will be able to get Victor's charges dropped too.

Kevin is in Jana's room with her. She has a bandaged head and is unconscious. He asks her to open her eyes. They flutter open and Kevin smiles in relief, promising her everything will be okay. He talks about how he never gave up on her, making quite a long speech about how they are connected. Jana has no response.

Ryder and Daisy are in a car arguing. He wants to go their separate ways. She scoffs that he'll get caught, they need to stick together. Daisy says they have to get out of Genoa City, but she'll be back someday.

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Amber tells Daniel she and Eric have to leave tonight. Daniel asks if she's serious. She wants him to come with them.

Patty sits on the Abbott sofa with a towel on her head, petting a cat, and saying, "Jack thinks he can outsmart me."

Jack tells Paul the woman he married is not Emily, it's Patty!

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