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    In For Quite a Surprise!

    Wednesday, May 05 2010
    Phyllis finds someone in the tack house, Lauren is reunited with Fen, and Ryder and Daisy make plans.

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    Posted by scook3505 at Wednesday, May 05 2010 05:29 AM

    CBF - I was watching Meet The Browns the other day and Brown called this woman Broomhilda on there I cracked up laughing.

    Posted by SuziDecorator at Wednesday, May 05 2010 05:29 AM

    I'm baaaack!!!! Great trip - daughter graduated cum laude with her nursing degree (yeah, I'm proud of her) and I was able to see my granddaughter and her babies. Glad to be home tho - it was cold and drizzly in Oregon and in the 90's here in Austin.
    Wow - lots going on! Glad Amber is finally leaving and taking her annoying self off someplace. Hope Sara is really dead and not just faking it. SO tired of the double trouble crap. Now, if Jack can just get Emily out of the nutward and put Patty back there we'll be doing fine.
    Why shouldn't Nick and his wife make love? They've been through a lot lately. I do wish they'd find their way up to the bedroom, though - I'ma gonna have to find them a new couch if they keep this up much more. Perhaps leather so it wipes off easily?
    Still crazy storylines but at least they seem to be winding a few of them up.

    Posted by Heygirlie at Wednesday, May 05 2010 05:30 AM

    Hi Posters, if Pomerantz keeps messing with TGVN, his next job will be as a Security Guard. Pomerantz is so focused on the Newmans he can't see straight.

    Posted by scook3505 at Wednesday, May 05 2010 05:30 AM

    Heygirlie - I'm hoping the samething but don't hold your breath on it. These writers couldn't writer there way out of a wet paper bag.

    Posted by nanas3 at Wednesday, May 05 2010 05:37 AM

    Posted by scook3505 at Wednesday, May 05 2010 05:27 AM

    So Jack is going to tell Paul he's married to Patty not Emily.. Well Paul you better sit down for this one.

    Nanas - you might need to comfort your man after Jack tells him all this he's going to be pretty upset that he didn't figure it out first.

    I'm on it, but CBF will need to get to Jackie Boy and protect him from nutbin!

    Posted by nanas3 at Wednesday, May 05 2010 05:38 AM

    Suzi...congrats to you and your daughter! Welcome back!

    Posted by SAWYA at Wednesday, May 05 2010 05:38 AM

    We all knew when Nick was released that the first thing he would do is to have sex with his wife. We all know that when he and Sharon get together he will be making love. There is a big difference.
    How intresting that Daisy could be pregant with Daniel's child. That story line would be great and intresting since Daniel don't want a child and to have a child by crazy Daisy would just make Phyllis desire to have Amber back in his life.
    Something is fishy about Adam's message on the phone. I think he is going to call out Patty's name on that phone. Of course nobody will hear it until Victor goes on trial for the murder. Chance will look like the idot detective once again.
    How much can Jana suffer with her brain? Let's get on with this story line and allow these two to be together for a while. I hope Michael and Lauren relationship remains solid. I also hope they bring Scotty back for some love interest on the show. Summer is approaching us and we need some hot and steamy love fest for the show.

    Where is Cane? Where is Cane? I need to see him, I need to see him for my daily fix.

    Posted by SuziDecorator at Wednesday, May 05 2010 05:56 AM

    Thanks Nanas! Not bad for someone who dropped out of school at 17, raised 3 kids and got her degree while working the whole time (she's 45 now).
    I thought y'all were going to wrap things up better than this while I was gone - Paul is still clueless and the murder mystery is still going on. Ya know - doesn't it seem that Victor should be brought up on some sort of charges for throwing that body out of the plane? Can you imagine that corpse landing in some farmers field? Guess it made as much sense as most of the other writing on this show.

    Posted by fullz at Wednesday, May 05 2010 05:57 AM

    Dumb question because I did not watch - so did Daniel and Daisy really get it on? I thought she just got naked and got in bed with him? Since Daniel was drugged - how the heck did they get it on?

    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Wednesday, May 05 2010 05:58 AM

    Happy For Michael Getting His Family Back, But Kevin Maybe Losing His Wife Jana To A Brain Aneurysm!

    I'm very happy for Michael reuniting with his son Fen and wife Lauren, but poor Kevin once again has to endure watching his wife Jana lay in an unconscious state of no response for now at least.
    Jana's been though so much in her life.
    The doctors must have not gotten all of her brain tumor out back from her last surgery that Gloria paid for before Kevin married his wife Jana.
    Jana let God, his Angel's and the doctor's do their work on you my dear, sleep is the best medicine for you now-so you can life a happy healthy normal life with Kevin when you wake up.
    That Carter Clan wasn't very nice to you and Lauren, but Ryder found his "ball of stones" to make 1 last stitch effort to talk Daisy out of killing you & Kevin-even if he had to take a bullet/death looming at gunpoint.

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