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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Classic Mustache!

    Friday, January 22 2010
    Victor pays Jack a visit, Neil takes Ashley's advice, and Katherine finds Jill in a compromising position!

    Ashley arrives at Jabot to help Jack deal with the crisis created by Tucker taking over the company. Ashley briefs the staff on how to keep morale up and reassures their associates that Jabot is as strong as ever. A note arrives from Tucker saying there will be changes down the road, but for now it's business as usual. Ashley tells Jack that she may have to borrow Emily from him - Victor put her on notice he's going to fight her for the Ranch! Jack asks about the papers she signed - she admits that Victor had them drawn up, she signed them, but he didn't. Jack calls it 'classic Mustache', and vows to do anything he can to help her stay in the house!

    JT is at Tucker's office. He tells his boss he has to leave due to an issue with the sitter. As he leaves, Victor walks in. Tucker muses that he thought Victor was retired. Victor replies that he has a lot of unfinished business to take care of! They compare notes on their past failures. Victor lets him know he's not happy about the takeover - he's a close friend of Katherine Chancellor. Tucker tells Victor he's championing a lost cause. Victor wonders if he's really Kay's son - he doesn't seem like her. Tucker says we'll see about that. Victor offers to buy half his shares in Katherine's company, but Tucker chuckles that he's still basking in the glow of victory.

    Nikki talks to Noah about his fight with Eden in Crimson Lights. He remarks that she leaves today. Nikki says that doesn't give him much time to patch things up.

    At the Baldwin household, Eden is preparing to leave. She tells Lauren that Noah finally gave up texting her. Lauren thinks it's a misunderstanding and she should just call him. Michael comes in and says Eden's car is there. They exchange tearful goodbyes. Eden tells Michael that he's been more like a real father to her than River ever was. Lauren warns Eden to keep her email box full - or she might fly over there! They embrace. The doorbell rings - it's Daisy with something from the office. She is stunned that Eden is actually going to Paris - she offers to take a picture of them with Daniel's camera. The doorbell rings again - it's Noah. The others leave the room. Noah says he blew it - he wishes she wasn't going - he doesn't know how he's going to get through it! Eden gives him the necklace her mom gave her to keep until she returns - it's the one he saved in Paris. Noah promises to care for it. Eden has to go - she tells Noah she loves him. Noah tells her he loves her more. After Eden has gone, Daisy offers to help Noah take his mind off things, but he leaves in a dismal mood. As Lauren and Michael recall when Eden first showed up on their doorstep, Daisy offers to be a substitute!

    Katherine, Jill, Brock, Neil, Malcolm, and Devon are gathered at Cane and Lily's place. Mac arrives, and they tell the group they have an announcement! Lily encourages Mac to go ahead and tell them. Mac smiles, and says she had her first ultrasound, and everything checked out - twice! Everyone realizes they're having twins! There are congratulations all around. Cane asks Jill to consider herself the grandmother - she's tickled. Kay, Jill, and Brock leave.

    Still in Lily and Cane's living room, Devon jokes with Lily about having twins. Malcolm steps back and watches them all interacting - he muses that this is the reason he came back to Genoa City - to reconnect with his family. He decides to tell them some news he's been hiding - he's engaged! Lily is thrilled for him, but Neil steps forward and confronts Malcolm about trying to be a part of the family without so much as a discussion about it. Malcolm wants to talk about it then, but Neil leaves in a huff. Lily tells Malcolm that she appreciates him wanting to move back and help with the children, but it may be too much too soon for Neil.

    Neil meets with Ashley at Jabot. He expresses his frustrations about Malcolm to her. She muses that Jack drives her crazy too, but he's always the first one beside her during a crisis. She suggests that they need to deal with the issues surrounding Lily's paternity. Jack comes in, and Neil tells him that Ashley just gave him what he needed.

    Neil goes to find Malcolm back at Lily's house, and tells him he has been putting up walls since he arrived. Malcolm tells him he'll work his way back into the family however he has to. Neil says it's time they started getting past their issues. He welcomes his brother back and they embrace.

    Jack looks up to see Victor come into the office at Jabot. Victor says he's there about Tucker McCall - something needs to be done about him! Victor suggests they put their differences aside and get rid of McCall. Jack agrees - for Katherine's sake. He tells Victor he's got a partner, and holds out his hand. Victor won't shake it, though, and gives a salute before leaving.

    JT meets with Mac at Crimson Lights. They discuss their situations briefly. Brock arrives and JT asks Mac to watch Reed for a moment. Brock takes the opportunity to tell Mac that what she's doing is great, but she's going to give birth to two children - is she really ready for that kind of sacrifice? Mac reassures him, just as JT returns with a tea refill. Brock takes off, and Mac offers to help JT with Reed while Victoria's away.

    Back at the Chancellor Estate, Katherine tells Nikki that the DNA results will soon be in. She can't believe that Tucker McCall could be her son. They discuss the circumstances under which Kay gave the baby up. She laments that she did nothing for so many years - just put it out of her mind. Nikki tells her it's no excuse for what Tucker did - he could have come to her in a straightforward manner. As they continue to discuss the fight coming up, Jill comes in the front door and listens. She hears Katherine say to Nikki, "If only you'd been my daughter by some miraculous twist of fate." Jill exhales, and leaves again. The doorbell rings - it's the DNA results. Katherine opens the envelope - all three labs confirmed that Tucker is her son. Kay tells Nikki she'll go let him know herself.

    Jill arrives at Tucker's office and asks if he's really Katherine's son - or is this just some twisted way for him to get his kicks? Tucker promises that he is really Katherine's son. He points out that he bought his share in the company - he didn't steal it. She thinks he's callous. Tucker asks what Katherine has ever done to inspire such loyalty from her. He tells Jill he appreciates her for the woman she is - they need to stick this out and see what they've got. Jill is drawn in.

    Katherine shows up at Tucker's office looking to tell him about the test results. She hears voices in the other room and walks in to see Jill and Tucker in bed together. She tells Tucker that he'll never be her son, and as for Jill, she was never her daughter!

    Ashley arrives at home to find Nikki there putting away clothes she bought for Noah. Ashley asks for her key back, but Nikki tells her that will be Victor's decision. Ashley hisses that it's not his decision. They get into an argument. Ashley says it's fine that Nikki has Victor, but this is her daughter's home - that she can't have!

    Eden arrives in Paris and greets her aunt. The woman tells Eden she is glad she found her and asked to come for a visit. Eden is stunned, and says she contacted her, not the other way around. Eden wonders if it wasn't her aunt who wrote to her - who was it?

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    As Gloria and Jeff sit at a table in the Club, Jack says to Michael, "She's got two choices. She can pay me the money she owes me, or she can go straight to jail!"

    Victor tells Adam he values his opinion, but he doesn't trust him!

    Katherine tells Jill she slept her way into the house, and now she's slept her way out!

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    Posted by Coastie at Thursday, January 21 2010 11:46 AM

    Is Dashley admitting that she needs professional help?
    I wouldn't advise getting therapy from Dr. Emily!!
    Mother Tucker, don't you know that when you say "victory" you are using Victor's name!
    Oh, so now Lauren's being nice to Eden?
    That Daisy Mae is getting on my last nerve!
    Wow! I'd like to see TGVN and my Jack be partners to help Katherine get back her company!!
    LMAO at Kay finding Jill naked in Mother Tucker's bed!!

    Posted by nanas3 at Thursday, January 21 2010 12:00 PM

    ***SPOILERS**** Yikes to all of them!

    As Gloria and Jeff sit at a table in the Club, Jack says to Michael, "She's got two choices. She can pay me the money she owes me, or she can go straight to jail!" (Glo's going to jail, Glo's going to jail)

    Victor tells Adam he values his opinion, but he doesn't trust him! (WTH)

    Katherine tells Jill she slept her way into the house, and now she's slept her way out! (DANG)

    Posted by juann at Thursday, January 21 2010 12:06 PM

    Good afternoon!
    Ashley tells Jack that she needs to borrow Emily from him. She must still need some mental therapy! Looks like Ashley and Victor are going to be going round and round as far as the ranch is concerned. Ashley should have checked to see that Victor signed the papers instead of taking his word for it.
    Oooo-Weeee!! I think Victor has just met his match! He tells Tucker that he will buy half of his shares in Katherine's company and Tucker says he is still basking in the glow of victory!
    Daisy offers to be a substitute while Eden is gone. I hope Lauren and Michael don't fall for her crap.
    WOW- Malcolm is engaged! I wonder who this woman is and if she is coming to Genoa City.
    Jack and Victor are teaming up to help Katherine get her company back! I can't wait to see this!
    Oh Dear...Katherine finds Jill and Tucker in bed together! I can't wait to see the look on Jill's face!! Priceless!!!
    Have a great day everyone.

    Posted by Frog_Lady at Thursday, January 21 2010 12:28 PM

    Next Kay needs to find Jill and Tucker having sex in the Chancellor living room. :-P

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, January 21 2010 12:51 PM

    I don't know why Ashely said she needed to borrow Emily from Jack and that Victor wants the ranch. Emily can't help her with that. It was also smart of Victor not to sign the papers. I guess Victor never dranked the tea.

    Now we have four men in town that won't bow down to Prince Victor. We have my man Jack, Billy, JT and now the all powerful Tucker. I hope Victor didn't forget to take his meds today.

    Oh Neil, shut your pie hole. Malcolm is part of the family. Then he tries to have a discussion with you about it and you leave. Dang, Ashley actually gave Neil some good advice. They must have changed tea brands.

    I don't believe it. Jack and Victor will work together for Katherine's sake. Hell must be freezing over.

    Poor Jill, she came in at the wrong time. I know it really hurt her to hear Kay say that she wished Nikki had been her daughter. Now we know why she jumped into bed with Tucker.

    Go ahead Ms. Nikki and let yourself into the Ranch. Putting clothes away for Noah. I am scared of you and then she kept the key. Dang!

    Dang that no good Daisy got Eden out of town. She is her mother's daughter. Evil right down to the core.

    In the previews, who is Jack talking about? Is it Gloria? I'm glad Victor still does not trust Adam. And poor Jill, I guess she will have to move in with the man that makes her toes wiggle.

    Posted by nanas3 at Thursday, January 21 2010 01:04 PM

    Jill is like a bowl of Jello! She wiggles and giggles in that bed!

    Posted by evangeline at Thursday, January 21 2010 01:47 PM

    what the hell is wrong with nikki?did she forget how and who victor is,dear god woman have some dignity.

    you know what i would have loved more about this whole sharing the good news with the twins,lily being pregnant herself seeing how CKH is pregnant in real MAB could have written this in their storyline.this is the reason some of the lane fans aren't watching this so called baby storyline.don't get me wrong i used to love bac, back in the days before MAB took over,now i just don't give damn mostly because of the bad wring.

    where is lane?i mean why can't they have other things going for them?like rewriting of the whole hysterectomy thing,clearly MAB knows that most of the lane fans don't give damn about it,the cancer storyline could have worked without the hysterectomy.the bad dialog,storylines aren't working for me.

    so malcom is engage?is it with karen or god forbid tyra?i can see this happening mostly because MAB is in is something she would do.

    god does ashley need professional help or what so it may be good for her to get some.i'm liking her with neil but i don't want to invest in them seeing how MAB doesn't know how to write or develop characters the way they used to so why get invested in any characters?

    damn i was loving kay and jill's relationship but it looks like they are going back to the way things used to be.

    real jack and victor working together?don't even know if i care or want to see it.

    i'm also loving tucker with jill,can't wait to see more of them.

    waiting for the rewrite of the hysterectomy,development of lane as characters and couple before i can truly invest in y&r like used but with MAB being in charge don't see that happening.

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, January 21 2010 04:53 PM

    Dastardly Daisy is just as bad as The Spawn with all her schemes, attempted murder, slithering around corners, eavesdropping on everyone's conversations, ingratiating herself into places and around people. Yep, I am afraid she just may be Sheila's daughter.

    The question is, "Why does she HATE Eden so much?" Maybe it's because Eden has been so observant of her from the beginning and knows she is BAD NEWS.

    Now she wants to help Noah to "take his mind off things." Yeah, right, she wants to take his mind off Eden so she can have him alll to himself. She wants to be "the substitute" for Eden while she is away. LOL

    Michael had better wake up and smell the roses before Daisy prevents Eden from returning to GC permanently.

    Eden had better call Lauren and Michael post haste! Now she knows it must be Daisy who set her up to get her out of town.

    How I did NOT want Tucker to be Katherine's son! Where is all this going to be leading?

    Victor and Jack will be joining forces to take down Tucker. Guess that might work until Jack refuses to do Victor's bidding.

    Jill was in and now she is OUT! Katherine should buy out Jill's share of the house and let her move in with Tucker - permanently. If I were Katherine, I would tell Jill she is no longer welcome to any family gatherings since she has become a TRAITOR.

    Whoo Hoo! Victor did NOT sign over the ranch to Ashley. Her signature is on the papers, his is not. Therefore, it is NULL and VOID! Pack up your things and move back to the Abbott Mansion.

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, January 21 2010 04:57 PM

    Forgot about Daisy's drugging or poisoning Lauren. What a hypocrite. She acts sooo syrupy sweet around Lauren and Michael that she make me nauseated.

    Do any of the residents of GC drink anything besides TEA and coffee? Think they ever heard of Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc?

    Posted by Coastie at Thursday, January 21 2010 05:18 PM

    If Malcom is such a great photographer why doesn't he have a picture of his girlfriend?

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