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    No Free Pass!

    Thursday, January 07 2010
    Jo-Jo causes upheaval, Neil and Malcolm face-off, and Victoria leaves for Dubai.

    Murphy and Katherine are in the living room at the Chancellor Estate. Kay tells him she's not sure what she's gotten into. Esther comes in complaining that Jo-Jo has guns and knives in her laundry! Jo-Jo appears as Kay is explaining that she is a bounty hunter. Jo-Jo sends Esther to make breakfast, and Murphy muses that he hopes Esther survives this! Katherine talks to Jo-Jo about her life and how she became the woman she is today. Jo-Jo angrily asks if she's disappointed. Esther glumly presents Jo-Jo with an Irish coffee. Jo-Jo learns that Katherine once drank, but is on the wagon. Katherine leaves the room and Murphy warns Jo-Jo that she doesn't have a free-pass - he's got his eye on her!

    Jill meets up with Cane in Crimson Lights. She tells him about Jo-Jo and says she knows everything she needs to about her! Jill confides that she wishes she had never gone down this road! Cane wonders if Jill is a little jealous - not of Jo-Jo - but of what she represents. He thinks that she gave Katherine a beautiful gift, and they should see it through.

    Jill arrives at the Chancellor Estate where Murphy warns that she'll need to stay around as back-up - for Esther and Katherine! Just then, Kay and Jo-Jo come into the room. The three women sit down, and Kay asks if Jo-Jo has any questions for her. Jo-Jo says she doesn't need to know why Katherine left her in an orphanage - the past is the past. Kay remarks that she has a refreshing attitude - most would harbor resentment. Jo-Jo asks why there are so many photos of Jill in the house. They explain that they once thought Jill was Kay's daughter.

    Neil is meeting with Tucker at the Club. Tucker has provided input on a potential deal for Chancellor. He wants Neil to go ahead, but Neil merely tells him that his expertise is appreciated, and his recommendation will be taken into consideration by him and Katherine. They discuss a company Tucker thought they should acquire. Neil says Katherine is hesitant to make such a purchase so soon after issuing the IPO. Tucker wonders if he should make a personal appeal. Neil says she and Jill are both off work today.

    Nina and Chloe are at the police station with Chance - Nina can't understand what the delay is with him being released. Chance tries to reassure her. When Chance leaves the room, Nina tells Chloe that she can go home. Chloe stands up to her, and says she's not leaving until Chance can walk out of there with her. Nina sighs, and says that may take awhile! When Chance and the detective finally emerge, he tells Chance that he doesn't think he's guilty, but he's going to be suspended with pay. He takes his gun and badge.

    Billy pays Lily a visit at home. He tells her that he's made peace with Mac carrying her child. Lily smiles at his new attitude. She is about to tell him about Malcolm showing up, when there's a knock on the door - it's Malcolm! He joins them, and they get to talking. Billy lets Malcolm know that he's familiar with his work. He tells him he could use someone of his caliber at the magazine. Malcolm is pleased and says he'll stop by.

    Cane arrives at home to find Billy and Malcolm in his living room. Billy says he's going to leave, but Cane asks him to stay. He tells Billy about Jill and Katherine finding the woman who is Katherine's daughter. He suggests Billy give Jill a call since she's having a bit of a rough time. Billy insults him once, but quickly apologizes and thanks him for the heads up before leaving. Cane then turns to Malcolm and asks where his next assignment will be - far from there is it?

    Adam and Sharon sit at home discussing how no one is too happy that they're together. He remarks that she really is one of the strongest women he's ever known. Adam has to go to the office, and assures her that he can handle whatever Nick has in store for him!

    At Newman Enterprises, Nick tells Victoria that Adam married Sharon. She remarks that Nick must have wanted to kill him! Nick says he was tempted, but he now sees there's another way. Victoria says she's ready for Dubai - she and JT really need the break. Just then, Adam comes in and wishes her 'bon voyage'. JT calls Vikki and asks her to meet him. She says she couldn't be more ready to leave Newman. On her way out, Adam asks if she's going to congratulate him on his marriage. She tells him to enjoy it while it lasts!

    Neil goes to Crimson Lights, where he runs into Sharon. He tells her he is glad she is okay, and they discuss Lily. Neil invites her to stop by and see her, and says her gifts mean a lot because she was so close to Dru. Sharon says she'll call ahead. Neil says some just show up - like Malcolm. Sharon lets him know that Dru told her the truth about Lily's parentage. Neil confides how he feels about Malcolm being there now, and says the only way his brother can salvage their relationship is to leave sooner, rather than later. He notices Sharon's wedding ring, and she tells him she married Adam. He doesn't think she'll want to hear what he has to say about it. Sharon remarks that the only opinion that matters to her is Noah's.

    Tucker comes into the Chancellor Estate, and Jo-Jo goes wild since she recognizes him from TV. Tucker takes Kay aside and asks if she's had time to consider the business proposal they had talked about. Katherine says she hasn't, and looks for the pad of paper she had left on the table. Jo-Jo confesses that she spilled a drink on it! Katherine and Murphy try to decipher what was written on it, but to no avail. Jo-Jo snaps pictures of Tucker on her cellphone and then knocks over a knick-knack! Tucker asks if he should perhaps go over the proposal with Jill and Neil. Kay asks Jill if she'd mind - she says not at all.

    Victoria arrives at the coffee house, where Billy has just got off the phone from leaving Jill a message to call him. He thanks her for looking out for him on New Year's Eve. She tells him he is welcome. JT and Reed come in and the family sits down. Victoria is thrilled that JT has taken the rest of the day off. He tells Victoria that Reed has decided to use the webcam to blow her a kiss before bed every night. Soon it's time for Victoria to leave for Dubai. JT says he'll miss her. She leaves quickly.

    Chance, Nina, and Chloe also come into Crimson Lights. They sit down and Chance worries about Riggs. Nina tells him he has to let this go! Chance says someone is targeting him and he's going to find out who it is!

    Sharon turns up at Newman Enterprises, with something Adam left at home. Nick was about to tell Adam what he thinks of his marriage, so Sharon says as long as she's there - she'll stay and listen to what he has to say! Nick issues a very gracious congratulatory statement about the marriage that he tells his assistant to give to the Chronicle. Adam and Sharon grin.

    Neil goes to Cane and Lily's house, where he cordially greets Malcolm. Malcolm tells Neil that he is aware how he and Cane feel about him being in town, but after discussing it with Lily, he's decided to stay. He notes that he's received a job offer, and will be in Genoa City indefinitely. Neil glowers. Lily thinks it's great that Billy offered Malcolm a job. Cane tells Lily he disagrees, and tries to tell Malcolm to get on a plane. Lily stops him, saying this is merely a challenge. Neil asks for a moment with Malcolm. He congratulates him sarcastically on what he's done - it really sounds like he's staying for Lily! Malcolm sighs and says there is another reason he's staying - Neil.

    Billy goes looking for Jill at the Chancellor Mansion and regards Jo-Jo with amusement. Jill introduces him as her son. Murphy asks how long Jo-Jo will be staying, and she says they can go ahead and plan the welcome to the family party! Katherine stuns everyone by declaring loudly that she wants a DNA test!

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Deacon asks Amber and Daniel if they've come to take the knife out of his back. Amber says they need to know where Little D is!

    Michael announces the lab just finished the analysis of all the evidence in the gym bag found at the dump. Daisy looks worried.

    Sharon angrily slams a bottle of champagne on the table at the Club and tells Jack, who is sitting with Emily, "I hear congratulations are in order!"

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    Posted by Coastie at Wednesday, January 06 2010 09:36 AM

    Youre right Kay, you know NOT what you've gotten yourself into! You are lucky that you have Murphy in your corner.
    I wish that Lily would use a scarf instead of that damn knit hat!
    Malcom joins Restless Style as a photographer?
    Neither Cane or Jill are true Chancellors, but didn't Kay put them in her will?
    Sharin' Sharin' Sharin', you are SOoo blind!
    I think that we'll get more laughs from Jo-Jo than Gloworm!

    Ahh, Dcon returns!

    Posted by nanas3 at Wednesday, January 06 2010 09:51 AM

    Someone please explain to me where it is Neil's place to invite anyone to Cane and Lilly's house to see anybody?

    Bull dog Nina barking orders as usual! Telling Chloe she can leave! Please girl get a clue!

    Barf bag party of one please come this way! Sharon you are going to fall on your butt! Your my girl, but geesh, buy a clue! The whole town is telling you a message and your a fool right now!

    Posted by Coastie at Wednesday, January 06 2010 10:00 AM

    nanas3, ITA about Sharin, she has always been my favorite, but GOSH DARN it, TIIC have made her into a fool!

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, January 06 2010 10:15 AM

    I don't think that this Jo-Jo person is really Katherine's daughter. They found her way too easily. Come to think of it, it was Paul that found her. So now I know it's not her. But, I'm having fun with her character.

    That Tucker moves fast. You would think he owned the company.

    Billy bit his tongue with Cane. He really is trying to change.

    Sharon needs to stop lying about the only opinion that matters to her is Noah. She could care less about how Noah feels.

    I see Nick is coming from a different angle, pretending to accept Sharon and Adam's marriage. Cause trust me, it will fail on it's own.

    Now why is Sharon so angry with Jack. I mean really, slamming down bottles. Jack should slap her.

    Posted by juann at Wednesday, January 06 2010 12:02 PM

    Good afternoon.
    LMAO at Jo-Jo for ordering Esther to go make breakfast! This woman just got to the Chancellor Estate and already she is barking up orders! Katherine should be questioning what she has gotten herself into,because I don't believe for one minute that Jo-Jo is her daughter. However, it looks like she is going to be a comic to watch and be a lot of fun.
    Kudos to Chloe for standing up to Nina and telling her that she is not leaving the police station without Chance. Nina and Neil are just alike, they think they can run other peoples lives.
    WOW- Billy has a quick slip of the tongue, and then quickly apologizes to Cane. Could it be that Billy is trying to turn over a new leaf??
    Tucker does not pull any punches does he? He is already asking about acquiring another company.
    How nice it was of Billy offering Malcolm a job. Neil better get used to his little brother being around cause it sounds like he isn't going anywhere for a while.
    Kudos to Kay for ordering a DNA test!!
    Have a good day!!

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, January 06 2010 12:15 PM

    writer's snafu
    Jo Jo recognized Tucker but Jill didn't so whether he shaved or not didn't matter.

    Coastie you mind reader. Can't TIIC do something better in concealing Lily's hair?

    How can someone with 25% try to oversee CI?

    Is plopping a bottle of bubbly on the table was Blondie's way of saying she disapproves of Jack's engagement? Or because they both have behaved irrationally and impulsively on getting married so quickly?

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, January 06 2010 12:17 PM

    Hoorayyy the Duchess wants DNA. Can she get 'er done in another city

    Posted by Coastie at Wednesday, January 06 2010 06:26 PM

    I just re-read the updates.
    There is something that stood out this time that I didn't get the first time:
    Neil asks for a moment with Malcolm. He congratulates him about staying for Lily, "Malcolm sighs and says there is another reason he's staying - Neil."
    Now does this mean,"There is another reason I'm staying, Neil?" or
    "The other reason I'm staying is because of Neil?"
    Could Malcom be trying to get back at Neil for leaving him for dead in Kenyan?
    Or could Malcom want to make it up to Neil for "fooling" Dru and conceiving Lily all those years ago?

    Posted by Coastie at Wednesday, January 06 2010 06:26 PM


    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, January 06 2010 08:40 PM

    coastie, supposely to bond with his bro

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