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    Wednesday, December 02 2009
    Mac signs papers, Katherine hears from the SEC, and Kevin must keep a secret!

    In the Jabot boardroom, Katherine and Neil discuss moving forward with the stock offering. She calls Kevin into the room, and tells him she has a project for him. She fills him in on their plan, as Neil looks on with disapproval. Neil warns him to keep quiet about it - it's not for public consumption. Katherine tells Kevin what she will require from him, and he thanks her for having such faith in him.

    Gloria and Jeff turn up at Michael's house declaring that something big is going on at Chancellor and they want him to find out what it is. He says he did enough for them, and tells them they're on their own. Gloria turns to Jeff and says, "On to plan b!"

    Gloria and Jeff sit down at the Club. She calls Kevin, who is still in the boardroom with Katherine and Neil. She asks about his new position at Chancellor and he says he's actually there right now. Gloria asks him to meet them, saying that she can't wait to hear all about it! Kevin hangs up on the other end, with Neil looking on with concern.

    After Kevin has left Jabot, Katherine compliments Neil on his restraint. Neil explains that he wishes she had waited until after the offering to let Kevin in on it. He points out that when it comes to money, Kevin's mother, Gloria Bardwell, is like a shark! Katherine affirms her trust in Kevin. Neil says he hopes he doesn't let her down.

    Kevin gets to the Club and sits down with Gloria and Jeff, who try to ply him with champagne to loosen his tongue. He turns it down, and they start interrogating him about the buzz surrounding Chancellor Industries. Kevin scoffs that it's only his first day, besides, he has no intention of letting Katherine down again. Gloria notices his agitation and warns him he should just spill it now - she won't stop until she knows everything!

    At Restless Style, Chloe and Billy bicker about the next issue. When she realizes he intends to use Mac's idea as a way to win her back, she biffs Billy up the side of the head with a rolled-up paper! He tells her to stop obsessing over Mac, but Chloe says that he is the one obsessing - does he really think a magazine cover is going to stop her from getting pregnant? Billy points out that she's not pregnant yet - so there's still a window of hope!

    Chance comes into the Chancellor living room, where Esther looks up and tells him Chloe is at Restless Style. Chance says he actually needed her - he wants to set up a surprise.

    Mackenzie arrives at Lily and Cane's door. They all revel in the news that the embryos are ready. Cane happily says that nothing can stop them now! Mac, however, says there is something that can stop them if they don't take care of it. Michael shows up and they all sit down to sign the necessary papers. He goes over all of Mac's responsibilities during the pregnancy, and finally gets to custody - which says that at the moment of birth, the baby is Lily and Cane's and Mac has no rights to, nor should she attempt to bond with, the baby. Lily points out that if she doesn't make it, Mac's relationship with the child will be important. There is some discussion about the issue, and Michael says that the way they feel now may change. He looks pointedly at Mac, saying she may want to take more time to think about this. She takes the papers and signs. Cane, Lily, and Mac embrace. After Mac has gone, they marvel at Mac not even blinking over signing the papers. Cane asks if Lily is thinking about her mom. She nods, noting that she may have a little girl of her own. Lily knows that it may not take, but wants to stay positive about the possibility. Lily wants to believe in what Colleen told her in the dream. Cane beams.

    Chance goes to Restless Style and tells Chloe he wants to take her somewhere. Billy agrees that he can spare her for the rest of the day. Chance heads back to the car, and Chloe asks Billy one more time if he really wants to go ahead with the do-gooder cover story. He does. She says she'll stand behind him then, but she thinks that if he's doing it only to win Mac back, it will come back to bite him. After Chloe leaves, Billy leaves Mac a message asking her to stop over at the magazine.

    Chance and Chloe return to the Chancellor house, where Esther is waiting in the living room. Chance breaks the news of the surprise - he's receiving a commendation today, and the ceremony is today. He arranged for a selection of dresses for Chloe to choose from. She is stunned - no one ever did anything like this for her before! He smiles as she and Esther go through the dresses. When Chance goes up to put his uniform on, Esther tells Chloe that she really did think she was using Chance to get Billy back. Chloe hushes her as she heads up to change. Chance, in uniform, returns to the living room and gapes when Chloe appears in her dress. He asks her to stand next to him when he gets his picture taken. Chloe is flattered.

    Mac enters Restless Style. She asks where everyone has gone - Billy says he gave them the rest of the day off. They both mention that they have news. Billy goes first, and tells her that he will use her idea for the holiday issue. Mac tells him that the embryo transfer is scheduled for the next day. Billy is taken aback, but asks how she feels. She expresses a desire not to let Cane and Lily down. Billy tells Mac that no matter what happens, they will certainly be grateful. Mac is pleased by his words, and allows herself to be drawn into a kiss.

    Victoria meets JT at Crimson Lights and tells him that Heather refused to take her name off the Grand Jury list. She also shares that Nick doesn't think it's a good idea for her to go back to Newman, however he did make another proposal. Before she can tell him about it, he takes a call from his boss. He apologizes, and Vikki says things will probably settle down once the new office is established. JT replies that he wouldn't count on it! Victoria then tells him about the Chancellor stock offering, saying she likes the idea of investing. JT warns her to be cautious about it, suggesting she hold off. Victoria feels that she understands this business situation better than he does. JT sighs, saying she'll do what she wants no matter what he says anyway!

    Neil arrives at Crimson Lights and finds Victoria sitting at a table. She says she's been lying low, and he asks how that's working out. She says she owes it to JT. Neil offers her a position at Chancellor, but she quickly turns it down before JT comes back with their coffee.

    Kevin has gone to Michael's house, explaining that he needs help getting Gloria off his back - if she finds out about what is going on at Chancellor, Katherine and Neil will blame him. Michael says he thinks he knows a way to throw her off the scent. He invites them over and Kevin hides. Michael tells Gloria and Jeff that he will let them in on what is going on at Chancellor on the condition that they keep it to themselves to save Kevin's job. They gleefully agree. Michael lies, telling them that Chancellor is set to acquire a tech firm overseas - their stock will triple! Gloria and Jeff beam. Michael reminds them that Kevin must be protected. They rush out the door. Kevin reappears, and Michael assures him that they are no longer a problem.

    Neil arrives back at Jabot where Katherine is waiting with a grave expression on her face. Neil is filled with concern as she says she heard from the SEC. Neil is stunned when she suddenly hollers, "We've been approved!" Neil congratulates her.

    Back at Crimson Lights, JT gets a call from his boss who tells him that it's official - Chancellor is now in play. JT looks across the table at Victoria.

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Jana asks Ryder if the woman he's protecting defends him in the same way that Kevin does?!

    Ryder denies knowing anything when asked a question. Daisy says, "Whatever he says, he's totally lying!"

    The girl Billy picked up in Indigo visits him at Restless Style. Mac appears and says, "You slept with her!"

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, December 01 2009 09:15 AM

    Poor Katherine, I can't believe she is telling Kevin her plans. But like I said before, this is one time I hope Kevin blabs everything to his mother. It would serve Katherine right for the way she has treated Jack. Katherine could have sold Jack back HIS family business. It's not like she needs it.

    Chance is so sweet to Chloe.

    How can Neil offer Victoria a Job at Chancellor?

    I don't think that Gloria and Jeff will buy that fake story Michael told them for too long. I bet they will start digging around and find out it's not true.

    What is going on with JT, his boss. Are they scheming Katherine. Is that why JT doesn't want Victoria to have anything to do with buying stock?

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, December 01 2009 09:16 AM

    Uh Oh, on the previews, it looks like Billy the hound dog is busted.

    Posted by Coastie at Tuesday, December 01 2009 09:31 AM

    Neil should have "boffed" Katherine upside her head with a roll of paper towels

    Posted by ps in flowood at Tuesday, December 01 2009 10:04 AM

    Well I guess this is something new, posting updates, before lunch, it nice, but why are they taking out our post, and not putting them first, like they use to??

    I also think that, Kathryn is being foolish letting Kevin in on the plans, she knows how THE TWO STOOGES are, always after someone else's money. She should let Neil make these decisions. Kevin is nutty as a fruit cake, he is like an old frig, he can't keep nothing.

    And the JT boss thing, why would JT have anything to do with bring down Kathryn, this makes no sence. Vikki will go back to work and that will be all it takes for JT to leave her, she want be able to stand not being boss.

    I am glad that, Billy is going to get caught by Mac, he is such a man W++++, he does not deserve a good girlfriend like Mac. I knew this would come back to bite him, he should have been a good boyfriend, not a a-**** . Billy should go and get Kitty on the prowl again, at least she would not be doing the tango with nameless.

    Peace out.

    Posted by juann at Tuesday, December 01 2009 11:00 AM

    Good afternoon!
    I'm not sure how I feel about Katherine hiring Kevin and confiding in him what her plans are. This just might backfire.
    I think Neil was right in confiding his concerns to Katherine because when it comes to Gloria Neil said it best....She is like a shark!! LMAO!
    LMAO at Chloe biffing Billy upside his head with a roll of paper!!
    Awww...Chance really likes Chloe, he wants to set up a surprise. He could set up a surprise for me anytime!
    Did I miss something? Since when does Neil have the authority to hire someone at Chancellor?
    What does J.T.'s boss and Chancellor have in common? Could this be the reason why J.T. is so hell bent on Victoria not working there?
    I can't wait to see Chance and Chloe together tomorrow!
    LMAO at Michael lying to Gloria and Jeffrey to protect Kevin! Michael should know that Gloria is like a bloodhound and she will start snooping until she finds out what is really going on.
    Have a good day.

    Posted by ps in flowood at Tuesday, December 01 2009 11:15 AM

    I just read that the one and only is coming back to GC.

    The villain of all times, yes Shelia!!!

    I hope it is not true!!!

    peace out.

    Posted by ps in flowood at Tuesday, December 01 2009 11:19 AM

    This posting is getting to be a pain, I got flagged because of the word over there.

    Posted by flygirl1969 at Tuesday, December 01 2009 12:48 PM

    Neil is the CEO of Chancellor therefore he has every right to hire anyone he wants. Kay is president so she would have veto power but Neil is CEO.
    What exactly is Chance get an award for letting Patti get away or getting stabbed?

    Posted by kmc320 at Tuesday, December 01 2009 01:29 PM

    Today's sounds humdrum.

    Kevin can't be trusted.

    How much money did the 2 buffoons collect? Jethro said a couple of zeros were missing hence putting them in the 6 figues and not millionaires.

    It would be a dis-service to bring back Shiela.

    Supposedly only 24% of CI will be IPO.

    Posted by pamchefgirl at Tuesday, December 01 2009 02:17 PM

    I can't believe the Adam storyline. He kills Ashley's baby, steals Sharons baby, now he's sleeping with Sharon! OMG!!! When will he ever get caught! It would be nice to have the bad guy get what he deserves for a change instead of getting off scott free like everyone else and having us try to forget!

    I think Ashley is going to freak when she finds out what Adam has done - boy will her attitude about him change! And poor Heather...someone needs to tell her so she doesnt go on thinking Adam's gay!

    Sheila back again? I KNEW IT!!! Only on a soap can they bring people ack from the dead and make us believe it! I think Sheila Is Ryder's mother and Ryder and the girl in the traffic photo and brother and sister. I don't buy it for a minute that him and Kevin are related!

    PLEASE wrap up some story lines - some of them are getting old. I LOVE this soap, but it's getting unbelievable sometimes!

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