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    The Man You Called Has Been Stabbed!

    Friday, November 06 2009
    Mac makes a very generous offer, Ashley plots on her own, and Chance gets hurt.

    As Cane sits on the floor of the hospital crying, Neil appears and offers him a hand up, and Cane places his hand on Neil's shoulder. The doctor comes by and says he hopes to have an answer for them soon.

    At work, Jill prepares to leave for the hospital. Kay sends her best wishes, and tells Jill to reassure Neil where work's concerned. As Jill leaves, Jack strolls in. He informs Katherine that he knows what they're up to - and he wants in on it! Jack says if she's needing cash, he'd be happy to take Jabot off her hands at a very reasonable price. Kay scoffs, saying it's not for sale. Jack then asks pointblank if she's taking Chancellor public. Katherine muses that maybe she should put Jill in charge of everything - then he can chase rumors full-time! Murphy appears, and Jack is forced to excuse himself. Murphy tells Kay to get her things!

    Jeffrey sits on the patio at the coffee house, chewing at Gloria about having to live in the penthouse - now they're facing eviction because it's beyond their means! Jeff suggests a plot involving stealing money, and Gloria warns that he'll wind up in jail, saying she has faith in Michael.

    Nina and Phillip arrive at Crimson Lights and Phillip spots Chance and Chloe. He decides it might be a good time to go over - after his outburst, he can no longer pretend he has no issues with him. At their table, Chloe tells a smirking Chance that she forgives him for being so cold and unfeeling. As they talk, Phillip asks if he can interrupt. Chance says he meant the things he said before. Phillip knows this, and admits he wants to hear more - get it all out in the open! Chloe excuses herself, and Phillip sits down. Nina lingers by the table.

    Ashley and Nick discuss the Caymans bank issue at Newman Enterprises. Billy's article comes up in conversation and Ashley admits she was disgusted by it. Nick says Billy will regret it - he'll put him out of business. Nick says there is no proof that Victor had insider information - but no proof that he didn't either. Ashley is surprised that Nick already handled this with Michael without the board's input! Nick says it's his call.

    At the bar, Mac tells Billy that Lily's in the hospital and she's in bad shape. He has a lot to do, so Mac says she'll go over and call if he needs to come. As she leaves, Billy indicates all of his notes written on bar napkins, saying to himself, "This is no way to run a business!"

    Billy shows up at Newman Enterprises and runs into Ashley on her way out. She is stunned that he is showing his face there. He defends his position, saying he only presented facts in his article. She warns she'll never help him again - she doesn't know what's happened to him! Billy goes in to see Nick, and Victoria comes in - she's there to tie up some loose ends. She tells Billy that his piece about her pushed her in the right direction at least - but she doubts it will turn out as good for him! Nick and Vikki joke about Billy only being good enough to write gossip. Nick shows Billy out after telling him that Newman is pulling all their ads. Once alone, Victoria reiterates to her brother that she's not coming back - working for her father and being married to JT don't go together. They discuss what Nick should do about the current situation, and Nick proposes a solution. Vikki says she thinks daddy's portrait just frowned! Nick smiles and says Newman needs her. Victoria says it's not true, and maybe it's time for new leadership anyway. Nick smirks, saying she just called dad a dinosaur. They hug.

    Neil urges Cane to get something to eat at the hospital - Lily needs him. Emily Peterson comes up and assures them she's not Patty. She says she'll be associated with the cancer center. They discuss the difficulties of dealing with the disease, then Jill appears. Cane rushes into her arms. Just then, an alarm sounds in Lily's room!

    In Crimson Lights, Chance tells Phillip that he didn't recognize himself earlier. He knows that Phillip is okay with the venting, but he feels he should have found another way. Just then, Chance gets a call from Murphy calling off their fishing trip because Lily's in the hospital. Chance looks up to see a man demanding money from Gloria at the counter! He intervenes, but is stabbed and falls to the ground!

    Cane is comforting Lily in her room. Neil watches, and Emily asks if she can come in. Lily startles at the sight of her, but Cane quickly explains who she is. They leave the two alone, and Lily admits to Emily that she's tired of the cancer taking over their lives! Lily tells Emily how she discovered she had cancer when she thought she was pregnant. She also tells her about Colleen. Emily realizes it's the Colleen who Patty kidnapped. Lily says Colleen visited her in a dream - she knows she'll beat the cancer.

    In the waiting area of the hospital, Mackenzie arrives and greets Cane. He says they've got Lily on an antibiotic now. Katherine and Murphy also appear and tell Neil they are there to support him. Jill and Neil hug - she assures him Lily will be okay. When Cane goes in with Lily, Neil makes a remark about Cane hiding things from Lily, then apologizes, saying it's taken them all some time to trust him again. Jill nods.

    Ashley arrives to meet Jack at the Club and asks what's so urgent. He blurts that Katherine is taking Chancellor public - this is their best shot at taking back control. Ashley cuts him off and says if he's planning a takeover, she's not interested. They bicker about her priorities and Jill. Jack says this happened because he was too busy dealing with Patty - it all comes back to Victor - is she going to let him get away with this? Ash sighs, and says it bores her to be caught between him and Victor. She adds that she can't trust him or Billy anymore either.

    Chloe arrives at the bar, where Billy ribs her that he's not allowed to visit her in the middle of the night, but here she is. Chloe curtly says this isn't a booty call. She hands him divorce papers. He asks if they're signed. Chloe says, "Not yet." She signs and says they can move forward now - he's got Mac... Billy says maybe she'll find someone good for her too. Chloe says maybe she already has!

    Back in Lily's room, Cane takes Emily's contact number, then she leaves. Lily reassures Cane that she's going to beat the cancer, saying she wants to make plans for their life together. She suggests that they go ahead and have their baby. Cane says they have to take their time in planning. Mackenzie comes in, and Lily tells her what they were talking about. The doctor briefly checks her, and Neil, Kay, Jill, and Murphy come in. Cane hugs Neil in relief. Neil smiles. Jill asks Murphy and Kay to let everyone know Lily is out of danger. Murphy steps out to call Chance, but gets Gloria on the line - she says, "The man you called has been stabbed!" Lily keeps talking to Cane and Mackenzie about the idea of having a baby - they'd need a surrogate. Mac blurts, "I'll be your surrogate!"

    Emily goes to the Club, where Jack excuses himself from his conversation with Ashley to greet her and ask how her first day went. She agrees to join him, as Ash slips away and makes a call - telling the person on the other end of the line that she wants to buy up as much Chancellor stock as possible! Emily and Jack talk, and when they bump too close to one another, he steals a kiss, then says, "Goodnight."

    Gloria has recovered from her scare at the coffee house, and mutters to Jeff about the robbery teaching them a lesson. Michael calls her and says it has been decided that the people who lost their money in the Caymans will be reimbursed. Glo and Jeff scream and embrace!

    Chance is wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher as Nina squeals and Phillip, Kay, Murphy, and Jill look on!

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Phyllis is in Patty's room. Patty beams, saying, "I really love company!" Phyllis grimly replies, "You really have this shtick down pat, don't you?"

    Neil accuses Cane of pushing Lily into having a child!

    Billy asks Jack if he wants to divorce him too?! Jack raises his glass and says, "To Billy - my ex-brother!"

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    Posted by nanas3 at Thursday, November 05 2009 09:30 AM

    Good to see Neil and Cane getting along, but I think will be short lived!

    So Ashley is going after everything, she will be the new Queen in town!

    Posted by nanas3 at Thursday, November 05 2009 09:31 AM

    And why is the RED ONE visiting Patty?

    Posted by juann at Thursday, November 05 2009 10:58 AM

    Good afternoon.
    Good to see Murphy on today! I like it when they show Murphy and Katherine together, these two are a breath of fresh air.
    YAY!! Lily will be allright and now she and Cane can focus on having a family together. I thought it was Noble of Mac to offer to be Lily's surrogate. Colleen and Lily may have been the best of friends for many years, but I see a new friendship forming between Mac and Lily!!
    LMAO at Billy writing his notes down on napkins and realizing that "this is no way to run a business". I don't think the bar is equipped for having a magazine being published there. I think Billy still should use his trailor as his new office!!
    Kudos to Chloe for signing the divorce papers and telling Billy that she may have already found someone else! Chloe is much better off without Billy in her life!
    Oh no...Chance gets stabbed trying to stop a robber at Crimson Lights. Could this be the beginning of Chance/Chloe now once she realizes that he has been injured and her true feelings will surface?
    LMAO at Jeffrey telling Glo-worm that they need to come up with a plot to steal money because they are getting evicted from the Penthouse. Doesn't Jeffrey realize that when you don't work, you can't pay your bills? At least Glo-worm is helping out at Crimson Lights, although it still is not enough to pay the bills but at least she is working somewhere. After the attempted robbery on Gloria, I seriously hope that Jeffrey really re-thinks his plan on stealing money.
    WOW-Ashley is going after Chancellor Industries now. I guess she thinks she must fill Victor's shoes since he is out of the country and own everything in town!
    Have a great day.

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, November 05 2009 06:31 PM

    HELLO to all my poster peeps!

    My COMPUTER is sick. Haven't been able to read comments except for the first two pages. I have missed all of you. Today, I did read all your comments and loved reading them because you make me laugh.

    Thank you nanas for the compliment and knowing that you have missed me.

    Heavens to Betsy! Chloe FINALLY signed the divorce papers. It sure took her long enough. Was she waiting for a bolt of lightning to hit her in the head to wake her up from her stupor of always wanting Billy Boy?

    Love has been staring her in the face and she couldn't see the forest for the trees. She has been a fool to have wasted all this time wanting Billy. It is inevitable that she will realize that she LOVES CHANCE. Sad that it took him getting stabbed for her to realize it. Out of something bad, always comes something good.

    Ashley, or ASHDUMB as so many of you call her, thinks she is the " QUEEN BEE" now that she has the seat on the board at NE. She is still INSANE. That poor baby did bring her sorry behind back to reality. I am waiting for her to completely LOSE IT when someone, hopefully Nick, will give her you-know-what and puts her in her place - at home on "her" ranch! She is acting as though she OWNS NE!

    Now, she secretly is wanting to purchase all the Chancellor stock that she can. Jack will be going in that same direction soon. I hope Katherine BLOCKS both of them from purchasing any. Knowing the track record of those two, they will probably use fake names. Deceitful nincompoops!

    Love, love Katherine and Murphy and wish they would be on more often. I also loved the scenes with Katherine, Jill and Neil. Jill has been pretending to hate Katherine for some time. I knew she still had a soft spot for Katherine and wish she would truly be her daughter and not someone else.

    Okay, all of you who are on the CANE TRAIN. If I were 40 years younger, you can bet your bottom dollar that I would be off to GC with you and fighting to comfort him with my warm touch. Watching him break down today brought tears to my eyes. He and Lily belong together and love each other so much.

    Poor Lily! I hope her infection will clear up fast so she can take her chemo and go back home. Now she has something to really bring her and Cane the happiness of having a baby. Mac is really a kindhearted woman to have offered to be their surrogate. I can't wait to view those scenes and watch the looks on Lily and Cane's faces. The are going to be ecstatic!

    Instead of Sweet Chance getting stabbed, I wish it would have led to the demise of Gloworm and Jeffrey leaving the show. I am hoping those two lame-brained IDIOTS who are con artists will NOT GET ONE DIME. It was blackmail, ill-gotten money anyway. Therefore, they were/are not entitled to one penny.

    Payback for their part in Colleen's death should be forthcoming sooner than later. Maybe Paul or Chance will be the ones who will discover the truth. Sure, sometimes they make me laugh, but I despise both of them. Jeffrey couldnt/wouldn/t hit a snake if it bit him because it would require some effort to kill the darned thing. He is a LAZY BUM! At least Gloworm sometimes works at Crimson Lights, but not often enough to make ends meet. Both of them should be living in a cardboard box in a back alley with the rest of the BUMS!

    Would someone PLEASE beat the daylights out of that SNOBBY, CRABBY, INSULTING ABBY? She loves to torment poor Eden. I wish Eden would shove her off a cliff somewhere. Ashley has her hands full now with that twit. Just wait until Daddy Warbucks buys her a car! Ashley will never be able to track her down because she will conveniently leave her cell phone at the ranch.

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, November 05 2009 08:27 PM

    Back in my wild days we use to say "F" the police/pigs, I'm saying to Mr. Do No Wrong Neil da Heel, "F" Neil:
    Neil makes a remark about Cane hiding things from Lily.
    Son of a Sea Serpent nad that arse accuses Cane of pressuring Lily to have a baby.

    I'm going to have to leave the "O" Channel alone watching "SNAP". The O is for Oxygen, not Orgasm for you dirty minded ladies. Put a couple of drops of antifreeze in Neil's coffee and he's history.

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, November 05 2009 08:36 PM

    As you can tell, not only do I suffer from ADHD, tourettes, alcohol impairment, early Alz, etc., dyslexia seems to be right in there too. LAWD what's one to do

    Sea Serpent nad that arse - nad is AND

    Posted by grangran at Thursday, November 05 2009 09:05 PM

    simscb we did miss you and I am a senior also. Talking about Cane we can still dream can't we?

    So glad they all went to the hospital to support Cane and Lily.

    Ashely is going to be mighty busy running the ranch keeping up with Abby and I started to say tending to Faith. I guess we can mark off tending to faith. I don't know how any of these children ever bonded with their parents they are never with them.

    I guess that is one of those things we are to assume. I guess it would not be feasible to show a lot of that in an hour.

    Ashely may be the one that goes after Tucker. If she buys a lot of stock and he does to they may try a take over.

    Posted by grangran at Thursday, November 05 2009 09:45 PM

    ***********SPOILER WEEK OF 11/9*********

    At Daniel and Amber's wedding Lauren gets a gift
    Phillip is probally leaving GC
    Phyllis learns something about Patty that shocks her!

    Could Patty be pregnant that would be a shocker. It does not bother me that Phillip is leaving we don't see him anyway. That story line sure was a bummer.

    Posted by BOYDS BEAR GIRL at Friday, November 06 2009 01:05 AM

    Billy is writing on bar napkins? You mean Mac didn't provide pencil and paper? She did provide the snacks.
    Neil is still so negative about Cane. He saw him breaking down, what more does he need to see that he truly cares for Lily.
    Jeffrey and Gloria are now talking about eviction after all this time? Guess it was timed just right that they get their money back. Wonder how long it will take before they do something stupid again. They need to wear those Tshirts from long ago that say I'm stupid and with the drawn arrow saying and I'm with stupid.
    Ashley can add smug to her face along with giddy and smirk. She really thinks that she can pull one off over little brother Jackie and Ex-Husband Victor. I didn't know that she was crowned QUEEN. I thought that was Abby's title.

    Posted by BOYDS BEAR GIRL at Friday, November 06 2009 01:28 AM

    Wow, Mac didn't even hesitate or take time to think it over about being a surrogate for Lily. That just shows that she and Billy aren't close or a couple. That's usually something big you talk over with your significant other. Now there will be tension between the two since Billy can't stand Cane and he can't fall back to Chloe since she already signed the divorce papers. I can't imagine Mac in labor. She's going to have to practice alot to make that believable. She'll be like ouch, it hurts.

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