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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    No Dark Colors!

    Friday, October 09 2009
    Colleen's memorial service is held, Victoria and JT have words, and Sharon heads to the cabin.

    Katherine, Murphy, Noah, Nick, and Phyllis talk at Colleen's memorial. Katherine compliments their outfits. Nick says they got the memo regarding 'no dark colors.' Kay says it was Billy's idea. Kay tells them Colleen was buried next to Brad. She asks about Summer, and afterward, pulls Nick aside and tells him she's sorry about the baby.

    Sharon sits with her mom, Doris, in the coffee house. They discuss the loss of the baby. Doris says he won't feel it the same way Sharon will. Sharon tells her mother that she has accepted that she and Nick aren't going to be together. Sharon tells Doris that she is going up to the Abbott cabin to spread the baby's ashes. Doris realizes she's going to do it without Nick, and urges her to wait. Sharon says she has to do this now.

    Devon and Neil arrive at Lily and Cane's house to go to Colleen's memorial. Neil notices that Lily doesn't look well at all. She thinks it's a hot flash, but Cane is concerned enough to call the doctor. An argument ensues about whether Lily should go to the memorial service. Lily is adamant that Colleen was always there for her! Neil and Devon leave, saying they'll explain why she can't come. Lily sits with Cane, and says she hates that she can't be there! She asks to be alone. Cane leaves for a while, then comes back with Humphrey. Lily is cheered up!

    Jack and Ashley talk at Colleen's memorial gathering. They recall how excited John was when Colleen was born. The doorbell rings and Mac walks over to open it - it's Chloe. She comes in and she, Mac, and Billy talk to Katherine, thanking her for rehiring Jill - she's been much better to live with! Katherine walks away, and Chloe tells Billy she'd like to stay - Colleen stood up for her when she needed her to as her maid of honor - she was a class act. Billy nods. He and Mac look at a photo of Colleen - he says he took it. Katherine comes over as Chloe gets a call from Esther that Delia stopped crying. Billy states that he'll make sure his daughter knows about Colleen. Kevin pays his respects to Traci, then Daniel approaches and gives her a drawing of Colleen - Traci is moved. Ashley comes over and hugs her sister.

    In the hospital, Nikki listens as Victor's doctor ups the dosage on his meds. When the doctor leaves, Victor and Nikki discuss the Abbott family saying goodbye to Colleen today. Nikki remarks that the service should be starting any minute. Victor wonders how they'll react to what he did. Nikki says hopefully they'll see that it's from the heart. As Nikki stands up to get Victor the newspaper, he suddenly has a seizure! Nikki yells for a doctor!

    Abby and Noah chat with Phyllis and Nick at the memorial gathering. Phyllis reassures Abby as Nick takes a phone call - it's Doris Collins. She tells him that Sharon is headed to the Abbott cabin with the baby's ashes - she thought he should know! Nick gets off the phone and tells Phyllis and Noah what's going on. Phyllis says she will stay there - he should go. Noah says he's coming too and Nick agrees, but just then Abby asks Noah to sit with her. Nick says he'll go himself.

    Neil and Devon arrive at the memorial gathering. Daniel greets Neil and asks about Lily. The service begins with Billy speaking to the crowd. He says they've all shed some tears, but Colleen was about joy. Billy says they will honor her life with smiles and laughter. Traci comes forward and says she delivered Colleen into Brad's waiting arms when she was born, and a few days ago she had to do that again. Traci notes that Colleen loved completely, and touched many lives. She talks about the organ donations that were made - they're miracles.

    Victoria arrives at Colleen's service just as Traci is asking if anyone has anything to share. Victoria has a letter from Victor and asks to read it aloud. Billy says this isn't about Victor, but Traci gives her the go ahead. The letter says the Newman family shares their sorrow, and at the same time is filled with gratitude. It remarks on all of those Colleen helped save - they are her living legacy. Victor says when he holds his daughter he will remember that Colleen made it possible, and will hold her in his heart.

    JT gets up to speak about Colleen. He says how she changed his life. Jack steps up and says he couldn't say no to Colleen's smile. He shares how she even got him to try Zumba! Everyone laughs and claps as he demonstrates. Ashley gets up and remembers how they always knew Colleen loved them, even when she wasn't with them - and she still does. Abby takes a turn, saying she will live by Colleen's advice now. Neil speaks about Lily and Colleen's friendship. Devon calls Cane and Lily so they can listen through the phone. Traci thanks him.

    Victoria speaks to Abby during a break in the memorial service. Abby thanks her for coming. Vikki tells Abby that Victor is doing great and intends to take good care of her sister's heart. JT talks in a quiet spot with Mac - he says he wouldn't have blamed Traci if she had told Victoria to take the letter and shove it - everyone knows Victor was out to destroy Colleen and now he's alive because she's dead! Victoria has come up behind them and overhears! JT apologizes, saying it's just hard to accept. Victoria says it's okay, but Victor wasn't trying to destroy Colleen's life - he went out to the lake to try and save her. She won't be sorry her father is alive.

    Katherine remembers Colleen as the service continues. Kevin is the next to speak. He mentions the organ donations, and how grateful he is for what Colleen did for him. Billy speaks with his voice trembling, as he says none of them got to spend enough time with Colleen. He urges them all to see life the way she did, though, and treat people the way she did. Everyone takes a red balloon and releases it into the sky.

    In the hospital, a medical team has arrived and Victor is still having seizures. Nikki asks if he's rejecting the heart?! Nikki is whisked out of the way, and cries with a hand over her mouth.

    Sharon sits in the Abbott cabin alone. Nick comes to the door, and they look at one another.

    Neil brings Lily a balloon from the service. Neil and Cane watch as she releases it into the sky.

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Jack tells Paul that his sister is building an insanity defense!

    Victoria tells Michael to stop any unauthorized deals Adam has done, but Adam insists he was not up to anything!

    Patty tells Jack this is not what she thought their honeymoon would be like.

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    Posted by Coastie at Thursday, October 08 2009 08:52 AM

    Phyllis sends Nick to the cabin alone with Sharon?
    Look out nasty couch

    Posted by evangeline at Thursday, October 08 2009 09:07 AM

    warning most leave your mind out of the door before watching this show.well at least almost every character on y&r is on,can't believe the winters are back and interacting with everyone,what happen did the writers listen to us for once?don't know but i like to see them on and interacting with everyone else since MAB took over,i haven't seen them much or see them interacting with anyone else,happy to see some changes,lily isn't going to get the chance to say goodbye to colleen?what the my eyes she is or better said thanks to MAB's writing team she was one of the most important person in CC's life but maybe she can't go because she is sick,don't know about this one but i will wait till i see how they played this sharon and nick are oh,what to write? i even get tired writing abou the same old storylines over and over again.this babyswitch is just oh and adam is the one who supposed to have helped ash have her so call baby,real real writers,you get pay to write these kind of storylines?real?like i said leave your mind out of the door before watching some what am i saying almost all of these storylines on y&r,i can't believe i'm going to say this but y&r is becoming the new passion and just like passion it will end up being canceled and maybe that is what these writers want because they don't seem to care what happens to the show or the characters we have come to love and care for,they are just killing the show little by little.

    Posted by juann at Thursday, October 08 2009 11:40 AM

    Good afternoon.
    I thought the memorial service for Colleen was beautiful. What a way to say good-bye to someone you love. I loved that they all released the red balloons into the air after the service.
    Phyllis agrees to let Nick go to the cabin alone so he can be with Sharon when she spreads her baby's ashes. How mighty noble of her!
    Looks like Victoria doesn't like what J.T. is saying to Mac about the letter Victor wrote. J.T. is right, Victor was trying to destroy Colleen. Colleen had stamina and strength and she was not afraid of standing up to Victor. If I was J.T. I would not have apologized for what he said because it is the truth. Leave it to Victoria though, her daddy can do no wrong.
    YAY!!! Devon and Neil are back on screen today!
    Have a good day.

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, October 08 2009 12:50 PM

    Come he11 and high water, I would never go to the Abbott Cabin

    MiniVic stands up for her papa.

    I'm curious
    Victoria tells Michael to stop any unauthorized deals Adam has done, but Adam insists he was not up to anything!

    Patty tells Jack this is not what she thought their honeymoon would be like.

    Posted by grangran at Thursday, October 08 2009 07:56 PM

    Looks like another two hankie day. Glad Vikki overheard JT talking to Mac.

    I think Noah should have gone with his Mom and Dad.

    Posted by simscb at Thursday, October 08 2009 10:38 PM

    Hello to all my fellow poster peeps!

    Thursday was a tear-jerker with scenes of Nick and Victor. Tomorrow will be sad also in spite of the red balloons and bright colors.

    Do you remember the song, "The Horse with No Name?" That's what has been going on in my mind about you-know-who, No Name is IT! From hence forth, I will refer to him as NO NAME.

    Thank you for NOT mentioning his name. I was surprised that so many of you agreed with me and followed my suggestion.

    I am wondering what an iphone tastes like. I see we have a real renegade here. No wonder Obama wants moms to go back to school. Maybe a bar of OCTAGON SOAP? BRILLO PAD? CASTOR OIL?

    To fairyprincess: My deepest sympathy to you in losing your baby. Prayers have been going up for you since I read about your ordeal. Take care and know that we are FAMILY here and care about one another. May you find comfort in the knowledge that you have a sweet angel looking down at you from heaven.

    My interest has been waning for months now, just like the rest of you. I don't even care to watch it even though I do listen. I did watch most of the show on Thursday and am appalled with Adam STILL conniving and getting away with too many things. The stealing and delivering of ASHES of a faux baby really took the cake today.

    Asinine writing. It is difficult for me to comprehend Eric Braeden's comment about his high regard for Marie Arena Bell's writing. Perhaps HOGAN SHEFFER is the one who writes such dark episodes.

    What SONY AND CBS have done to Eric Braeden is appalling and demeaning to let this wonderful and talented actor leave the show after 30 years of magnificent performances. I hope he SUES the PANTS OFF both SONY and CBS.
    The infuriating part is that it was deliberately CALCULATED to DESTROY Victor's character. That really sickens me.

    I know it was posted by me and several others, but I do encourage you to go to and READ the ENTIRE INTERVIEW and the commnets.

    Posted by JoshuaMorrowFan26 at Friday, October 09 2009 01:09 AM

    Thursday's episode seemed very touching but all too hard for me to watch with Adam getting away with everything again and leaving some other family heartbroken when they can't find their baby's ashes to boot. That s/l is just too insensitive for me. And side note I finally know where the actress who plays Mac is from...she used to be "Molly" on the L Word and she got to kiss Kate Moennig, several jealous

    Posted by FL senior fan at Friday, October 09 2009 02:47 AM

    I think Patty's comment to Jack "not the honeymoon she expected" is spooky...I don't think he will be rid of her!
    If she gets off on these crimes with a mentally ill defense I hope she never gets out of an institution (away from GC for life). Sorry, Paul...just go visit her elsewhere.
    As for the services...WRITERS & ACTORS DID A BEAUTIFUL JOB, GREAT IDEA. Refreshing from all the deaths and funerals they have put the viewers thru of recent.
    I disagree with Victoria's reading the letter; it should have been LAST on the party agenda...if at all.

    Posted by maybaby19 at Friday, October 09 2009 02:53 AM

    Reading some of these posts I felt like I was back in high school. Please remember these comments are about Y&R not class time.

    Now getting onto more important things, TGIF!! This week has been hard to watch I cannot believe they are carrying on with this baby switch storyline. It is so sad to watch Sharon I feel so sorry for her. I like the comment Nikki made about the baby looking like Nick when he was born, shouldn't that have waved a red flag?

    I knew JT and Vic wouldn't last very long, no one stays married in this show. I hope VIctor's seizures aren't from a reaction to Colleen's heart. Am looking forward to seeing what drama next week provides us with. Happy Friday everyone!!

    Posted by aqua23 at Friday, October 09 2009 03:04 AM

    Hi all,

    I see the kid is playing grownup on our board. Bored huh, go do something nice for someone for a change and stop being rude.

    I'm so very sorry fairyprincess for your loss, nothing I can say will ease your pain, but you have friends here if you need us.

    I don't think today will be that sad, I think when they took Colleen away to give Victor her heart was the hardest part for the family.

    I'm still not watching Y& R.
    Good bye EB/Victor, the man I love to hate.

    Have a great soapville weekend.

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