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    Heart of Stone.

    Monday, October 05 2009
    Jack is the one to tell Victor the decision, Sharon is released, and Traci says her final goodbye.

    In the chapel, Nick tells Phyllis that Sharon had her baby and it died. Phyllis says she is so sorry. Nick takes a deep breath, then tells her that the baby wasn't Jack's - it was his! Nick explains how he found out the truth, and Phyllis realizes that he came to the airport to tell her. He explains to Phyllis that the baby died and Sharon signed papers while she was medicated - he never even got to hold her. Phyllis is shocked, saying that Sharon, and Nick, had the right to see the baby and say goodbye. Nick says she had severe birth defects, and the doctor advised against it. Phyllis encourages him to tell people that this is his loss too if that's what he needs to do. Phyllis asks about Sharon, and Nick says she thinks it's fate. Nick tells Phyllis that he needs their daughter to get stronger, and for her to be there for him. Phyllis hates that he's in pain, and says she'd give anything if he could see his baby and say goodbye.

    Ashley is talking to her baby in her hospital room. Adam is with her, and asks if Victor knows about the name change. She says no, and he urges her to show Victor his daughter - he's fading fast. Ashley puts him off, but Adam persists.

    Jack is in with Victor and tries to describe to him what Traci is going through right now. He says she's had to make decisions that no one should ever have to make. Jack tells Victor that Colleen's heart will be his, to go on living with! Victor thanks him, and says he's sorry for the pain. Jack tells him it's a good heart he's getting from Colleen. Jack tells Victor they should let him die, but for Colleen's sake, he hopes he lives. Jack walks out into the hallway and tells Nikki it's a 'yes'.

    Mac goes to Cane and Lily's house. She explains to Lily that Colleen's heart is a match for Victor Newman. Lily marvels about the subject of death, and how she can't believe Colleen has died. They discuss how Lily having Colleen's angel and carrying on makes 'spiritual sense'. After Mac leaves, Lily tells Cane she wants to go back to say goodbye to Colleen again. He says it's not necessary - Colleen came to see her. Cane steps out of the room, and Lily thanks God for letting Colleen come to see her - it was a miracle. She tells Colleen goodbye, and prays.

    Nikki goes in to see Victor, who warns her that they can't assume the heart transplant will work. Nikki says she knows it will. He wants Nikki to tell the kids he loves them, but she says he'll have years and years to do that himself.

    Jack returns to Traci and Abby in Colleen's room. Traci thanks him for telling Victor, then steps out to sign more papers. Abby cries and asks Jack what she should do now - she's scared. Abby tells Colleen she was the best big sister ever, and asks her to tell daddy she loves him. She runs from the room sobbing and Jack is left alone. He remembers when Colleen moved in with him, and how he always believed she had a lot of heart. Jack laments his endless, stupid war with Victor, and apologizes for not protecting her better.

    Sharon is standing by the window in her room when there is a knock on the door. It's Rafe. He says he is sorry about her loss, and he has news - once she is well enough, she is free to go home. Sharon tells him about a couple she saw in the hall - parents with a new baby going home. Rafe leaves and Sharon talks to her dead baby, saying she knows she's with her big sister, Cassie, now. She looks at the ultrasound photo of the baby, and a photo of Cassie.

    Billy comes into the chapel where Nick and Phyllis are still talking. He tells them that Victor gets to live, thanks to Colleen, and that they should go join the other Newmans in celebrating!

    Nikki walks out into the hallway and finds herself being embraced by Ashley, who says it's good to see her. They briefly discuss the heart donation, then Ashley goes into Victor's room. A nurse follows with the baby. Ashley says, "Hello Victor. Meet your baby girl." She tells him that she named her Faith instead of Hope. He thinks it's beautiful. Ashley tells him she needs to go now - back to her family. Victor cries a little as she leaves. Ashley walks past Nikki, who thanks her for bringing the baby to see Victor.

    JT is back in with Colleen. He tells her he doesn't know how to let her go - they were supposed to be there for each other forever. He laments that he wasn't there in time. He tells her he loves her, and that he will always, always, love her. As he kisses her hand, Victoria watches through the door.

    Nick and Phyllis join Nikki in the hospital corridor. She realizes that Nick is upset, and it's to do with Sharon's baby. Nikki tells him she's so sorry.

    Billy is expressing his rage about Victor getting to live in the chapel. Katherine slips in quietly and listens. She claps when he stops talking, and says she's flailed her fists at God before as well. Katherine tells him he needs to just grieve for Colleen. She tells him a quote from the bible about a heart of stone, and says they all need to open their hearts in this situation. Kay tells Billy he can say goodbye to Colleen. They embrace.

    Victor is being prepared for surgery, and has all of his children in to tell them he loves them. The nurse then asks them to leave the room. Nikki stays behind and assures him they all love him and that he'll be okay.

    Ashley, Jack, JT, and Steve say goodbye to Colleen, then leave Traci alone with her. She places her head next to Colleen's on the pillow and sobs, saying, "My sweet baby girl."

    Victor and Colleen are both wheeled into their surgeries as their families watch.

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Chance tells Chloe she seems to be getting bent out of shape over a guy who is not even her husband anymore. She says that's not exactly true.

    Sharon tells Jack, "I loved Faith." Jack replies, "That's what Ashley named her baby."

    Nick enters Ashley's hospital room. Ashley asks if he wants to meet his baby sister?

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    Posted by Coastie at Friday, October 02 2009 09:44 AM

    From Proctor and Gamble:
    "Concerns about storylines, characters, and actors of the program should be addressed to the producers or writers of the show. Since most shows have websites, you may want to check to see if they provide a way to contact them with comments."

    Posted by Coastie at Friday, October 02 2009 09:50 AM

    Is Sharon's Ultrasound of a normal baby?

    Why did Nikki thank Victor's wife for bringing their child to see him?

    Why is Nikki the gate keeper to TGVN's room?

    Nice touch with the Bible verse. RIP Colleen Carlton

    Posted by juann at Friday, October 02 2009 12:07 PM

    Good afternoon.
    I am shocked that Phyllis handled the news that Sharon's baby was his pretty well. I guess the third time renewing their vows must be the charm, she is standing by Nick and supporting him during his time of grief.
    I can't tell you how much my heart is breaking for Sharon right now-thanks to Adam. She firmly believes that her baby is up in heaven with her big sister now.
    Great moment between Katherine and Billy today. Kudos to Katherine for quoting a verse from the Bible...Nice.
    I guess Victoria just got a taste of her own medicine. She over hears J.T. telling Colleen that he will always, always love her. She wasn't thinking about J.T. when she jumped in the sack with Deacon and did the horizontal mambo!
    RIP Colleen Carlton...You will be missed, more than you know.
    Have a good day.

    Posted by grangran at Friday, October 02 2009 02:21 PM

    Coastie I agree who appointed Nikki gatekeeper.

    Don't you know that is a sad sight the family watching Colleen being taken into the operation room.
    Maybe things will be better for awhile between Jack and Victor.

    Posted by miss cherry at Friday, October 02 2009 06:08 PM

    nooo man this is madnesssss!!!!!!! i hate wat is hapening about sharon i personal think its cruelty.I can bet that this s/l will be drawn out i hate it, i felt so bad for nick how could nick be the sister of his own baby!!!!!! nooo man this is madness. victor has his son kid. ashley is such a dum ass it seem like wenever she's pregnant she looses her head how can she let adam let her she having contraction she disgust me.i'am so glad this is a show cause until now i don't think sumone could be as wicked as adam jeezz!! he has a heart...
    cant even watch the show waiting for everything to get bac on track

    Posted by simscb at Friday, October 02 2009 06:37 PM

    On Friday, I posted addresses and e-mails for SOW, CBS Soaps in Depth, Soap Opera Digest, etc. in case you want to contact any to post or write your opinions and complaints.

    Coastie, Thank you for the info. I believe I have their e-mail address. Will certainly give it a try and hope many others will.

    Posted by simscb at Friday, October 02 2009 07:01 PM

    Although I am not a Phyliss fan, I am happy that she is back. She may be the one who will persuade Nick to SEE the "dead baby." Of course, there is none and no one at the hospital will be able to give him any info. Nick and Sharon should SUE the hospital for "disposing of the baby." No one took the "baby" away, no nurses, no one except conniving Adam who kidnapped her. Only Taylor heard Sharon agree to cremation.

    Monday is going to be another tear-jerker. My heart breaks for the Abbott family, especially Traci and JT who truly loved Colleen. So SAD!

    Adam needs to be horse-whipped by Nick sometime in the near future.

    I cannot wait for Adam to PAY for all he has done. Maybe that will not happen because it's "like father, like son."

    BABY FAITH, I pray that you look EXACTLY like Sharon and that all you will do is cry continuously because ignoramous Ashley isn't lactating and will never be able to bond with you.

    WRITERS: You have lost all of your BRAINS; that is, if you EVER HAD ANY!

    The main viewers of Y&R are WOMEN who are very intelligent and know all that is involved in giving brth and bonding. Babies are not fools. They can sense things and people even when they are infants. Give us some credit for being logical and stop treating us like the FOOLS that YOU are.

    As much as I love this show, I dread watching it and do not have the enthusiasm I used to have during the Vintage Days. It has become the most aggravating, disgusting and disappointing show in years.

    I keep waiting for the notice to show up in the News Room that it BEING CANCELLED. I will NOT be surprised one bit!

    Posted by simscb at Friday, October 02 2009 07:03 PM

    Coastie, Sorry about the mix-up. Not going to P&G, but to the HEAD HONCHOS!

    Posted by simscb at Friday, October 02 2009 11:00 PM

    To Southern Peanut: Thank you for the compliment. FYI, I am a retired teacher of 46 years and am writing a book about the esposition of convent life.

    Posted by simscb at Friday, October 02 2009 11:19 PM

    Hello again everyone!

    Let's think about REVERSE Psychology. Since the Executive Producer, Paul Rauch(former writer of my favorite show Another World) BELIEVES (erroneously) that all the complaining about ADAM must indicate that he is doing a great job, let's prove him to be WRONG! Therefore, Adam will be around for a LONG TIME! He likes ADAM!

    Why don't we band together and NOT mention Adam in any of our posts, no criticism, ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENTS about him. Let's see if that works. I am game and hope you will also consider it.

    DO NOT DVR the show since they can tell who is recording it. Result: Dropping in the ratings. They certainly don't want that to happen.

    DO NOT PURCHASE any PROCTOR AND GAMBLE products. Check out all the PRDUCTS for yourself during the commercials. That will kill them. No sales from viewers, not enough money to pay their salaries. WHAMMOO!!!

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