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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    Always and Forever.

    Thursday, September 17 2009
    Everyone worries about Colleen's fate, Victor and Jack face-off, and Steve arrives in Genoa City.

    Near Camp Cowabunga, Colleen is in the lake underwater and bangs her head on the canoe. She sinks. Standing beside the lake, Patty tells Kitty that Colleen is going to get her help - she won't let her die! As time goes by, she decides that Colleen has abandoned them. Patty tells Kitty they'll have to get out of there by themselves, but she collapses when she tries to stand. When she comes to, she prays to God to help her.

    At the ranger station, JT assures Paul that if anyone can get through to his sister, Patty, it's Colleen. They look at a map to decide which quadrant they will search. JT is distracted - he says Colleen could have called anyone when she was in the car with Patty, but she called him - that cannot be the last time he hears from her!

    Jack, standing at Victor's door, says he's there to talk about Patty. Victor tells him not to alert Ashley. Jack agrees and comes inside. He notices Victor is preparing a press release and calls him cold. Jack tells Victor that the authorities have found Colleen's car, but not the women. He accuses Victor of bringing an unstable woman to town to finish him off and do his dirty work, saying, "Who knew Victor Newman was gutless?" Jack says Victor knew that Patty would blow up eventually and wonders if he cares that his granddaughter, wife, and goddaughter became collateral damage while Jack's still standing?! Victor says Jack never cared about Patty, and says, "How dare you come into my home and make accusations." Jack says there is proof out there and it will come to light. They rehash their rivalry, and what they've done to one another over the years. Victor suggests they take all their sins and crimes and put them together on the table and compare them - then see who's still standing! Jack nearly cries as he describes what Victor's actions have done to his sisters. Victor defends his care of Ashley, and Jack asks how that's worked out? Is she sane? Jack says it's hard to figure out who Victor hurts more, those he hates or those he loves! Victor calls him a hypocrite, and says if Ashley and Abby were not upstairs right now, he'd put him through the wall! Jack grabs a picture of Colleen and says he just wants his niece back! In the photo, Colleen is standing in front of the Camp Cowabunga sign - Jack says he knows where she is!

    Jana and Kevin happily kiss as they open the coffee house. Kevin turns on the radio and they find out that Colleen has been abducted - they're stunned! Kevin assures Jana that Colleen is tough. They lament the things they did to Colleen in the past. Kevin says she'll survive this too. They debate what they should do to help. Jana says they'll find a way to help out, even if they do it from Crimson Lights. Soon, Jana is lighting candles and placing them in a circle on the table. She asks the spirits to bring Colleen home safely.

    Abby goes into Ashley's bedroom. Ash asks why she's up so early. Abby tells her mother she can't sleep, and Ashley asks why. Abby says she can't tell her, but then admits she's upset about Colleen.

    Lily and Cane talk about Colleen at home. She is sure there will be word soon now that it's daylight. Cane wants her to rest, but Lily says she can't, and decides to work on a scrapbook for Colleen's birthday. Lily, looking for a photo of JT and Colleen, remembers how crazy about each other they were - her first love. Cane finds the picture, and Lily reminisces some more. Cane tells her there will be plenty of new pictures in the future.

    Traci's husband, Steve Connelly, arrives at the Abbott house and they embrace. Billy greets Steve, and then Traci shows him a book of poems she used to read to Colleen. She begins to read aloud. The phone rings - it's Ashley. Billy answers and she says Abby told her about Colleen - she wants to be kept in the loop!

    In the lake, Colleen hears the same poem that Traci is reading, and Lily is suddenly there with her. Next, she and Lily are floating in the air. Lily is talking about not being ready to die, and about fighting. Under the water, Colleen's eyes open. The poem continues, and Kevin appears. He talks about how she forgave him - she turned a monster into a friend - there is nothing she can't do! As the poem continues, JT appears next. He talks about how loving her was worth it - even the painful moments - he asks her to come back to him. Still underwater, Colleen hallucinates Billy next. He reminds her of their connection, even when they're apart! Abby shows up next, asking if Colleen's ready to go now - she needs her to come back - as long as they're around, their dad is still around. Still under the water, Colleen hears Jack and Victor fighting, then sees Ashley asking them not to do this in front of Colleen. John Abbott appears and says that he can take it from here - it's all about letting go and moving on, saying Colleen knows what she needs to do now!

    Billy talks to JT and Paul at the ranger station over the phone. They ask how things are going at the Abbott house. Billy feels he has to vent about Paul having had Patty once and taken her to a church. He says he's grateful for what they are doing, but tells Paul it should never have come to this! They hang up, and Paul tells JT he feels that he's to blame. He says when he was with her there was no Mary Jane - she needs to become Patty again before things get any worse! They head out to search!

    In her bedroom, Ashley comforts Abby and they discuss Patty. Ashley says that she was really sweet when she knew her - maybe Colleen can reach that part of her. Abby remarks that this feels the same as when her dad was missing.

    In the Abbott living room, Steve tells Billy that he's glad to be there - it's much better than having to comfort Traci over the phone from New York.

    As Colleen walks away with John Abbott in the clouds, listening to Traci's poem, Lily tells Cane she just got a bad feeling, Abby wakes up and shouts her name in Ashley's bedroom, and Traci jumps and stares at the clock in the Abbott living room, saying something is wrong. Colleen and John see Traci and Steve in the clouds and Traci tells her they love her 'always and forever', and everything will be fine. All of her family and friends smile as she fades. Back underwater, Colleen holds hands with someone - it's her father, Brad.

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Jack calls Paul from the woods. Patty hears him and gasps, "Jack!"

    Billy tells Ashley that Victor's motive was to kill their brother!

    Patty holds a gun on Jack, telling him to put down the phone. He tells her if she wants to shoot him again, fine! JT and Paul hear a shot ring out!

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    Posted by Coastie at Wednesday, September 16 2009 10:06 AM

    omg..that was so beautiful, I can't type, I'm crying..:(

    Posted by Coastie at Wednesday, September 16 2009 10:16 AM

    K, I'm done and I'm upset!! They must have shot that underwater part before Don Daimont grew his goatee for B&B.
    I don't know why they had to take out the entire Carlton family, unless it will lead up to Crabby taking over Newman Ent. since no one else works there anymore!! Maybe she will take over her sister's board seat?
    IDK, something good must come from this and not TGVN getting her heart!
    Poor Lily, poor Traci, poor JT...

    Posted by nanas3 at Wednesday, September 16 2009 10:53 AM

    Well, if the writers can't do anything else right! They can send someone away! Still Sucks! Victor, Victor, Victor!
    You dog!

    Posted by nanas3 at Wednesday, September 16 2009 10:54 AM

    Oh yeah, Paul and JT together! Oh MY! I need my ice cubes!

    Posted by GenieWeenie at Wednesday, September 16 2009 10:57 AM

    I can't wait to see this tomorrow. As I read it I got tears in my eyes here at work. What a beautiful "outtro" for Colleen. It's these moments with Y&R that keep us coming back for more.

    Posted by juann at Wednesday, September 16 2009 12:20 PM

    Good afternoon.
    What a sad but beautiful episode today. I began crying reading this episode so I can only imagine what watching this will be like.
    I wonder what this will do J.T. when he finds out about Colleen? I am really going to miss Tammin Sursok (Colleen) and I wish her all the best. Unfortunately there really is no one left of the Carlton family except Abby. Also there is no one left of the Winters family except Lily. It is being ****spoiled***** that Neil/Devon will be off of the show for the next 3 months, at least.
    Kudos to Jack for standing up to Victor today, although it probably didn't do that much good.
    I really hope the spoilers aren't true, and Victor does not get Colleen's heart. Victor needs to pay his dues for bringing this psycho nut to town...and not by recieving Colleen's heart to redeem him as a person.
    I must mention that this episode was written beautifully and what a way for Colleen to make her exit. Kudos to the writers for a job well done. (And none of us say that to often these days)
    There was some nice eye candy today... Paul and J.T. working together.
    Have a good day.
    ***Spoiler Alert****
    Don't know if any of you heard or read this, but Y&R has put out a casting call for the role of Malcolm Winters. The new character will start in November. (I'm thinking for November sweeps) Unfortunately it will not be Shemar Moore due to the fact that he is committed to a prime time show now. In my opinion, there was only one Malcolm and that was Shemar Moore.

    Posted by grangran at Wednesday, September 16 2009 12:28 PM

    I don't like that they killed Colleen off, but if it had to be, I guess they did end it in a good way. I have always heard when someone comes close to drowning their life flashes before them.

    Glad Steve is there to be with Traci.

    Posted by simscb at Wednesday, September 16 2009 08:37 PM

    I still maintain that Colleen's exit from the show should have left the door open by having her move back to New York with Traci and Steve. The WRITERS chose to rid themselves of her character just like her father (Don Diamont). Traci did not need another tragedy of this magnitude. She will never recover from losing her only daughter, an experience that is the hardest with which to live.

    I cannot wait to see Jack's confrontation with Victor, the dictator. Of course, Victor has to threaten him with bodily harm, another of his bullying tactics. Jack should know that confronting Victor is a sheer waste of time. Too bad Ashley, Abby and Adam didn't walk in to see this scene. Oh, WRITERS!!!!

    Tomorrow is going to be a sad day and I will have my Kleenex handy to watch such a sad ending for Colleen and the heartbreak of Traci. Lily, JT, and others will also be inconsolable in losing her.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, September 16 2009 09:56 PM

    I'm gonna be one sobbing arse and cussing crying too.

    Aqua23 you my girl also but, I've witnessed things that I'd wish on no one. Illnesses can make you question your existence. No 2 people are alike. I don't show my pain but I know others who whimper and moans as if it t's the end of the World.
    My mother was given approximately 6 months but 7 yrs later she's still here.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, September 16 2009 10:09 PM

    For once WHY COULDN"T WE HAVE A SOBBING HAPPY MOMENT? Colleen, reunitng with her family.
    Paul ushering his sister to an ambulance then to psych, Victor going to jail,
    Ashley regaining her sense,
    Adam back to Hope's farm, or Adam falling down the stairs breaking his neck but restoring his visionn
    Nikki waliking in the door,
    Mini Vic groveling while her husband tells her he'll be at GCAC,

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