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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    This Can't Be Happening.

    Friday, May 01 2009
    It's Nick and Phyllis' anniversary, Sharon gets startling news, Murphy gets a best man, Jill gets drunk and Katherine walks down the aisle.

    Phyllis sits in her office looking through wedding photos when Jack comes in. "This is the anniversary," he says... "Of Restless Style," he adds. She's surprised he remembers and thanks him for his advice last night. She tells him that it's also her wedding anniversary today. He gives her a hug as Mary Jane walks in and interrupts. Jack explains to Phyllis that she is a virtuoso PR person and he wants her working for them. Mary Jane wonders if Jack has this good of a relationship with all of his ex-wives. They have a brief meeting and then Jack invites Mary Jane to be his date to the wedding. He wishes Phyllis a happy anniversary again and heads out. Mary Jane tells her that sometimes people have high expectations when they get married and it turns out they married a toad.

    At the club, Sharon asks Nick if he was lying to her about Phyllis talking Lauren out of dropping the charges. He says no and hopes everything will settle down. He also lets her know that he's moved back to be with Summer. They sit down but she's too nauseous to eat. When they discuss Noah, he insists that he live with one of his parents and suggests that he come to live with him. Sharon wonders if he and Phyllis are stable enough. "We'll make it work," he says.

    Across the room, Jeffrey orders Jill a drink. He and Gloria prop up at the bar with her. She tries to fob them off. "Get over it Jill. We weren't invited to Katherine's wedding either," Gloria says. Jill was invited, she's just not going. Jeffery says they can have their own party. Jill's not enthusiastic at the prospect. They drink and complain about Victor. Jeffrey suggests they team up and teach him a lesson. "No one could ever push my buttons the way she did... the way she still does. I hope your fisherman makes you happy," Jill mumbles. Jeffrey urges that she should go to the wedding, she owns half of the house after all.

    At the Chancellor mansion, Murphy is trying to rehearse his wedding vows. Mackenzie and Brock tell him how happy they are to have him in Katherine's life. Chloe and Billy arrive followed by Kate, Lily and Cane.

    Upstairs, Nikki smiles while Katherine nervously prepares. Nikki tells her that she's got a wonderful man. Katherine worries that having Victor at the wedding will be a problem. Her friend explains what happened with Victor and Ashlee the other night and they wonder who could have done it. Esther brings in a cup of tea and gets weepy as she thinks of Roger. Katherine continues worrying that Kevin is still facing charges. When Brock comes in, the women rush off and he and Katherine discuss Mackenzie.

    At the club, Heather grills Michael about where he found his evidence. Ballistics call in to tell them that Kevin's gun was only shooting blanks. Heather insists that doesn't change anything. Michael is nonchalant.

    At the Newman ranch, Ashlee comes downstairs. Victor apologizes for being so upset before. She apologizes too, but he's sure Nikki was behind it. He doesn't want her to think she is competing with Sabrina's memory. They love each other and that's all that matters. They kiss.

    Back at the mansion, Daniel snaps some shots of the wedding party. Murphy asks after Kevin and wishes he was out to be at the wedding.

    Across the room, Cane and Lily tell Neil about their wedding plans. He wants to pay for his daughter's wedding and then informs them that he resigned from his job. The couple is stunned. Neil wanders over to say hello to Victor and Ashley. Murphy approaches and takes Victor aside to ask for a favor... his best man hasn't shown up so he asks him to stand in. "I'd be honored," Victor says.

    Sharon goes to the ranch to see her son. She tells Noah that she's sorry for the way things have been but promises they will get better. When she gets dizzy, he helps her sit down and rushes to get her something.

    When Sharon returns to her room, she paces. "This can't be happening," she tells herself. Her pregnancy test beeps. It's positive. She gasps.

    Nick walks into the office with flowers and a 'get out of jail free card' for Phyllis. He wishes her a happy anniversary. She tells him he's hilarious. They recall last year. "Last year was different," he says. She gets him his gift. It's Italian sheets. "You got me a present that you get to use too," he says. He kisses her. She tells him how much she misses him. They kiss more and then leave together.

    Jack and Mary Jane arrive at the mansion for the wedding. Jack introduces her to Victor and then his sister takes him aside to ask him what is going on. He insists that what's going on with Mary Jane is nothing serious. She advises him not to make the same mistake he made with Sharon. When she goes outside, she warns Mary Jane that her brother is going through a difficult time. Mary Jane walks away and Victor wanders out. When Ashley returns inside, Victor drifts over to Mary and cautions her not to let Jack become suspicious. Jack watches them in the distance.

    Back inside, Daniel takes some shots of Katherine and Nikki. Paul comes in and gives them a quick update on Kevin before Nikki announces that they have to start preparing. As she ushers them out, Neil comes in and thanks Katherine for his new job. After he leaves, Katherine wishes that everyone was as happy as she feels.

    When Neil gets downstairs, Tyra and her daughter have arrived. They have some small talk and then Daniel pulls them all into a group picture.

    Billy is catching up with Cane and Lily. Chloe and Amber watch from a distance. Billy grimaces when Cane tells him that he's bought Jimmy's bar.

    As the wedding is about to start, Amber turns and is shocked to see Kevin has arrived. Murphy is thrilled. Mackenzie welcomes him. Amber tells Michael he's a genius. Kevin declines to be the best man but Murphy is just happy to have him there. Everyone begins taking their seats.

    A drunken Jill arrives at the front door and tries to get in. Nina catches her and suggests she come back some other time. "And miss having my say at Katherine's wedding? I don't think so!" Jill says.

    In the garden, everyone stands and smiles as Katherine comes down the aisle. She winks at Murphy.

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Victor cuts in on a dance.

    Jill is bound and gagged in a closet.

    Chloe walks in on Mackenzie slapping Billy when he kisses her.

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    Posted by cafn8d at Thursday, April 30 2009 03:36 PM

    Go Nina! Go Nina! Go, go, GO Nina! Jill bound and gagged!!! YAY! Someone FINALLY did it!

    Happy Friday, everyone! Where's that Hummer?!?! We've got ourselves a wedding here, and it's getting crashed!

    Well, if they brought Nina back to be a thorn in Jill's side, now I think they need to bring the WART-MAN back too. That lady needs a man who will treat her RIGHT! I do wish he'd been at the fauxneral (it was a funeral, but for the wrong person...)... if he'd sent word at that time that he'd wished he could have been there, you'd think THIS would have drawn him away from his bike rally!

    Can't WAIT to get more dish on Mac's smack of Billy! Woohoo!

    Posted by kmc320 at Thursday, April 30 2009 07:33 PM

    Tweete you're on the ball with my Carol Burnett closing song. I couldn't remember all of it. "It's so nice we had the time together...

    Then here comes Tweete.

    ..."Just to have a laugh, and sing a song.
    Seems we just got started, and before we knew it
    Comes the time we have to say, 'So long.'

    WOw you all have got me logging on after hours. I see there are many of us with situations. It's humbling to be included with so many remarkable and STRONG women.

    share1, Blue 501 and annamarie73, I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help [cometh] from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. That's my ever present Savior during the good, the bad and the ugly. I wish nothing short of wellness.

    I'm saving my episode comments (and I've got plenty) for the morning. Rest well happy posters. (cowboy fans I know you're still up.)

    Posted by allyssa at Friday, May 01 2009 12:22 AM


    Posted by antionnette at Friday, May 01 2009 12:33 AM

    I know who would be better at playing devon sister remember the little girl that played lily when Lily was a little girl I forgotten her name but I believe they would make a better fit as brother and sister minus the singing and glad kevin out

    Posted by sansei at Friday, May 01 2009 12:55 AM

    hi,this is sansei and im also glad kev's out due to his bro mike and im glad jill for once is bounded and gagged only i always disliked Tricia cast aka nina webster,she was always a pain in the show,only for this once,it make's me lol:O) When she bound and gagged jess w aka jill.

    Im glad phyllis and Nick are back together,that make's me:O)

    i wouldnt wish for Sharon C aka sharon N to have nick's babie's,that's not right,that would make me:O(

    i would love to see Nick and phyllis have one child more,i'd be:O)

    Also i'd wish they let go Tyra and Bring back Nia P aka karen is she would've had a great love in neil w and that would've been a good marriage.

    Well thank's for your time:O)

    Posted by Candace Rose at Friday, May 01 2009 01:00 AM

    It has to be Billies because that would really cause an uproar.

    Posted by ZeldaWelda at Friday, May 01 2009 01:00 AM

    I have been looking forward to Katherine and Murphy's wedding. What a nice surprise that Kevin is out and able to attend. (I'm curious how Michael managed that one; I hate Heather.) But the frosting on the wedding cake is Jill gagged and locked in a closet. Bravo, Nina! I can't wait to see this episode. Congratulations to Katherine and Murphy!

    Posted by bettyboo2 at Friday, May 01 2009 01:31 AM

    Hi who would have guessed??..Sharon pregnant. So, Im one of the ones who REALLY HOPES its Nicks, although, as I have said previously, I have lost a lot of "respect" for Nick and the way he has been acting lately. He is just not reliable anymore. BUT in saying that I still want him to be the DADDY!! I hope that he and Sharon can get back what they had before - before the crazy Phyllis came into their lives and set a path of destruction!! I JUST HATE, HATE, HATE, how she is ALWAYS lying and coniving and scheming and SHE GETS AWAY WITH IT!!! PLEASE, someone make her responsible for what she does!! No way would she ever have dropped the charges against Sharon or admitted to her crimes - EVER!! How many times has she been caught, cries, promises, begs - never do it again.....blah blah blah...! Nick used to be a nice guy when he was with Sharon, they may be a boring couple, but better than what he has with Phyllis.
    AND on top of all of this I have to say, sometimes I wonder if all of us are watching the same show. Some of the comments against Sharon are just soooo way off base! You can say what you like and be a Phyllis fan, but PLEASE dont be blinkered to her wrong doings! She has not changed, she just had not needed to scheme as much as she got what she wanted. I cant wait to see what happens with Summer, who the real daddy is. As we all know, she is a master at changing stuff like that! Uuurrrgggghhhh, really just Hate her! And its just the fact that she keeps getting away with it all, never admitting to it and always scheming for more! Whilst people pay out on Sharon, however, she is always taking the blame of her wrong doings, admitting to it, apologising and trying to better herself through her mis-deeds! ENOUGH OF THIS, I could go on for ages!
    Mrs C, I hope this one stays forever, Im so glad to see her happy!
    As for Ashlee, I agree with someone else who said it was too obvious to be Adam, like the other storyline better! And Victor he just needs a really good slap!! I really dislike the way he talks to people sometimes. Even when he smiles it looks like its really forced!
    Hope Nikki stays with Paul!
    Thats it!
    Have a good day!

    Posted by bettyboo2 at Friday, May 01 2009 01:34 AM

    Ohhh,... I also forgot to add, Im starting to really dislike Jack and the way he goes running after Phyllis, AFTER everything she has done to his and Sharons marriage, after everything she has done to Sharon - the woman that he supposedly LOVES. Yet he seems to forget all that and forgive within hours - not even days. Just get together and be a scheming couple, its what you both are good at!
    Thats it this time for sure!

    Posted by aqua23 at Friday, May 01 2009 01:44 AM

    I love you Nina, thank God someone gagged Jill, hope Kevin don't flip out over Jill in the closet.

    Oh, what a good soapville day.

    OK Sharon, who da daddy, Nick, Billy or Jack? So funny, cause all of these men will just know it's them. Jack will be happy, Billy will run, Nick can't make up his mind again. There is still the unknown, since everytime Sharon opened her door, she hit the sheets. Poor Phyllis will go crazy thinking it's Nick's baby, but she does know about Billy hitting it. Poor Noah, what a mess he's got for a mother. Sharon told Jack after she slept with Nick, let Phyllis take care of her own CRAP, will miss Sharon it would seem that you have some CRAP to take care of yourself.

    Bless you Kay and Murphy.

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