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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Katherine Gets Her Man!

    Thursday, March 26 2009
    Marge narrates, Kevin pulls a gun on Amber, and Murphy proposes!

    Two orderlies wheel Marge's body into a room. She sits up in the metal box and starts talking! She says a lot of people are curious as to who is in the box - her or Katherine Chancellor. She says if you don't know who Katherine is, you must be living on the moon. She holds up her book, and says she is going to tell everything about Katherine Chancellor, along with some tidbits about citizens from Genoa City - those people are nuts. She says being dead puts a different perspective on things - then laughs knowingly!

    At the trailer, Katherine tells Nikki that going home will be a dream - but she will miss this place. They discuss whether Murphy will come with her or not. Nikki notes that it will be a change of lifestyle for him! Nikki looks at a photo album - of Katherine on the bowling league! Katherine says Murphy owns a bait and tackle shop, they're both entrepreneurs, but she's worried that the person Murphy fell for doesn't exist! (Marge's voice breaks in saying she and Murphy were never more than friends). Katherine wonders what will happen if the DNA testing on the body doesn't match with Jill. Nikki says, "Maybe there's another explanation."

    Murphy sits in the diner, thinking about Katherine and telling Pearl that he's got a lot on his mind - he's making some big decisions!

    Jack and Jeffrey chat in the lobby of the Club. Jeffrey tells Jack that he is looking for Gloria - this thing with Kevin really has her in a tizzy! Jeff disappears.

    Jill tells Victor, at the Ranch, that she is convinced 'that woman' is a fraud. Victor tells her that the papers she has signed will put doubt to rest. He says the woman he saw was Katherine. Jill says it isn't her mother! Victor replies that he didn't say it was her mother - he said it was Katherine!

    Nikki arrives at the Club where she meets Phyllis and Nick. She tells them that the person she wants on the cover of the next Restless Style is right here - Katherine walks into view! Nick and Phyllis gape! Nikki explains why she believes she is Katherine, and that Victor is on board as well. Nick and Phyllis hug Katherine and discuss the new DNA testing. Nick says they'll run her story so the whole world believes her!

    Marge appears and says it is so good when you see things going Katherine's way. She talks about Nick, and how he is in love with two women - he has to make a choice soon, because one of them is hanging by her fingernails! Sharon is shown sitting in the Abbott Mansion writing a letter to her mother. She says she regrets her part in putting her in the wheelchair, and that she is partly responsible for Brad's death too. She says she has a hole inside her - she's tried to fill it with men and sex, but that just makes it worse! She wonders if she's like this because her dad abandoned them. She writes that she is starting to think that the world would be better off without her! Marge appears on screen and says she's been where Sharon is, and that God will show her the way. But until he does, she won't have an easy time of it!

    Gloria comes into the Club. She and Jack discuss the exhumation of the body - he says people are lining up to believe this woman is Katherine. Gloria says she does! Nikki and Katherine come over and Jack asks Kay if she has forgotten who he is. She says Jack Abbott is unforgettable! They embrace.

    Back in the box, Marge says that Clint is dead - his heart gave out, and she didn't even know he had one! She says she didn't see Clint after he died - he took a southerly detour! She laments how Clint tortured Kevin - another lost soul! Amber and Kevin are shown in the car arguing over whether Clint and Tom are the same person. She says she knows he is scared - she is too! Amber begs him to consider calling Michael. When Kevin yells that he's calling the shots, not her, Amber grabs the wheel and they swerve off the road! Sitting there, Amber hollers at Kevin that so many people care about him! As she lists them off, Kevin pulls the gun on her! He tells her for the next robbery, she is going to hold the gun - so she's as deep into this as he is!

    Katherine meets with Victor at the Ranch. He asks her about Murphy, and whether it is a serious thing. She says time will tell. She then tells Victor that the right person comes along once in a lifetime - like with he and Nikki! Victor gruffly tells her that is over with!

    Phyllis joins Jack in the dining room, and is surprised to hear that he is waiting for Sharon. Phyllis asks about Billy, which puzzles Jack. Nick is in the lobby, asking a bellhop about Sharon - he discovers she moved out. Sharon comes in and walks over to Jack's table, where Phyllis informs her that they were just discussing Billy! Nick joins them and asks how living at the Club is going. Jack informs Nick that Sharon has moved back in with him. Phyllis wryly notes that she is just full of surprises! Nick worries about Noah, but Jack says he'll be just fine - he'll get a kick out of Billy! Phyllis gapes, asking about Billy living there. Jack explains that he is in the pool house with Chloe and the baby. Nick leaves the table and Phyllis says she can't believe Billy is living there. Jack again asks what is with her sudden interest in his brother. Daniel comes in and asks Phyllis to come and speak to him in private. Jack goes to get the car, and Sharon watches Nick across the room on his phone. Daniel tells Phyllis about he and Michael discovering Clint's body - and that Amber may be dead too!

    Nikki and Katherine are in the diner now. Nikki says Joe Jr is just as sweet as Katherine said he was. Katherine is taken aback, "I said that?" Jill shows up at the diner and vows to put Katherine in jail after all of this is over! Katherine says that she is as delusional as ever - she's just remembered how spiteful she can be. She promises to make Jill's life a living hell when all of this is over!

    Jeff shows up again at the Club. This time he finds Gloria, and introduces her to a huge man accompanying him - the best bounty hunter around! Jeffrey explains that the man will find Kevin. Marge is shown on screen saying that where she's from - that's how things are done!

    Still in the Club, Daniel thanks Phyllis for the advice, and says that he is going to the hospital to hang out with Jana. Nearby, Sharon asks Jack to wait for her in the car - she looks across the room where Phyllis is talking to Nick. When Phyllis approaches, Sharon tells her to stop bringing up Billy - Jack is helping her right now and she really needs him! Suddenly, Jack appears and Sharon leaves with him.

    Nikki and Victor meet in the Ranch. They have a brief discussion and agree to be friends. Marge appears and urges one of them to kiss the other. When Nikki says goodbye and leaves, Marge says they're both idiots!

    Murphy arrives back at the diner where he finds Katherine. She says she has been wondering where he has been! Suddenly, Murphy gets down on one knee. She asks what he is doing! He softly says that he is proposing, asking Katherine if she will do him the great honor of becoming his wife! As Katherine gasps, Joe Jr and Pearl nod enthusiastically in the background! Katherine says, "Oh, Murph." He asks if that is a 'yes'. She says it is! They embrace and he gives her the ring - she says it's perfect. He says, "You know I love you, don't you?" She says she does, and she loves him too! Suddenly, a mambo begins playing on the jukebox - Marge's favorite! Katherine says it must mean she approves - then she and Murphy dance!

    Marge is back in the box, saying that the doc is done with her - she's headed back to the boneyard! She says she is so happy that Katherine got her man. As for her, she's going back to the place where she can do the mambo 24/7! She lies back down and closes the lid!

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Billy tells Rafe, "That sanctimonious jerk is not going to raise my kid!" Rafe replies, "Then you need to marry your kid's mother!"

    Cane says all he needs is for Lily to say the wedding is back on, and for them to get custody of Cordelia!

    Katherine and Nikki prepare to look at the DNA results at Murphy's trailer!

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    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, March 25 2009 08:43 PM

    Sitting reading Wed's posting and dining on pork chop, collards, cheddared rice and awaiting my fate of dreams/nightmares of Kevin and Amber. (You never go to bed with a heavy belly, especially SOUTHERN FOOD.)

    I love Victor telling Jill that he didn't say it was her mother - he said it was Katherine! three cheers and shot of Absolut. (Gawd I hope my daughter doesn't read this.)

    My question of the day: there's the Newnman Ranch, Abbott's and Chancellor's Mansions; why does everyone else either live in condo, apt, penthouse, pool house, tack house, etc.? A tack house is where the horse caretaker lives. With fortunes, I'm not living in a barn. Grew up in a shotgun house. Heck to da Nah.

    That butt, Jeff, just may be what we need to find the getaway duo.

    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Wednesday, March 25 2009 10:49 PM

    Jill married married Kay's husband Phillip Chancellor #2)
    Then got pregnant with (Phillip Chancellor #3).
    Then the boy Jill raised up but later found out that her baby was (switched out by Kay) with another baby now known as (Cane).
    However the boy she named and raised up as her own married Nina Webster-Chancellor.
    They had a child= (Phillip Chancellor 4).
    Then the son that Jill raised up as (Phillip Chancellor #3) died.
    The clincher here is that Kay said Arthur Hendricks was Jill's father. Arthur Hendricks must've thought that Marge was actually K

    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Wednesday, March 25 2009 11:06 PM


    Kay Chancellor and conceived a baby girl later named Jill. Now poor Aurthur Hendricks didn't know that Kay C. wasn't Marge C.
    Sounds very confusing doesn't it, at least for Arthur Hendricks though. (LOL)
    I'm still very puzzled that no one saw or even knew what was about to happen in the live of poor little Jill Foster Abbott as she grew up.
    Now it's one heck of twin/child switched mother of a mystery just waiting to be unraveled on this show today.

    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Wednesday, March 25 2009 11:26 PM

    Is Arthur Hendricks really Jill's father as Kay said?
    Well maybe Marge will clear this question up too.
    I feel so sorry for Liz Foster and family for being so caught up in all this "mangled tangled mystery" all those years ago when taking Jill in a baby back then and raising her.
    I need a drink of Captain Morgan, right now. (lol)
    This mystery with Kay & Marge is starting to look like a who's who of why someone could or would be so careless with a baby and it go through so much angered hell, such as Jill has been really going through all of her life.

    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Wednesday, March 25 2009 11:51 PM

    I was reading The Soap Opera Digest:

    Facts on Billy Miller (Billy Abbott),
    he owns 4M Company that builds and operates Bars in real life!

    Good for him doing that though, he's got smarts for sure.

    Now no wonder his character Billy Abbott likes to hang in bars all the time! (lol)
    Now make it work out with Chloe, Billy Abbott if she doesn't drive you 'SO CRAZY' dear!

    Posted by Wakeup at Thursday, March 26 2009 12:41 AM

    Marge, isn't Jill's mother. Clint found Marge and convinced her to pretend to be Katherine. She had to have some surgery to look exactly like her. Marge never moved in the same circles as Katherine and her friends until, she replaced Katherine, after Clint kidnapped her years ago.
    IMO, Marge's DNA will not match Jill either, that will be the shocker for Jill.

    Posted by EBONY0628 at Thursday, March 26 2009 12:43 AM

    I don't think Marge is Jill's mother. That would just make the story go on forever. I think the DNA test will come back as not related and that means that someone switched the DNA results before.

    I feel for Billy and Mac, Jill hated their relationship then they got married and half an hour into the wedding night they found out they were related while they were getting ready to consumate the marriage. Now they aren't related.

    Serious question: Their marriage was annulled because they were related but if they aren't related is it still legal? Someone might want to check that law it varies from place toplace.

    Posted by a-big-fan at Thursday, March 26 2009 01:03 AM

    hi all, i am new to the site but been watching this show for way too long.

    Ok, if K is not Jill's mother does that mean Mac and Billy r not cousins?.........hmm very interesting.

    Posted by juann at Thursday, March 26 2009 02:37 AM

    Good morning all! I am so absolutely thrilled that Katherine finally has got her man and a good one at that. I commend the writers for getting this one right. Two people who fell in love the old fashioned way, and found their way to one another and now are getting married. That is good old fashioned romance and I just love it and I can't wait for the wedding to happen! These two are amazing and beautiful. I also loved the scene where Victor was informing Jill that he didn't say it was her mother, but he did say it was Katherine! If looks could kill!! I just hope that this does not create another story line of who's my mother-DNA switch. We are all curious as who Jill's mother is, but not a storyline that will drag on and on. We have enough of those going on right now. Phyllis is just loving torturing Sharon right now, but in the long run Phyllis will get what is coming to her. Personally I really liked Phyllis when she was with Jack, but that is just my opinion! Kevin and Amber-HELP and fast before someone gets hurt and killed. Hopefully Michael will save the day. Have a good day everyone and happy posting!!

    Posted by aqua23 at Thursday, March 26 2009 02:49 AM

    This is one time the writers did something right, thank you for Kay and Murphy getting engaged.
    Victor cracked me up giving Jill the Jabot stock back knowing she won't get to keep them when Kay is found to be alive, which he knows that she is alive, the stocks will be useless to Jill. A big clue here: Jill says it isn't her mother! Victor replies that he didn't say it was her mother - he said it was Katherine!
    Do anyone remember if Marge ever said she had a child?
    I can't wait to find out if Marge is Jill's mother or Jill is just a motherless child.

    I do wish that Kay would be a little worried about Amber and Kevin, after all they are in trouble because they tried to help her. Kay is having a happy old time now that Esther, Nikki and Victor believe her and she got a man. No one would still believe Kay/Marge if it wasn't for the kids. Jana is sick and Kay should go to see her.

    How long do you think it will take before someone hear Billy and Sharon talking on that baby monitor?

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