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    Your Father is a Hero!

    Thursday, February 05 2009
    Brad's whereabouts are discovered, Amber and Kevin plot, and Noah gets news from his mother!

    At the hospital, Phyllis arrives in Noah's room and greets Jack. He fills her in on the big news - Brad saved Noah! Noah wakes up and asks for his mom and dad. Noah then asks if they can find Brad so he can thank him. Phyllis and Jack step outside the room, and Jack, puzzled, says that Brad's voice mailbox is full. Phyllis says this will inflate Brad's ego, but she'll still thank him for saving Noah. They discuss their various mistakes where their spouses are concerned, and Phyllis says her only error was in trusting Brad!

    Nick is making breakfast in the cabin when Sharon comes out, smiling. They agree they slept really well. Nick tells her that they still can't get out to go see Noah. Just as they begin kissing on the sofa, there is a knock on the door. It's the park ranger telling them they can now get out.

    JT takes a call about the search and rescue at Brad's place. He and Colleen decide to go join the search, while Ashley and Abby wait. Victoria arrives and tells Abby the news that Brad is the one who saved Noah, saying, "Your father is a hero!"

    Murphy tells Katherine she cleans up like a billion bucks, as she appears in the trailer dressed to the nines. She asks if he thinks she can pull off this plan. He tells her she only has to be herself - Katherine Chancellor. Michael arrives with the pawnbroker and Katherine asks him if he remembers her. He says he's never seen her before in his life. Michael tells him to think hard - they've met. The pawnbroker still denies it, but Michael says they just went through this with the gem dealer who he sold the ring to. The pawnbroker says he sold the ring, but he didn't buy it from Katherine! Michael says they have proof from his hard drive, so he may want to change his tune, but the pawnbroker smugly asks if he is confessing to breaking in to the shop. Katherine stands up to the pawnbroker, but he stands firm, saying that Katherine Chancellor is dead - therefore, she's a fake! She says she'll prove who she is, with or without him. She wonders if he'll want to be on her side, or not, when she finally does do that! She says she'll crush him. The pawnbroker asks if she is really Katherine. She replies, "You bet!"

    At Crimson Lights, Amber, Daniel, Kevin, and Jana discuss the plan involving the pawnbroker. Amber says they need a back-up plan in case this doesn't work. Jana suggests dental records, but the consensus is that they don't give them out. Kevin and Amber want to do another caper, but Daniel is against it and suggests that they just ask for them! Amber calls the dentist and asks for the records, but muffs it when they ask why she needs them. Jana says she'll make the next call, and Kevin beams. She calls and tries to set up an appointment as a new patient, but hangs up when she can't get in until March. Kevin, meanwhile, is bringing up an aerial view of the dentist office on the computer. Daniel is upset that they're jumping right to criminal activity! Jana tells them to hold on, but Amber and Kevin head out to check it out in person.

    Out by the lake, Colleen and JT stand with a state trooper. Suddenly they hear a boy yell for his mom. JT tells Colleen to wait there, and rushes off to see what is going on. Under the ice, is Brad's dead frozen body - hands splayed as though trying to push his way out! JT returns to Colleen and reluctantly tells her that there was a body. Colleen screams in agony, "No! No!"

    Still in the hospital, Phyllis has received a message from Nick and tells Jack that Nick and Sharon are on their way back. Jack thinks it's a foregone conclusion that Nick and Sharon have found each other again, but Phyllis protests - she won't give up on her marriage - it's not over for her! Jack says it's already gone too far!

    JT and Colleen return to Brad's house and break the news to Abby, Ashley, and Victoria. Abby collapses in sobs. Abby gets on the phone with her grandmother and says it's all because of this girl who made Noah go skating on the lake! Colleen takes the phone and signs off with grandma. Ashley suddenly seems to realize that Brad is gone and breaks down in tears. "I've known him since he was our groundskeeper!" She says she loved him, and Victoria sits next to her, saying she did too. They laugh about how frustrating he could be, but end up crying in each other's arms.

    Preparing to leave the cabin, Nick tells Sharon that he has left a message for Phyllis telling her that they are fine and are on their way back. Sharon goes to say something to Nick, but stops at the last minute. He asks if she expects him to keep this a secret - he doesn't know if he can do that. Sharon says he has a wife and a daughter he loves - that's real. Sharon also says she wouldn't change what happened there for the world. Nick says if there was a parallel universe... Sharon smiles. Nick says if Cassie had never been in the accident, things might be different. Sharon says that's a nice idea. They kiss one last time, and Sharon tears up.

    When Amber and Kevin return to the coffee house they are thrilled to report to Daniel and Jana that the dentist office has little to no security! Daniel rolls his eyes and says he is sure the patients would love to know that! Amber and Kevin are celebrating their genius, when Michael calls to say the pawnbroker caved! Kevin seems somewhat put out, but says it's great. He hands Amber the phone so Katherine can thank her. After they hang up, Amber presents Kevin with a new Christmas present - a scarf she made for him.

    Jack is on the phone at the hospital. He says to give his love to Abby and Colleen and hangs up. He slowly turns to Phyllis and says that Brad was trapped under the ice after he saved Noah. She asks if he is alright, but Jack says, "He's dead." Phyllis is stunned, and then starts to blame herself, murmuring, "I sent him up to that cabin." Jack says Brad made his own decisions, but Phyllis is undeterred - she feels responsible for Noah, Brad, all of it. Jack tries to calm her by sternly insisting that she get a grip. He suggests she go home and focus on Nick - that's something she can fix!

    Nick arrives at the tack house. Phyllis tells him that Noah is fine, and that Brad is the one who saved him. "He died. He died saving your son." She suggests that Nick should be there when Noah finds out that news. Nick says he'll go.

    Sharon arrives at the hospital. Jack stops her from going into Noah's room, saying that there is something she needs to know first. He tells her that Brad saved Noah, but he didn't make it. Sharon breaks down in Jack's arms, and asks him to stay with her while he tells Noah. They go in and she embraces her son. As Sharon cries, Noah looks confused. He asks if he can thank Brad yet. Sharon says that Brad knows how much they appreciate what he did. Jack says they got some news today, and Sharon says it's sad news. "He died, honey, Brad's gone." As tears fill Noah's eyes, Nick comes in. The three of them embrace, and Jack slips out, watching through the window.

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Victor tells Neil that he thinks that Jack's hold on his sister will soon disappear entirely. Neil replies, "Victor, you really enjoy stirring things up, don't you?"

    Sharon stands over a grave saying, "I'm so sorry, Brad."

    Phyllis says to Nick, "You slept with Sharon, didn't you?"

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    Posted by Jezebel_Charm at Wednesday, February 04 2009 03:45 PM

    i hope phyllis really goes nutso now. i wouldn't blame her if she did. whatever their history, nick and sharon getting it on was just wrong. their son was lying in the hospital without either of his parents and they decide that now is the perfect time to shack up. and they're both married. hopefully this isn't another s/l about married folks cheating with other married folks and to make matters worse, it's the same married folks cheating on each other as it was years ago. i hope phyllis slaps him. he deserves a good slap across the face, maybe he'll regain some of those brain cells he lost when he saw sharon for the first time

    Posted by sansei at Thursday, February 05 2009 12:14 AM

    hi this is sansei and i just read what happened and it's very sad.:O( i in a way liked Don D as Brad only i believe that maybe his contract was up so Y&R let him go due to this and i as a fan will miss him,only maybe he may come back one day and not as a ghost like John,

    he maybe put in a different role to play maybe long lost Twin or something like William Bardwell's twin brother and then their maybe some s/l for him. well Don D,you'll be missed. i dislike When Sharon and Nick went ahead and had their fun,only it's time to get back to your spouse's and now that phyllis know's,joshua m aka nick,please get back with M Stafford aka Phyllis,you two make a great couple.

    Well thank's for your time:O)

    Posted by BeautifulEyz at Thursday, February 05 2009 12:15 AM

    Noooo !!!!! i cried just reading this, so i know when i watch it later im gonna be crying even more. I cant believe that they actually found his body.
    This was a pretty harsh way to die !!!

    Beautiful moment though-the embrace between Nick, Sharon and Noah

    Posted by porcha at Thursday, February 05 2009 12:19 AM

    For your information, they could not go anywhere due to the weather. Nick went up to tell the Mother of his Son (as he should of) about what happened. Due to the fact they already lost one child it was the right thing to do. Why shouldn't they sleep together? They were so much in love & obviously still are. All the evil Philthy has done & is still doing with her lieing, cheating & insecurities..who cares. Summer isn't even Nicks..again..another lie on her part. Her desperation & insecurities are annoying & NO woman could be that desperate to keep a man in my opinion. She got what she deserves for she stold him from Sharon a long time ago & then trapped him by getting PG. It was a simply lusting fling...then she got pregnant & being the gentleman he was...he married her & made the best of it. He did love her at one time but to know her is to eventually see her for what she is..........what she has always been..........always will be........ A B#### who stop at nothing to get what she wanted. She asks Nick if he slept with Sharon...he is going to answer YES>>> If she had the guts..she would leave him but she can't for NO ONE else wants her nor could put up with her & she is nothing without him anyway.

    Posted by BeautifulEyz at Thursday, February 05 2009 12:31 AM

    Phyllis and Nick do not belong together. They just dont. They look a hot mess together.

    Sansei- Y&R didnt let him go. He made the decision to leave

    Posted by lachick25 at Thursday, February 05 2009 12:47 AM

    I love Nick and Sharon what they have is so real. The chemistry between those two gave me the chills. Their love is not a fantasy but based on reality they have been through so much and their bond is undeniable. I love those two. Sorry about Brad I hate it because he has been on the show for twenty plus years but really he has been kind of non existent until recently. I am going to miss him though. And Kevin and Amber all those love triangles or quads I am tired of them. Finally getting to wrap up Cane and Lily debacle to this.

    Posted by aqua23 at Thursday, February 05 2009 01:50 AM

    I hope Phyllis kick Sharon's butt. Sharon and Nick using their dead daughter to tramp around. The only reason Sharon was at the cabin was to try to get dummy to come up there, she reminds me of Eden, left the letter for Nick to find beside the fireplace, not in it. She had to be alone to think, how about any cheap motel, which she is use to. Alone is alone, she just wanted Nick who is about as dumb as Cain to sleep with her. Jack made her keep her pants on, Nick never could. The two fools act like they did nothing wrong. Nick knew he was going for a booty call, the doctor said Noah would be fine, he could and should have waited and took Phyillis with him the next day. Nick said he didn't want anyone to tell Sharon but him, be a little hard since she had no tv or phone.
    When did Nick get his memory back from the plane crash? Sharon is so needy, make her go blind, then she will need someone.
    Give Kay back her memory so I can stop watching this crap again.

    Posted by badbluehope at Thursday, February 05 2009 02:13 AM

    i know nick sleeping with sharon was wrong but i'm so happy about it anyway. phyllis got what was coming to her. she had an affair with nick and took what she wanted regardless of whom she hurt. she SHOULD see how that feels. as for nick and sharon... well they both cheated on each other but always got back together so wouldn't it be cool if she ended up pregnant???

    Posted by Deneb at Thursday, February 05 2009 02:22 AM

    BadBlueHope - I was just thinking the SAME EXACT THING!! Poetic justice would be if Sharon become pregnant from her time with Nick. And OMG were those some HOT, HOT, Hot scenes - and I especially liked that they did not regret what happened between them.

    I also wanted to correct that Phyllis did not lie (I cannot believe I'm defending her) about Summer's paternity. Nick was (is) the only one who knows the results. I also believe she is actually Jack's daughter.

    I want Nick & Sharon back to together. I think they are the next "Victor/Nikki" on the show.

    Posted by juann at Thursday, February 05 2009 02:37 AM

    Good morning everyone! This episode has made me cry. I felt so bad for Colleen when they found Brad's body-the picture was really eerie. He definitely died a hero and I will miss Brad tremendously. I do wish the writers could have found a better way for him to exit the show,but that is just my opinion. Good Luck to Don Diamont, he will be missed. I loved the Sharon/Nick scenes today as well. What these two characters did might be wrong morally, they do have an undying love for one another and I am glad they explored that opportunity. It may be a long time coming, but I do feel that eventually there will be a Nick/Sharon reunion.
    ********spoiler alert******** The week of february 16th,2009 Sharon and a newly dumped Billy will hit the sheets and have sex. I don't know why the writers of pairing these two up, but it is going to happen. Sharon case hinted this in her interview as well. Sharon is upset because Nick decides to stay with Phyllis and rebuild his marriage. We will see how long that lasts! Also, I am having a hard time getting invested in the New Abby. I felt bad for her today, but I just can't bring myself to like her. Loved seeing Katherine and Murphy today and by the way Katherine looked like a million bucks dressed up! Loved seeing the fab 4 again today as well. I have noticed that there is a closeness forming between Amber and Kevin. I wonder where that will lead to. Have a nice day.

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