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    I'll Love You 'Til the Day I Die!

    Thursday, January 29 2009
    Brad takes a journey, Noah and Eden are in trouble, and Ashley warns Victor!

    Outside, Noah and Eden plot how they will get back to the bowling alley without Phyllis ever knowing any different. They discuss skating - Eden wants to skate just like her mother. Since there are no other kids around, Eden wonders if the cheerleading captain tricked her. Noah says to give it a little longer, and Eden produces a bottle of whiskey. They drink from it and balk at the taste. They discuss River bailing on her, and Eden wonders if he ever loved her. Noah says that Michael and Lauren will take good care of her. Eden's not sure they want her around - what if she's just an obligation? Noah then shares that his mom and Jack are getting a divorce, and Nick and Phyllis are fighting because of his mom. Eden asks how he would feel if his parents got back together. He says part of him might like it, but mostly he'd hate them for sneaking around like that.

    At Restless Style, Phyllis and Nick tensely discuss advertising for the magazine. She asks who he saw on his business trip. He says that if Sharon was going to be there, he would have told her. She says he doesn't need to get so defensive. He apologizes and says he missed her. She returns the sentiment and they share an embrace.

    Sharon stands at the door of the cabin, and asks Brad what he's doing there. He says he won't stay long, but he has something he needs to say - it may be the most important conversation of his life. Sharon lets him in. Brad says he's been soul-searching, and presumably she has too. Sharon agrees. Brad says he's made a lot of mistakes, but falling in love with her isn't one of them. He professes true love, and reminds her that they promised to always be friends. He apologizes for getting involved with Phyllis, saying that his judgment was clouded by the hope that she was available again. He offers to give Sharon anything she could ever want or need if she gives him the chance. Sharon admits she was furious about what he did, but accepts his apology. She says she only cares about him as a friend - she doesn't love him the way he loves her! She admits that the only person she's ever felt that way about is Nick. Brad asks how she felt when Nick betrayed her, reminding her that Nick strayed more than once. Sharon says she let him go when Phyllis got pregnant because she didn't want him to feel obligated. Brad says he wouldn't treat her that way, but Sharon says Jack also claimed that. Sharon says she needs something beyond security - she needs passion. Brad says they had that, but Sharon says with Nick it was different. She needs time to heal right now. Brad says he's sorry that it didn't work out with them, and he'd better get going, there's a bad storm coming in soon. He feels she's making a mistake, but she says she can't help how she feels. He says, "I'll love you 'til the day I die." After Brad leaves, Sharon reminisces about good times spent with him.

    Victor and Nikki bicker at a table in the GCAC. He wants her to butt out of his business with Ashley and Abby, but accuses her of being unable to listen. Nikki says she wants to speak. He says that's what she does best - run her mouth! Nikki says it's her business when he neglects his 'first' family. She says Ashley is a big girl and can handle hearing the truth. He asks who she is to decide what the truth is? Nikki wants to end the conversation - she has too much on her mind. Victor is sorry to hear that Casey has cancer. Nikki says she's leaving on the red-eye tonight to be with her. Victor offers to call in a specialist. Nikki thanks him.

    Michael and Lauren are at home discussing Katherine. He says she really seems to be the real deal. He then tells Lauren that he is torn over whether to make his guardianship of Eden permanent or not. Lauren assures him that Eden needs a strong father-figure who can set boundaries - he's perfect! Michael says he's more than happy to do it, but he wonders how Eden feels.

    Victoria meets Nikki at the Club, and is disheartened to hear about Casey's condition. She asks when Nikki will be back, but she isn't sure. Nikki asks how Vikki is, and she says everything is fine, but Victor is on a rampage at work against Brad. Nikki remarks that she gave Ashley a reality check, but Vikki says to let her find out on her own.

    Ashley arrives at Newman bearing fresh macadamia nuts for Victor. She tells him that Daniel is going to do their family portrait. Victor says he has to discuss some business with her before she leaves - about Brad Carlton. He warns that she may not like to hear it. He tells her he has asked Brad to resign his seat, and about the corporate espionage. She warns him that if he goes public, it will hurt Abby. Victor has no reply, and takes a business call. She waits, and presses Victor to understand that Abby would be devastated, not only by what Brad has done, but by the fact that Victor is the one crucifying him! She tells him there won't be enough Arabian horses in the world to undo the damage! Ashley asks for a chance to convince Brad to resign quietly.

    Still at RS, Phyllis remarks on the tense air between her and Nick. As they start to discuss it, Nikki comes in and breaks the news about Casey. She apologizes for leaving them in a lurch, and has to go see Paul. Phyllis says not to worry and have a safe trip. After Nikki leaves, Nick asks where Noah went. Phyllis fills him in, and Nick makes a call - no event at the bowling alley! They realize Phyllis has been 'had', and Nick calls Michael. He tells Michael that since he and Phyllis failed to get the pertinent information, they have no idea where Eden and Noah are - and there's a storm coming in!

    Nikki meets with Paul and tells him about Casey, and her decision to leave. Paul asks if there is anything he can do, and Nikki asks if he wants to 'skip dinner'! Paul grins and agrees. They head to bed, where they make love, and Paul tells her he'll miss her like crazy.

    Nick and Phyllis arrive at Michael and Lauren's house and bickering ensues about who is responsible for the situation. Michael and Nick decide they'll go looking for the kids, while Lauren and Phyllis wait at home. Phyllis says she's sorry to Nick, who says he just hopes they're not doing anything stupid!

    Noah and Eden are making out, but she stops him, saying that it's too cold for clothes removal! He says it's time to begin her skating lesson. Noah gets on the ice, but Eden protests that he is going too far. Suddenly, the ice begins to crack!

    Out on the road, Brad experiences car trouble.

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Jack tells Ashley that there is no way Brad will ever agree to let Victor raise his child - and he doesn't blame him!

    Phyllis says to Lauren, "The kids are out in a blizzard and it's my fault - go ahead and say it!"

    Noah calls for help, and Brad hears!

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    Posted by Jezebel_Charm at Wednesday, January 28 2009 10:08 AM

    i get why nick is upset. buy really if they're so worried about noah acting out maybe he should be grounded - seriously grounded - and banned from participating in any activities that do not revolve around schoolwork including faux bowl-a-thons for charity. and then they can have a talk with him about his lying. phyllis thought she had all her bases covered. she drove them to the bowling alley herself and talked to someone who she considers to be a good parent - who is a good parent. they both just got fooled.

    i'm thinking that if sharon and nick get back together the conflict coming isn't going to be just from phyllis but from noah's handling of the situation. he just said he's not going to be totally happy about it. IMO nick is a pathetic excuse for anything - including a husband and phyllis could do better. so i really want her to give him and sharon hell. whether or not phyllis stole nick first or whatnot, if sharon sleeps with him now, she's no better than phyllis and she'll be more of a hypocrite than ever if she believes that she's justified in their cheating.

    and where are neil and karen??????

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, January 28 2009 12:02 PM

    Victor Newman is the man you love to hate. Could growing up in the orphanage cause him to become so arrogant and superior? People are nothing more than commodity to him.
    If a storm is brewing, why is Nikki catching the red-eye?
    People I'd love to see go instead of Brad: Eden, Abby, Gloria, Jeffrey, Tyra, Chloe, Amber.

    Posted by BeautifulEyz at Thursday, January 29 2009 12:23 AM

    Wow !! Its really bout to happen...Brad is about die. I hate that !
    I did read that it was Don Diamont that chose to leave. He didnt get let go.

    Now for Phyllis.....I really dont like her but i have to say that its not totally her fault..Eeeww I hate saying

    I would see why Nick and Sharon might sleep together especially if they were so close to loosing another child ! As far as Noah saying that he would hate the sneaking around they parents are doing or going to do. No one is sneaking around ! unlike Phyllis and Nick did.
    And another thing, I hate when the Phyllis fans state that "it doesnt matter how they got together or blah, blah, blah... thats the past..blah, blah, blah..."

    It does matter ! because two parents were grieving from the loss of a child and instead of telling Nick to go back to his wife-she needs him, Phyllis basically said "Sex is more important and I want Nick"

    Posted by wiste1920 at Thursday, January 29 2009 12:42 AM

    Noah and Eden can easily tell lies when their parents/ guardians are so wrap around their own lifes to notice them.
    What Nick doesnt understand is that his and sharons problems are affecting noah and the only person he wants to open up to is eden. and Eden i know she is not perfect but she has no mother and we all know about her father and she believes Michael doesnt really want her. If anyone is to blame they all are not just Phyllis!!!!

    Poor brad it just saddens me each day as i watch this characters demise!!

    Posted by aqua23 at Thursday, January 29 2009 01:23 AM

    I for one am so happy to see Mrs C look like her old self, that grand lady. With Noah always tricking Phyllis, she should tell him to call Nick and stay out of it, now she is in trouble and she did almost everything right, knowing Noah lie when it comes to Eden, she should have called the school. I would have told him to call Nick.
    Good bye Brad, take Eden, Chole, Roger, Klint ( don't know why he is even on the show again ) and Jeff with you.

    Posted by juann at Thursday, January 29 2009 02:33 AM

    Good morning everybody! I really enjoyed the scenes today between Sharon and Brad. I love the fact that Sharon is giving herself some time to heal and sort out her feelings and is being completely honest with Brad instead of jumping right back into a relationship with him. Sharon is beginning to get some backbone and I like her new character the writers are making her to be. I am saddened by the fact that this is the end of Brad. He is really getting some good scenes before he goes. It will be really hard to watch the show knowing he will no longer be on. He will truly be missed. If Noah's parents would trust him just a little bit with Eden, they would not have to sneak around. Teenage relationships usually do not last so why not trust Eden and Noah and with a little parental guidance and supervision just let these kids hang out together. The more you disapprove the more they are going to rebel and that is what is happening now. Unfortunately Noah will pay the price when he fall through the ice. I really think Phyllis feels bad knowing she had been had. In her heart she felt the kids were telling the truth. I got the impression that Nick is not too pleased with her right now. Victor is being Victor again, doing whatever he has too to get what he wants not matter what the cost. How long will it be before Ashley realizes what he is up to? I liked the fact she stood up to him today where Abby is concerned. Now if she only knew the whole truth. Have a nice day everybody.

    Posted by GSongBird at Thursday, January 29 2009 03:38 AM

    Happy Thursday

    I totally agree with you Jezebel_Charm. After watching the episode last night, Phyllis was the very responsible. These typical teenagers with all the sense in the world, has no sense at all. Eden should be named Evillis, because she is the coniving one who thinks up all the stuff that she and Noah get in trouble for. Althugh they are like the bulk of brain dead teens they do first and think last.

    Also, this Cabin Sharon is at, must be around the corner from the GCAC, I would have thought is was not that easy to get to since Brad had to get the Map quest directions to find the cabin where Sharon is and then Noah and Eden are not too far away. I wonder how they got there so quick?

    Now as for Victor, does he thinks that he is Nikki's father telling her what to do and say? I think deep down he knows that he can't control her anymore so he's using this scare and bully tactic to keep in touch with her.

    Anyway, I guess I better get my day started. I will post more later....

    Happy Posting

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, January 29 2009 03:40 AM

    Brad utters those famous words " I will love you until I die." The end is near.

    It was nice of Victor, after he got through yelling at Nikki, to offer to send a specialist to help Casey. I know deep down inside they still love each other.

    Another thing, I don't think Victor would mind hurting Abby to get back at Brad. If Ashley can't convice Brad,he wouldn't think twice about turning Brad in. But that being said, I don't think they're gonna have to. I see the end of the road for Brad. Nick might see Brad in a different light now, but it's too late.

    Posted by GSongBird at Thursday, January 29 2009 03:41 AM

    Oh by the way, Nick is getting to be such a dork

    Posted by morals53 at Thursday, January 29 2009 04:15 AM

    I loved the flashback scenes yesterday between Brad and Tracy...that was when the writers knew how to keep a storyline going. I still can't believe were are seeing the end of Brad...that is almost as bad as it would be losing Mrs. C, or Victor. It won't be the same. If he dies saving Noah it is gonna be interesting to see how Victor reacts to the news that he died saving his grandson. I still wish they would let him leave in a way that it would be possible to bring him back someday. I for one and going to hate saying goodbye to Brad....why couldn't it have been Jeffery out on that road!!!

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