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Hola, Amigo! Remember Me?!

Friday, December 19 2008
Adam is stunned to see a familiar face, Ashley confronts Gloria, and Lowell comes back!

Kevin and Michael talk at Crimson Lights. Michael says he hopes Jana comes to the jail - she has a calming effect on Gloria. Kevin admits that he didn't tell her, but Jana overhears. Kevin sighs and admits that he lied to her again. She is upset. Michael gets a call and leaves. Jana says that she can't believe Jeff did this, and Kevin tells her that she is unrealistic with her 'new age' thinking! Jana is incensed.

Jack shows up at the Abbott Mansion, and he is visibly distraught as he tells Sharon that Gloria has been arrested for the tainted face cream. She invites him in. He muses that the last two years were empty for him except for her and Noah. Sharon tells Jack that she will happily throw Gloria and Jeffrey out of the pool house. Jack says he put his faith in the wrong people and he's so sorry - about everything! Sharon says he's always standing in his own way!

Ashley is at the jail, thinking back to Gloria's past denials about the face cream. Gloria comes in, but tries to beat a hasty retreat. Ashley hollers at her to sit her butt down! Ashley rages at her that she is so much more dangerous than she ever thought! She warns that Jabot will file a civil suit against her for the damage to all of their reputations! She says they'll take her for every penny, plus the stock she owns!

Nick is blowing up balloons for Summer's birthday party at home. Phyllis is still acting cool toward him, so he asks if they need to talk. Phyllis says she is upset! "You kissed Sharon!" She tells him that he hurt her, but she wants to focus on the party. A contrite Nick cozies up to Phyllis and they share a kiss.

Adam knocks on the door of Heather's room. She lets him in and he says he's leaving, which she reminds him he isn't allowed to do. He thinks she should come with him, but she doesn't want to talk to him. He says that this is the last time they'll see one another, and gives her back the ring, leaving it on a tabletop. Once alone, she starts to cry. Suddenly, Paul arrives, and she runs into his arms. Paul listens, then reassures her that she has done the right thing. She asks about Mexico, and Paul tells her that he found no evidence against Victor, but plenty against Adam - and it's ironclad! Heather admits that when Adam proposed, she wondered if it was to keep her from testifying against him - she laments not trusting her instincts.

Nikki has dropped in to see Victor about Nicholas and Victoria. She tells him that she wants to make the Christmas deposits into their bank accounts, but the joint account is frozen! She tells him that he is the one who set them up as co-administrators of the trust - he can dissolve it if he doesn't want to cooperate with her! Victor tells her to do what she needs to, and she reminds him that it's Summer's birthday. He asks her to tell Summer that he loves her very much, then leaves her standing there. Nikki says, "Bye."

Noah is at Lauren and Michael's house visiting Eden. They are looking at her teddy bear when they discover the ripped seam and spot the cash hidden inside. Eden panics, realizing that it's her dad's. She asks Noah to take the money with him and hide it. Soon, Lowell sneaks into the house and Eden catches him looking for the bear! She tells her father that she's ready to go with him - back to the Ashram. He says she can't go with him this time. She wonders why he wants her bear. He merely tells her to 'be at peace' and runs out. Eden is terribly upset.

Nikki arrives at the tack house for Summer's party. Phyllis rushes over to help her with her gifts, before going upstairs. Nick admits to Nikki that he and Phyllis are trying to work through something that he did that he wishes he didn't do! Sharon turns up at the door, and Nick keeps her outside. He thanks her for bringing a gift for Summer, but says she can't come in. She asks if Phyllis is on the rampage. He tells her that she's actually trying to get over a broken heart - she saw them on the bridge together! Sharon is stunned. Inside, Phyllis asks where Nick is and Nikki says outside with Sharon. Phyllis goes out and says, "Hi Sharon, nice to see you. Bye now!" Sharon awkwardly gives the gifts to Nick and departs!

Jack heads over to Jabot. He opens the door to the executive boardroom and John is sitting inside. Jack says hello, and that he thought he'd find him there! Ashley shows up and tears into Jack about talking her into this scheme with Gloria and Jeffrey! She tells him to leave, and walks away in anger. John tells Jack that she's right! Jack tells John that he regrets giving Gloria any kind of consideration. When John protests, Jack hollers that John Abbott's widow has had a free ride for long enough! John tells Jack that he doesn't blame him for his feelings for Gloria - she went to despicable lengths to discredit him! He tells Jack that the universe will deal with Gloria - there will be consequences!

Jeffrey visits Gloria, who is wearing her orange jail jumpsuit, and asks, "How's my little tangerine today?" Gloria glares, and wonders if he's considered how much his petty jealousy has cost them. He plunks down divorce papers, telling her if she signs them, it will protect her fortune from Jack and Ashley! She tells him where to get off, but he merely laughs!

Victor receives yet another visitor - this time it's Adam coming to say goodbye! Adam thanks him for the big learning experience in Genoa City. He tells Victor he decided to memorize his playbook and become just like him, and the result is that Victor is now left here to rot! Victor laughs before turning serious, telling Adam that it is incredible that an extraordinary woman like Hope raised a man like him! Just as the mocking Adam turns to leave, Detective Gil and company come through the door and place him under arrest! Michael is there, and says to Victor, "Now that's entertainment, isn't it?" Victor agrees that it is! Paul is also there and they sit down with Victor, who says that it's time for the grand finale!

Noah arrives at the birthday party and they all take pictures as Summer blows out her candles. When the others go to roundup some ice cream, Phyllis, still upset, aggressively cuts the teddy bear cake!

Sharon arrives home to discover Jeff on her sofa with his feet up! She orders him out, telling him that he is no longer welcome there! He says he never wanted to live there anyway and gets up to leave - Fisher chases him out!

Michael, Jana, and Kevin arrive in the jail to see Gloria. Michael breaks the news that she has to stay there another night, and also that Lowell was not innocent after all, and has taken off! Gloria cannot believe that she went against Jeffrey's warning not to testify, only for Lowell to turn out to be guilty after all. It's karmic justice! She breaks down and Kevin stands up and holds her in his arms.

Ashley stops in to see Victor. She says she could use some good news, and he tells her that certain people have come forward - soon he'll be out and they'll be together!

At the courthouse, Rafe tells Adam that he has been assigned to his case. Adam says the prosecution has nothing on him, but Heather directs his attention to the doorway, where Paul is coming in with the Mexican bartender and his little girl! Adam cringes as he says, "Hola, Amigo! Remember me?"

In an alleyway, Lowell rips open Eden's teddy bear to find that the money has been replaced with paper! He has a tantrum!

Next on The Young and the Restless:

Murphy asks Katherine, "What, were you a Duchess in another life?" Katherine wonders why that sounds familiar!

Nikki tells Paul that it's obvious something is bothering him, so he should just say it! He says that he would like to know where they stand!

The Mexican bartender visits Victor in the slammer, telling him that his secret is safe with him!

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