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    Hola, Amigo! Remember Me?!

    Friday, December 19 2008
    Adam is stunned to see a familiar face, Ashley confronts Gloria, and Lowell comes back!

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    Posted by 2hot at Friday, December 19 2008 06:48 AM

    o.k. i think that everyone agrees!! Sharon and Nick belongs together!! not Nick and Phyllis!!! I can't stand the red headed broad!!!

    Posted by SkegeeAce at Friday, December 19 2008 06:52 AM

    Woooohoooo! Adam's going to jail! OH! Adam's going to jaaaail!

    Jack can suck a toe- he can't get mad at Gloria because he's the EXACT SAME WAY.

    Phyllis! HAHAHAHAHA! She is so funny- "Nice to see you, Sharon! Bye now!". I can't blame her; I don't think Sharon should have showed up. It was NOT Noah's birthday, it was Summer's. That said, I still want Nick and Sharon together. Only a matter of time now!

    Poor foolish Gloria; at least her sons are there to comfort her. I can't stand Jeffrey. He can take a long walk off a short plank.

    Victor's always ordering Nikki around. LoL Poor Paul...Nikki still loves Victor. It's all over her face and in her speech.

    Posted by 2hot at Friday, December 19 2008 06:56 AM

    Can someone please tell how Summer grew so fast!!! was she just born like last year

    Posted by cafn8d at Friday, December 19 2008 06:59 AM

    Good morning, people... got the opportunity to post early, and taking full advantage! I'll be on the road most of the day today driving... in the snow... to the boondocks... not getting home until 9 or so... so I thought I'd have some fun 1st!

    Allie, all is forgiven on your little first-page faux pas. Inside my head, I was saying "Better Allie than ME!" But I do think it was funny... perhaps one of the games we could play today is who could be saying that today on the show?!

    Victor could... and does anyway. Putting mistletoe there would just force those who do not break tradition to do what winds up being the inevitable...

    Nikki could... I do think that she's totally getting over him and his disgusting treatment of her, and unfortunately I also think that's going to be the VERY thing that will bring him back to her!

    I wish Michael would say it, to his brother and mother specifically.

    Jack is probably saying it to Gloriuggh and Slinky...

    Waaaahdumb is saying it, but no one's listening!!!!

    On other notes, I agree with Sims... Truth, it's SO great to have you back chatting with us! The Limo is waiting, and it's Friday (payday, too, for me! WOOHOO!) Come on folks, climb in - the party's getting started! There's mistletoe for everyone's back pocket, plenty of eggnog and a wide variety of spiking accouterments, champagne, beer, wine... I've got the espresso machine pulling perfect shots today, and I'm throwing some peppermint Schnapps in my white mocha this morning! Anyone want some?

    Almost forgot: THANK YOU Paul for bringing the Mexican bartender stateside!

    Line of the day: How's my little Tangerine?!?! BWAAHAHAHAHA!

    Well, that's probably it for a while. Ride on, posters! Today should be some serious fun!

    Posted by Paradise Punch at Friday, December 19 2008 07:20 AM

    “Phyllis, still upset, aggressively cuts the teddy bear cake!”
    That says a whole lot! And like I said it is not the kiss that bothers Evillis, It is passion she witnessed in the kiss! If it bothers her so much and if she is such a strong independent woman, why doesn’t she just battle it out or leave Nick? Why keep it in and shove it in Nick or Sharon’s face everytime possible? That will drive a man away! She needs to get off Sharon’s back because it is not Sharon she should focus on, it is Nick. Evillis knows in her heart that Nick cares more for Sharon than her and that is why she is so bothered (insecure). My thing is, if you know something like that, then leave him and let it go. Something else is out there for you; it is not worth fighting for! The only reason I can see her wanting Nick so badly is because he has been the ONLY man that has ever treated her with dignity and cared for her genuinely as a person and I believe she is afraid of loosing that. BUT if she was a good person, she wouldn’t have to worry about that because good men would want to be with her and not her trapping them etc. into being with her. My thing is; get on with it! That was awfully nice of Sharon to take a present for Summer – her current husband’s child; that is funny! And to think that Nick is wasting all that time putting up balloons only to find out sometime that that child is not his – OUCH!
    See what Eden has Noah up to again? Now Noah is hiding money and getting involved in that whole mess! She is nothing but trouble; another Husband Killer or Evillis in the making. Nick and Sharon got to watch out here!
    Wow, amigo and amiga got plane ticket compliments of VN! LOL!
    It seems as though the entire show was filmed in jail. Quite a few jail birds this season. Victor is being an azzhole to Nikki. He needs to snap out of it and realize that she has nothing but great things in her heart for him. The people that care more about him are Nick, Vikki and Nikki; as for Sperm Thief she is wishy - washy so he needs to keep an eye out for her.
    Can they let John rest in peace already! That man has been dead but we more of him than we see Neil or JT etc. Boring!
    Murphy needs to give Kay some good sex to joggle her memory faster so that this whole mess with her can be quickly resolved!

    Posted by layla32 at Friday, December 19 2008 07:23 AM

    i wonder what secret victor has with the bar tender could he have killed Walter Palin

    Posted by Paradise Punch at Friday, December 19 2008 07:23 AM


    In GC they have hormone ingredients that they spike their children’s food with; except Reid he has been deprived of such (last time I saw him atleast – don’t know how big he will grow on his next appearance). Perhaps the FDA and Child Services should look into this!

    Posted by 2hot at Friday, December 19 2008 07:24 AM

    thats funny paradise punch!! some good sex!!! ha ha

    Posted by Paradise Punch at Friday, December 19 2008 07:26 AM

    Been a while for Kay so it should be a holiday gift for her!

    Posted by 2hot at Friday, December 19 2008 07:27 AM

    I believe that Summer is Jacks child!!!!

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