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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    You Don't Want to Beat Me, Or Spank Me?

    Wednesday, December 17 2008
    Billy meets with both Jack and Jill, Jack discovers a truth that makes him livid, and Heather makes a startling decision about Adam!

    Michael asks Lauren, at home, why his mother has been arrested. Lauren doesn't know, and Eden begins asking about her father. Michael tells her that he has no answers for her. Just then, Victor calls wanting Michael to do something - Michael is overwhelmed! Eden asks about Lowell again, and Michael cannot answer to her satisfaction - she accuses him of convincing Lowell to leave without her, and runs out of the room in tears. Michael tells Lauren that Lowell admitted everything in the warehouse. He asks Lauren how it feels to be married to a man who has two criminals for parents! She reassures him, and he worries about Eden finding out.

    In the airport, Adam is thinking back to his conversation with Heather and hoping she'll show up now that the flight has been delayed.

    Heather is pacing her office, going over and over her conversation with Adam in her mind. Her phone rings and she tells the caller she's swamped. She then turns back to thinking about Adam. She picks up the phone and leaves another message for Paul to call her back.

    Billy arrives at Crimson Lights to meet Jack, who wants some changes to Jabot's 'Ashley' line implemented - Billy says he'll listen. Jack warns that he'll do more than listen - he won't blow him off! Billy tells him that Ashley foams at the mouth when his name is mentioned and that he'll do the best he can. Jack admits that Sharon has thrown him out of the house because he's been cheating on her with prostitutes. Billy chokes and stifles a laugh as he digests this information. Billy says he's willing to listen to Jack's thoughts, and Jack goes ballistic, sneering that he was running Jabot before he was even born! Billy tells Jack he's under a lot of stress and that he has a brain of his own - he worked very hard in Hong Kong! They make nice and Billy says Jill wants to see him so he's got to go. John appears and tells Jack that Billy takes after him in many ways - including the ability to walk right over any family member who stands in his way! They discuss the diary, and John says Jack hasn't gained anything out of it, in fact, he's lost his wife and business!

    Katherine is at work in the diner, flanked by Pearl and Murphy. A customer comes in and orders herbal tea - it's Lowell! After Lowell leaves, Pearl asks Murphy if that was another one of his strays. Murphy says he was outside hitch-hiking with nothing but the clothes on his back - and said he was heading west. Katherine asks Murphy what is going on and he says Pearl is just worrying for nothing. Katherine then goes over to Pearl, who says Murphy spends money that he doesn't have helping strangers! Katherine thinks about her ring being worth $5000 at the pawnshop. Murphy sits down and Katherine asks him if he needs financial help - is his business going to stay afloat? Murphy says her company makes him feel rich. He then starts discussing a toy drive.

    Billy arrives at the Chancellor Mansion to see Jill, who says that she loves him and wants them to make peace. Jill laments that she's not sleeping well, and that Katherine isn't there to decorate the house for Christmas like always. Billy asks about the two of them making up, "So you don't want to beat me, or spank me, or anything?" Jill laughs, telling him that her dream was to have both of her sons working by her side - she asks him to forget about Jabot and come work with her and Cane at Chancellor! He asks if he'd be in a position over Cane, and Jill asks why he is so competitive with his brother? Billy says it's because Cane's her favorite. Jill is taken aback, but Billy feels she always sent him away, implying that she has let him down in the past. Jill warns him that he's not one of the original three at Jabot - he'll get left with nothing. Billy says he'll take his chances, telling her that he loves her, but doesn't want to work for her!

    Kevin sits with Gloria at the police station. She laments that she got brow-beaten into testifying for Lowell - that's the reason she's in this trouble now! Michael's arrives at the jail, and questions Gloria about confessing when she knew Jeff had put the cream on himself to entrap her! She says she thought it was just another game, and wants Michael to get her out of there. He says she'll have to spend the night and Gloria panics. Kevin takes him aside and warns Michael that if she cracks, they'll all be in trouble! Michael leaves. When it's time for Gloria to return to her cell, she begs Kevin to get Michael to do whatever he has to to get her out of there!

    Eden comes back out to the living room to talk to Lauren, who asks Eden to hand over her cell phone so she can't talk to Lowell. Eden wants to know what's going on. Lauren says if Lowell returns to the Ashram and Eden wants to join him, she'll take her there herself, but in the meantime, they need to wait and see how the next few days unfold!

    Jack arrives at the Abbott Mansion with John's ghost still in tow. John points out the decorating Sharon's done, but questions whether Jack ever really went out of his way to make Sharon and Noah feel loved. Jack begins reminiscing about Christmases past at their home. John tells him it's not too late to turn everything around in his life. Jack says confessing isn't an option! John tells him he is addicted to lying! Jack claims that everything changed when he was run out of Jabot - he'd do anything to change that! Suddenly, Jeff comes in and Jack asks how he got the burn on his face. Jeff explains innocently that he had dry skin and used some of Gloria's face cream, telling Jack that it turns out she was responsible for the scandal at Jabot all along! Jack is livid!

    Michael is now visiting Heather's office, where he demands to know why Victor's still behind bars! He suggests that she recuse herself since she has a conflict of interest the size of Texas! She promises if she feels she can't be objective she'll do just that. Michael leaves, and she returns to agonizing about Adam. She calls the airport and asks about the flight, finding out that she can still make it!

    As the last call for the flight echoes through the air, Adam cringes. Just then, Heather appears. He embraces her and says happily, "You made it!" She tells him coolly that she's not there to go with him - she's there to arrest him! She moves aside as the cuffs are slapped on him!

    Billy sits at the coffeehouse, leaving a text for 'Fallout Girl' from 'Sonny Crawford', saying he's having a rough day and asking her to text back if she wants to!

    Michael returns home to Lauren and Eden. When she asks where their father is, Michael tells Eden that Lowell is running from the police. He explains everything to her, including that Lowell admitted to it all. She asks how the police found out, and he admits he turned him in, saying that he had to protect his family, including her! Eden is furious with him, but Lauren assures Michael he has done the right thing!

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Katherine gives Murphy a wad of cash, and he asks if she robbed a bank?!

    JT and Victoria visit Victor, who says he has a plan. JT says they'll do whatever he needs!

    Adam says he hopes Heather doesn't intend to testify against him. She says she has every intention of prosecuting the hell out of him!

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    Posted by jaquis4 at Wednesday, December 17 2008 12:36 AM

    I just love it keep it going guys!!!!

    Posted by Mrs. boo at Wednesday, December 17 2008 02:14 AM

    i think heather is crazy for listing to adam is need to listen to paul

    Posted by ConnieM. at Wednesday, December 17 2008 02:20 AM

    Today is a "good" day in GC. Adam got his "comin's"...and Heather did it! Glad to see Heather stood up to him, even when her heart was "breaking". Now for Victor's release, so he can get home for Christmas!!!

    Posted by misteelee at Wednesday, December 17 2008 02:58 AM

    :) busy day in GC! adam finally got whats coming to him. its jacks turn next! cant wait for that!! so if adam is arrested.. victor should be released, right?? i wonder what paul will find in mexico. i'm glad that gloria is finally paying for the crime she commited! we all knew it would happen eventually. hopefully nothing happens to michael and lauren, though! ahh its finally getting gooooood!

    Posted by boopgal at Wednesday, December 17 2008 03:13 AM

    cant wait for Katherine to pawn the ring..Nikki reported it stolen..the pawn shop will have to notify the police..but I think Jill will think K is really Marge who she will think killed Katherine..No way can Jeffrey skate away with no charges...maybe they will get him on tape..great thing for Kevin to do with the OJ..I think Heather will help Michael...Jack..TOO EVIL...hope Billy finally stands up to Jack..Victor told Nick to run Newman..wouldnt it be great if Ashley asked Victor to help her run Jabot..would kill Jack...

    Posted by wiste1920 at Wednesday, December 17 2008 03:28 AM

    So good glo and adam in jail i wonder will heather remember to put out the police warrant for River?

    Posted by simscb at Wednesday, December 17 2008 04:33 AM

    Good morning to all of you!

    Love it that Heather arrests Adam. I wonder what he will do now that he is going to jail. Guess his phone call from jail will be to Jack. Surprise! Surprise! This has been a long wait for us to reach culmination.

    This is getting better every day. Bravo to the writers! Everyone is going down into the sewer, including Gloria and Lowell. I keep wondering if Michael will defend both of them. Maybe Christine will return and do the job. She is such a great lawyer.

    Victor will be rejoicing today upon learning about this turn of events. How soon will Jack be arrested??? Cannot wait to see that unfold.

    Paul will also be thrilled with the news of Adam's arrest. It's just too bad Heather did not listen to his warnings about Adam. Heather is lucky that she was not kidnapped or murdered by Adam. I still maintain that he murdered Skye. His dark side, which he warned us about some time ago about his character getting worse. He said that we had not seen anything yet, which leads me to believe that at some point he will either physically abuse her or even attempt to murder her.

    Jack will be gunning for Gloria after learning the truth about the face cream from Jeffrey. There won't be a hole big enough for in which to hide. The altercation between them will be great to see, whenever it occurs. Ashley will also jump in with both feet to vent her ire at Gloria.

    Posted by Mamaman15 at Wednesday, December 17 2008 04:37 AM

    Hurray Katherine will be home soon! How about Gloria breaking out of jail and running away with Lowell and Bardwell gets arrested for black mail. Go Michael! Lauren is looking good.

    Posted by simscb at Wednesday, December 17 2008 04:39 AM

    Sorry-left out word: hole big enought for her

    Posted by simscb at Wednesday, December 17 2008 04:43 AM

    Oops! spelling error: should be enough. Guess I am really not quite awake. Don't usually post this early. Couldn't sleep.

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