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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Presumed Dead!

    Friday, August 22 2008
    Chloe has a suggestion for Cane, Daniel gets a surprise, Nikki has bad news for Nick!

    As the storm continues in Mexico, Paul and Nikki shelter in the bar, worrying about Victor's boat which didn't come in. The bartender says that perhaps they docked somewhere else. Nick calls Paul's phone and asks for Nikki. She tells him that his father's boat hasn't come in yet. Paul gets back on the phone and Nick informs him that he and J.T. found out that there is a mob hit out on Walter! Paul realizes that this means Victor could be caught in the middle of this - and so could he and Nikki! He gets off the phone, but doesn't let on to Nikki what Nick told him.

    At Restless Style, Amber and Chloe have words as Chloe starts ordering Amber around. The phone rings and Daniel takes a call. Amber listens as he makes a lunch date with Colleen. Nick approaches and tells Daniel he has an issue with Noah that he could help with. He explains that Noah appears to be into drinking and that he would like Daniel to scare the hell out of him! Daniel understands that Nick wants him to get his back with Noah and promises to give it a shot! On the phone at the reception desk, Amber pretends to talk to Liam about making a date, laughing loudly to get Daniel's attention. As she's talking, her cellphone rings! Daniel looks away as she stomps out of the room in embarrassment! Noah comes in and Amber pushes past him. "What's wrong with her?" he asks Daniel. Daniel grins, "I wouldn't even know where to begin!"

    At Neil's house Devon and Lily prepare for their day, and discuss Ana's situation. Ana comes into the room and Lily tells her she heard about what happened to her - and the exact same thing happened to her. She invites her to sit down and talk. As Lily tells Ana how she felt when she found out about Neil, Ana remarks that she can't forgive Tyra. Lily urges her not to shut out Devon, who also just found out! When Devon comes into the room, Ana asks him if Tyra is sending her to art school because she doesn't want her! Devon reassures her that no one wants to send her away. He tells her that music school is about doing what she loves to do! They discuss how it's weird to suddenly be brother and sister. He says he'll look out for her, and torment her! With that he tickles her until she laughs. They play cards and Ana beats him. They laugh as she says she can torment him too! Tyra comes in and asks if she wants to play with her. Ana says, "Nope. And I don't want to live with you anymore either! I want to live with Devon."

    At Jabot, preparations are underway for Lily's photo shoot. Jill is surprised when Cane walks in. She warns him that Lily is on her way, but he assures her he can handle it. Just then, Chloe arrives. Jill asks, "What are you doing here?" Chloe explains that she is overseeing the cross-promotion on behalf of Restless Style! Chloe tells Jill she has been thinking about the engagement party. She notes that Cane clearly doesn't want to do it, so she's okay with that. Jill, however, says it's necessary, like a business obligation. Chloe then tells Jill that her choice of venue is a little stuffy. Jill calls her a little snip and says it doesn't matter what she thinks. Cane goes to his office. Brad wanders in and gives Jill a file. She apologizes to him for not finding time to explain Cane's appointment to him. Brad says it's fine. She asks if he is considering leaving Jabot, but Brad smiles and says that he'll be sticking around for awhile.

    Adam and Heather share a meal at the Club. She is busy reassuring him that things will be better when Victor returns. He says he hopes so. When she confides in him about some problems she is having at work, he tells her that her problems don't even begin to compare to his right now! Heather is flabbergasted! "You could at least pretend to care!" She makes a move to leave, but he stops her. She tells him that she isn't interested in sitting there saying, "Poor, poor Adam." She tells him if that's what he's looking for he's got the wrong girl!

    Noah arrives at Restless Style and looks at some of Daniel's sketches. He tells him that his showing is going to be in two weeks in Tribeca. Noah crows about how lucky Daniel is, and Daniel counters that Noah should enjoy being a kid right now. When talk turns to the drinking, Noah tells Daniel that he wasn't going to drink the beer - his father was just freaking out because Victor is missing! Daniel warns that one bad decision can easily turn into another. Just then, Nick walks back into the room and Heather arrives. She begins to speak to him, but collapses without warning! Nick hollers at Daniel to call 911!

    Amber arrives at the photo shoot at Jabot. She tells Chloe that she has a date with Liam. Chloe puts her down for choosing the GCAC. Chloe then turns to see Lily walk into the room. Cane spots her and she awkwardly says hello. She asks how it is going being CEO of Jabot. He says fine. She says she has something she needs to talk about if he has a second. Cane says of course he does. She launches into telling Cane how her discussion with Ana has brought up old feelings, but they are interrupted by Chloe, however, who is complaining of feeling ill and wants Cane to take her home. He barks at her to go lay down in his office, but she won't give it up. Exasperated, Lily walks away. As Lily gets in front of the camera, Chloe, who is still there, barks orders. Lily spits, "I thought you weren't feeling well!" The photographer can't get what he wants from Lily until Cane sticks his head in - then she gets the look on her face that works. Cane backs out of the room and bumps into Brad, who tells him he'll support him in his new position.

    At the bar, Nikki and Paul take a call from Nick telling them what has happened with Heather. Nikki tells Paul she will be fine - he should go be with his daughter. The bartender soon approaches Nikki where she sits at the table and tells her he has news - and it's not good!

    Daniel meets Colleen for lunch at the Club. Noah comes with him, but refuses to sit with them and ruin their date. Daniel tells Colleen that he tried to explain to Noah that it's not a real date. She asks why he chose the Club to meet then. He says he chose the Club because Amber wouldn't be there! As Colleen and Daniel chat, she suddenly leaves the table when she spots someone she knows. Noah hustles over and says Colleen didn't seem very happy when Daniel told her about the showing of his work. "I don't think there's anyone better for you than Amber." Just then, Amber herself arrives, announcing that Liam is flying in for a date! Noah asks Daniel if this is going to be weird. Daniel grins and says it is - but not for any of the reasons he thinks! When Colleen comes back to the table, she and Daniel discuss the fact that Amber seems to have made up a boyfriend. Daniel gets up and goes over to where Amber is sitting. He tells her she doesn't have to do this, and she gets up angrily and stomps out. Back at the table, Noah says maybe she isn't making it up - after all, she's hot! Daniel notices that Amber left her phone and goes over and picks it up. He reads a text from Liam apologizing for having to 'flake' and saying he is dying to see her! Daniel says, "You've got to be kidding me?!"

    Adam is still sitting at the table in the GCAC when he takes a call from Nick. "Adam? It's Nick. Your girlfriend just collapsed. She's in emergency." Without a word, Adam claps the phone closed and starts jamming papers into his briefcase frantically!

    At the hospital, Adam is by Heather's side apologizing for being a self-centered jerk. They kiss and the doctor comes back in. She announces that Heather has an abnormally low white blood cell count. Adam asks what that means, but the doctor just says they need to do more tests and that Heather should be admitted.

    After the photo shoot, Jill gives Chloe and Cane a list of invitees for the engagement party. Chloe tells Cane that if he really wants to avoid the party, they should just elope!

    Nick is on the plane enroute to Mexico when a call is put through from his mother. She is crying and telling him to get there soon - a piece of the boat that Victor was on has washed up! He's presumed dead!

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    A drunken Nikki calls Katherine from Mexico. "Do you know how to say vodka in Spanish?" Katherine frantically asks, "Are you drinking?"

    In a car, Nick urges the driver to go faster. "I will double what I gave you!"

    Adam says to Neil, "The Board of Directors can go screw themselves! I'm running things!"

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    Posted by YR_GH_ATWT_Lover at Thursday, August 21 2008 01:52 PM


    Eric Braeden is probably on his yearly vacation. he'll be back!

    As for Ana, i think she's going about this all wrong. instead of being thankful tyra raised her away from drugs and crime and away from Yolanda...she's being a little disrespectful. reminds me of noah when he was ten a few months ago...

    Posted by shick4ever at Thursday, August 21 2008 05:57 PM

    noah saying that amber is hott.....better watch out for that one and now that victor is "dead" i wonder how everything with the will is going to play out

    Posted by shick4ever at Thursday, August 21 2008 05:59 PM

    thinking about amber and noah together makes me then of one thing....jailbait

    Posted by antionnette at Friday, August 22 2008 12:40 AM

    I know that Victor could not be presumed dead cause it would have said something about him leaving the show maybe they have gotten the wrong boat. I think that Jack should be running his fathers company he might have all his bad faults and all but he has be punish enough.And Gloria should stay as far as she can from Jabot cause that cream could come back on her she should just enjoy her riches. And if I could rember correctly when Lily did find out that Neil was not her father but it was the other Lily at the time she was not that devasted she tried to use it to her advantage against her mother to start seeing Daniel cause they were going to send her back to boarding school.And Ana should not be mad at Tyra she should be grateful that she did not end up in foster care like Devon did but then again I knew that she was going to have a attitude with Tyra.

    Posted by Candace Rose at Friday, August 22 2008 01:45 AM

    The Ana s/l is boring
    I can't believe they are making Cane marry that Bimbo, these days it is not necessary.

    I think Victor killed this guy and jumped ship to pretend it was the storm. We all know he will be fine.

    When he gets back, I went him to throw out Nikki, Victoria and Nick off the ranch and make Adam in charge to really cause a family war.

    Gloria's expressions are killing me. She reminds of the woman who played Sunset blvd. Her eyes look scary sometimes.

    They had to fool with the original Noah who was just darling.

    Posted by GET RID OF CHOLE at Friday, August 22 2008 03:29 AM

    SPOILERS ALERTS.I would like finally to see lily and cane happy.And you should get RID OF OF CHLOE,FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL.Try and make these two couples HAPPY,I meant lily and cane that is.

    Posted by Momschild at Friday, August 22 2008 04:25 AM

    I can see Adam running Newman into the ground with his sarcastic ways. He talks about Victoria and her ways and he's the same way.
    Is Nikki going to turn to alcohol again? She has already started.
    Cane is spineless also letting Chloe talk him into something he's not cool with.
    Posted 8/22/08 at 7:25 AM Eastern time

    Posted by ohioan123 at Friday, August 22 2008 04:39 AM

    I have to agree with how many times has Victor been presumed dead or missing? This will give Adam a chance to run things but even though he kicked Vick & Nick out of the will, surely doesn't mean he left everything to Adam either and until they find a body he has to wait so many years before Victor is claimed legally dead and by then he will be back.

    I wonder if he'll have some hot tamale nursing him back to health or he might have selected memory like Nick and won't even remember how mad he was at his children.

    Chloe is making this show really hard to watch. The story is finally starting to heat up and then they throw this dumb stuff in the middle. Come on writers no one is feeling this storyline put Cane back with Lily.

    I can't wait to see what Bradski has up his sleeve. This should be interesting. I hope Gloria and Jeff get control of Jabot with the help of Jack and Jack then finds out that Gloria tainted the cream and the company is his clear and free and finally gets what she deserves.

    Now that Ana knows that she and Devon are siblings. She can go away to school and come back grown. Right now as a child she doesn't have much of a place in the story.

    I must agree with Nick that Adam is not too concerned about his father. He is more concerned with running NE.

    Posted by LDaley at Friday, August 22 2008 04:39 AM

    Lots to talk about today!

    Every single one of knows that The Moustache is indestructible...storm, flood, tornado, earthquake, nuclear bombs...nothing and nobody gets the better of Victor! Walter is having a nice, relaxing eternal nap with the fishes right now while Victor is probably hunkered down in a bar somewhere with a grin on his face and a bottle of tequila in his hand:


    Love how Jill took Chloe down a notch. Seriously...who does she think she is....a change of venues? To make such a disrespectful remark about their home? She's marrying the man, not the family and aside from putting on a show for nervous stock holders, there is no other reason for Jill or anyone else to talk to Chloe!

    Brad, ever the sneaky rat...Cane SAW RIGHT THROUGH him...that is going to be interesting to see what Mr. Carlton (dance?) is going to do to exact revenge for Jill's nepotism.

    At least Nick did the right thing in asking Daniel to speak with Noah....Daniel has had far more adversity to deal with in his life and I think that even though it may not appear as such, Noah will respect that.

    What kind of game is Amber playing? I don't think that text message was from "Liam"...I think it was from Amber herself...this is like a Superman / Clark Kent scenario where the two are never together.

    By The way...have all guys become pansies? What about calling? Text messaging and email have emasculated men. For me, I would call Amber and if I couldn't get in touch with her, call comeone that could. Man up, guys! Communication has become far too impersonal...face to face contact...the ladies will appreciate it.

    I wanted to jump through the TV and hammer Adam for how he treated Heather...guys, up! She is a hottie, yes, but she has her feelings and problems too! if she has the decency to listen to his "oh poor, poor me" garbage, the least he can do is return the sympathetic. I almost didn't believe his apology. That scene also showed me that Nick took the high road by calling Adam to let him know Heather was in the hospital...extra points for Nick today.

    Lily has what she wants...leave Lily alone! Lily has Cane's heart and there is nothing Chloe can possibly do to get that. I have thought back through every single scene with Cane, Lily, and Chloe and have no idea why Chloe has it in for Lily other than pure Jealousy. You have your baby, you have your man, you have your money...leave Lily alone! (can Chris Crocker do a YouTube video of 'Leave Lily alone!'?) Seriously...this storyline came off the rails a long time ago.

    Speaking of off the about Nikki? Wow...I didn't think the writers would take this route...we all knew Nikki struggled with the temptation and we like that conflict since good always prevailed. Now what?

    I'll be back later...count on it.

    "Her name is Chloe...she stuffs marshmallows in piggy Cane's gonna do the Carlton Banks la la laaaaaaa!"

    Posted by Turkeyteeth at Friday, August 22 2008 04:47 AM

    I am still boycotting watching this show. I will continue to read the posts until the writers get their acts together.
    1. Storyline with the ungrateful brat Ana
    2. Cane/Chloe relationship
    3. Chloe's role in the whole show.
    4. Takeover at Newman Enterprises
    5. Victoria and Nick's taking over their father's company and the only one qualified Adam is ousted.

    Boring. Unrealistic. Incredibly stupid story lines. Wake up writers.

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