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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    One Way Ticket Out of Town!

    Tuesday, June 24 2008
    Adam deals with Zara, Nikki confides in her daughter, a surprise party is held!

    Cane is at Crimson Lights with Devon and Colleen. He speaks to Lily on the phone, and then hangs up. He suggests to them that they plan a surprise party for Lily's birthday. Chloe, standing nearby, isn't happy! Adrian is also there and Kevin tries to chat with him, but he is only interested in watching Colleen. Jana sidles over to Chloe and asks why she isn't helping to plan the party for Lily. Chloe sulks. When Colleen and Devon leave, she runs over to speak to Cane, asking him what the plan for tonight is. He won't tell her and excuses himself to make a call!

    At the Ranch, Zara videotapes herself giving a tour of Victor's home! Suddenly, Adam is in the lens saying, "Bad news. Your show's just been canceled." She tries to tell him the video is just for personal use, then tries to flatter him into appearing on camera. He smirks and tells her to put the camera away, then asks when she is leaving.

    Nikki calls to say she'll be into work soon. She reflects back on the break-up with David. She opens the door to her room and gets the newspaper. The first thing she spots is a photo of the new Mr. and Mrs. Victor Newman!

    At Jabot, Jeffrey sits and watches Gloria work the phones in reception. Nikki comes in and Gloria says there are many phone messages for David. Nikki says she'll take them. Just then, Brad comes by also looking for David. Nikki gets angry and cuts Gloria off when she tries to suggest an idea. "I'll be in my office and I don't want anyone to disturb me!" As Gloria sighs, Jill comes out and takes Jeffrey by the hand dragging him into her office. When a call comes in for Jill, Gloria tells the caller that she is out for Botox treatments! Inside Nikki's office, Victoria asks why she bit Gloria's head off out there. She assumes that it's Victor's wedding that is bothering her. Nikki tells her suddenly that that isn't it - David wants a divorce! Nikki tells her daughter that marrying David is the worst thing she's ever done - the biggest mistake she's ever made! Victoria tries to soothe her crying mother and then admits that she saw David giving Brad a check the other day - it made her suspicious. As Jill sticks her head in looking for David, Victoria tells her it's not a good time, and then suggests to Nikki that they go somewhere else.

    At home, Lily is painting her toenails when Neil and Devon come in. Neil says he's taking her out for a birthday lunch. As he drags Lily out the door, Devon calls Cane and says it's all clear!

    At the coffee house, Cane relays to Colleen that everything is a go. He tells her that she doesn't need to worry about Chloe turning up - they're on the outs! Just then, Adrian approaches Colleen and they make awkward small-talk before parting ways. Chloe then tries once again to get information (or an invite) out of Cane, but he is not forthcoming. Adam comes into the coffee house. He meets with Karen on Victor's behalf. She tells him that she wants her old job back and he surprises her by telling her that that might be a problem! "How do we know you're not going to quit on us again?" She gives him her word that she won't leave again. He agrees to have her come back - on probation though! Over at the counter, Jana and Kevin look at the laptop and Jana suggests that they both wear red at their wedding. Kevin rolls his eyes and says, "Why don't we just elope?!"

    In Jill's office at Jabot, she is just about to lock the door and seduce Jeffrey when Chloe bursts in. She says she needs her to sign off on something, then pumps her for information on Lily's party. Jeffrey goes to get coffee and Jill tells Chloe to make sure she takes a copy of the signed papers to Cane. Chloe smiles. As Jill walks out, Chloe picks up a pair of sunglasses that belong to Jill and takes them with her! Out in the hallway, Victoria asks Brad if he loaned David money. Brad denies it saying the check the other day was for a horse. Nikki comes out of her office wearing dark glasses and Victoria tells Gloria that her mother will be out of the office for the rest of the day. Chloe comes by and asks about Lily. Gloria directs her to the GCAC! Gloria then calls Jana to complain about what a bad day she is having. Jana gives her a pep talk and Gloria thanks her. When she hangs up and walks into the board room, she catches Jeffrey and Jill making out! She goes back to her desk and is warned by Brad to keep her ideas simple - like new paper clips. Gloria tells him that one day he'll regret treating her like this. In the boardroom, Jeff admits to Jill that he slept with Gloria - and he's not sorry! She tells him that he will be!

    At the Club, Devon has joined Neil and Lily for lunch. Neil tells her that he is very proud of her and makes a birthday toast. Karen comes in and Lily asks her to join them. Karen turns to Neil and asks, "What is up with Adam Wilson?" As Neil says goodbye to Lily, Chloe blows in and wishes Lily a happy birthday. She gives her the sunglasses that she stole from Jill as a gift! She then asks if she can follow her to the apartment - she thinks she left some things there. Lily says sure, and off they go! Back at the table, Neil assures Karen that Adam was just posturing so that she knows he has power. He suggests that they go back to his place, and Karen agrees.

    At Lily and Devon's apartment, Colleen and Cane prepare for the surprise party and chat a little about her and Adrian and the age difference. Cane says it hasn't been an issue for them. Roxanne arrives to help out and Devon comes back in, telling them that Neil is stalling Lily and she is clueless as to what is going on! When Lily finally comes through the door, they all yell 'surprise', but the smiles turn to frowns as they see that Chloe has tagged along!

    Inside the front door of the Club, Nikki and Victoria run into Zara, who says, "Victor says no one has ever made him as happy as my daughter!" Nikki snipes, "He says that every time he gets married." Victoria and Nikki excuse themselves and head to Nikki's room. Victoria settles her mother and talks her out of going looking for David. Victoria then leaves and goes to sit at the bar. Adam comes in and says hello. He then spots Zara and tells her that he has a first-class ticket out of town for her! He informs her that he has also erased her videotape from earlier. She asks who he thinks he is, and he retorts, "My father's son." As Zara leaves, Victoria stands behind him clapping! Upstairs in Nikki's room, the door opens and David comes in. He says he went to the airport and couldn't leave. He says he's ready to fight for them and asks if she will too!

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    David tells Nikki, "I was talking to my sponsor!" She demands, "What's his number?"

    Jill looks at a framed photo of Gloria and Jeffrey and says, "You won't be smiling for long!"

    A shaking Nikki appears ready to take a drink!

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    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Monday, June 23 2008 11:21 PM

    - ATT: This Just In, Victor, Jr. Catches "Zawitch" Zara Taping A Tour Of The Newman Ranch With Herself In It!

    Geeze Zawitch, doesn't really understand the word or phrase "NO CAMERAS ALLOWED" at The Newman Ranch Home.
    Nice try "Zawitch, but Victor, Jr.'s closing your show- ha, ha![lol]
    Aw to darn bad, Zawitch Jr, appears infront of your camera saying: "BAD NEWS!
    Your shows been cancelled!"[lol]
    Curses Zawitch, you've been foiled twice already.
    Can't you take the hent or message that family and the Newman Ranch can't be photoed or for sale either, just because your daughter is "Sababy" a Newman with a baby on the way!
    Try as you wish, try as you might, but none of this "NEWMAN FOR SALE PHOTOS OF ANY KIND" YOU SHALL TAKE and GET Paid for them very RICHLY- not says Victoria or Victor, Jr!
    Now GET the HECK out OF Genoa CITY, if YOU know WHAT'S good for YOU Zawitch![lol]

    Posted by l_s_b at Tuesday, June 24 2008 12:35 AM

    ZARA PLEASE TAKE SABIRINA YOUR LITTLE sister in your words back.

    Nikki you go girl with the drink so victor comes running to you for support and you 2 get reminded about all the love that you share...

    David Chow please remember Dr. David Hayward and be like him strong and not this naive please.

    Victoria please bring back heather tom she knows what shes doing when she says that she wants her parents back she wants them back and she plays it good amelia is not the real perfect victor nikki daughter...

    Posted by SCgirlsonice at Tuesday, June 24 2008 12:36 AM


    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Tuesday, June 24 2008 01:20 AM

    Here's what you do find any past days of Y&R recaps:

    1. Under the: Navigation Collum

    2. look for: "Daily Updates" or
    before you sign in on, the sign in page: "previous updates+"

    3. click on: "The Young and Restless" under the word NAVIGATION at the top of this page.

    4. Under Previous Updates+ Section:
    you'll find the "News Archieves" for the weeks 5 day dailys

    Example: Week 26 (23 JUNE to JUNE 29)
    Hope this helps you!

    Posted by Momschild at Tuesday, June 24 2008 04:09 AM

    Zara is a "golddigger"; she cares nothing for Sabrina only how much money is in it for her. I guess Victoria was the only one to get the memory out of the camera and then Adam erases her videotape. Money hungry. Since she lost all her pictures, she can slink out of town like the "snake" she is.

    Chloe is really "witchy"; in some ways she's like Amber, not taking "no" for an answer. How long is this character going to be around? I really didn't like her from the beginning. She's a "model wanna be".

    Since David came back, what is Nikki going to do? I hope not take a drink. (:

    Posted by Turkeyteeth at Tuesday, June 24 2008 04:41 AM

    Way to go Adam! It is great that something like this happens to make Victoria realize that Adam isn't so bad.

    I hope Nikki tells David to go to hell. She would be a fool to take him back. What a loser. Maybe that is why she is getting ready to take a drink. She got rid of him and is celebrating!

    Jill needs to go on a vacation. What is wrong with that woman. She always go after someone else's honey. It is time to write her in her OWN love interest.

    Posted by Turkeyteeth at Tuesday, June 24 2008 04:42 AM

    Sorry! I used a cuss word. ***** it out please.

    Posted by ohioan123 at Tuesday, June 24 2008 05:31 AM

    I guess Karen went to Adam so there would be no conflict of interest.

    I don't like the way the writers are making a fool of Jill. I hope her plot against them has some serious consequences.

    Nikki should never take that bum David back. She begged him to stay and he walked out. What's so different now. Oh that's right he MO is murder and deceit.

    Chloe send her back to wherever she came from. I am not feeling this storyline.

    They need to bring in some older men for Jill, Zara, Nikki.

    Posted by Schmoopie at Tuesday, June 24 2008 05:46 AM

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but the update said yesterday that Victoria didn't have time to snag the memory card... but I saw her pull it out of the camera with a pair of tweezers BEFORE Zara caught the bouquet.

    Did she get the card or not?

    Also note that Katherine didn't flinch when she realized Sabrina is pregnant. I do believe that all characters are involved in re-writing Y&R history.

    Posted by sleekpat at Tuesday, June 24 2008 06:14 AM

    WELL WELL WELL, the snot rag finally did something that I can agree with, he took up for MGM, my new name for the mumbly grumbly mustache. Good for him, and I'm glad Vikki sees he isn't all bad, although the jury is still out on him. I hope he does turn out to be a good guy, Nick and Vikki never really gave him a chance to be a brother to them.

    JEEZ, why is everyone ragging on Jill these days??? Remember the things Glozilla has done, I just cannot get past her misdeeds, she's done far worse than Jill ever did. BOTOX TREATMENTS??? WHAT PERSON IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD TELL ANYONE THAT ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYER??? If the writers are trying to make people sympathetic to that horrid example of a human being, well, it ain't workin with me. JMO.

    Nikki... I don't know, David hasn't really done anything terrible, yeah, he has an addiction, gambling, as do Nikki and Kay, alchohol, soooo, I'll give him the benifit of the doubt, for now.

    One question in parting... Who's actually running Newman Enterprises while Victator is away??? It seems that somehow Adumb got all the power, but wasn't Neil COO then Co-CEO with Vikki??? I'm really confused. Why did Karen have to go to snot rag to get her job back??? If MGM trusts Neil, why didn't Neil just hire her to start with???

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