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    My Best Friend's Wedding!

    Friday, June 20 2008
    Victoria wrestles with making a decision, David has a crisis, Ashley speaks honestly to Victor.

    It's first thing in the morning, and Paul comes into the Club lobby. He runs into Adam and Heather coming downstairs together. They announce that they are 'going public' and will be attending Victor's wedding together. After they walk away, Paul looks less-than-thrilled.

    At the Ranch, Sabrina and Victor kiss one another good morning. Zara, Sabrina's mother, comes into the room and immediately launches into complaining about the decaf coffee and Victor seeing the bride before the wedding! Adam comes in and gets an introduction to Zara. Sabrina winces as her mother gushes about how she and Sabrina were more like sisters growing up! After the men have left the room, Zara grills Sabrina about what wealthy, single men might be in attendance at the wedding. Sabrina tells her tersely that there won't be any. When Zara compliments Sabrina on hooking a bigger fish than she ever did, Sabrina glares daggers at her!

    David and Nikki sit at the Club and he tells her she doesn't have to pretend that she's fine - he realizes she's probably bothered about Victor's wedding. As she is denying it, Brad comes in and joins them. As he discusses buying a factory for Jabot, David spots an ad for a huge poker tournament in Las Vegas in the newspaper! Nikki tells Brad to go ahead with the factory purchase and says she's going to see her new horse, which David mentions he bought from a friend of Brad's. Nikki excuses herself, and Brad says she is putting on a good face. "You'd never know Victor was getting married today!" As Brad asks if David is in on the home-run pool, David tells him that he is going to start trying to earn his money the old-fashioned way. Brad smirks, says, "Okay!" and then leaves. David then picks up the newspaper with the poker tournament ad! Nearby, Paul notices him reading it and he comes over. Paul taunts him, saying it must be tough with temptation like that everywhere. David coolly replies that there are 12 step meetings everywhere as well. Paul walks away and David gets on the phone. "Thank God you're there! I really need your help!" Paul pauses in the doorway and watches David suspiciously. David speaks to his sponsor frantically, telling him to help him through this!

    Indigo is now serving breakfast! Jana and Kevin are in for a bite, and Neil dishes with Jana about her standing up for Victor's bride. Michael and Lauren are also there, and when Kevin and Jana head out, Lauren chats about Jana being the maid of honor for a woman she hardly knows. Michael snarks that that is what happens when a woman marries her best friend's father!

    At Restless Style, Nick and Phyllis discuss the website and Katy Perry, but talk soon turns to his father's wedding. He says they'll go as spectators and that's fine. Victoria then arrives and says she is still confused as to whether she should attend. She claims that Nikki made some good points, and Nick says he agrees with mom - Victoria should be there! Victoria once again goes over how horrible the situation is for her, and Phyllis offers some words of advice before leaving. Vikki asks Nick if he truly has no doubt about attending. He says he doesn't. Suddenly, and idea occurs to Victoria and she perks up. "When the Minister says, 'speak now or forever hold your peace', that will be my opportunity to tell everyone how I feel about dad and Sabrina!" Nick tells her to get over the drama. Soon J.T. arrives and suggests that he and Reed take Vikki to the beach for the day. Victoria says she'd love nothing better! It isn't long though, before she is waffling again about attending her father's wedding. A patient J.T. tries to help her come to a decision.

    Jill and Katherine sit down at the Club bar and discuss business. Jill says they need to get ready for the wedding, but Kay says she needs to check in with Nikki first. Jill scoffs, "She let's everyone know how happy she is with her new husband at every opportunity - why would she care that Victor's getting married?" Katherine scolds Jill for her lack of sensitivity. After a few more terse words, Jill heads out and Katherine calls Nikki. Nikki tells her she is so glad that she called!

    Brad arrives at the Abbott Mansion and is thrilled to have Abby run into his arms! Ashley and Brad catch-up and she tells him that Gloria is staying there. Brad encourages her to move back and come to work at Jabot. They discuss Nikki and David's marriage and how Victor is now marrying Sabrina. Brad and Ashley agree that they've seen this all before - they marry other people, but ultimately it's the Victor and Nikki dance!

    Down at the barn, Adam and Victor are dressed in their suits and marveling at the transformation it has undergone. As they discuss who will be coming to the wedding, Victor takes that moment to explain who Ashley Abbott and Abby are, and to break the news that Abby is Adam's half-sister. Adam chuckles, "And I thought I was the youngest!" He tells Victor amiably that he looks forward to meeting them. Just then Jill arrives and jokes about Victor Newman being married in a barn! She looks across the room and spots Jabot employee Heather with Adam. She approaches and they assure her that their relationship will not affect company business. After they excuse themselves, Brad arrives and says to Jill, "Is that what it looks like?" Jill replies, "Unfortunately, yes." Nick and Phyllis arrive and Victor gushes over Summer in her little dress. Nick wishes Victor luck on his big day. Victor thanks him and says it is really too bad that his sister won't be there. Nick says she has made her choice and they need to just move on. Adam comes over and Nick greets him. Ashley and Abby greet Victor and Abby goes off to find Summer. Ashley then confides to Victor that she was very surprised when he called and said he would be getting married! Victor concedes it has been an unexpected occurrence. He sadly explains to Ash that Victoria won't be attending, and Ashley says she is very sorry to hear that. However, outside the barn, Victoria stands with J.T. and Reed!

    Katherine arrives at the stable where Nikki is visiting her new horse. Nikki explains that Sabrina has been riding Blue Smoke, so David bought her Athena. Katherine asks if Nikki is doing okay, and Nikki denies being upset about Victor's wedding and claims to be very happy with David. After Katherine leaves, Nikki calls David and leaves him a message, "David. Whatever you're doing stop - I want you to come with me on the first ride!" David, hears the message, but calls and books a flight to Las Vegas! He then turns up at the barn and blurts out to Nikki that he's sorry - but he wants a divorce! "I'm leaving you, Nikki!"

    Still at the Ranch, Zara takes Sabrina aside and berates her for choosing Jana as a maid of honor when she could have had Ashley Abbott or Lauren Fenmore! A livid Sabrina tells her not to say another negative word or she'll have security escort her to the airport immediately! Zara looks stunned!

    It is time for the wedding ceremony to begin. As Victor stands at the altar, Abby and Summer make their way up the aisle to oohs and aahs. Jana follows, watched closely by Kevin. Victor is then noticeably moved to see Victoria and her family walk in! Nick turns in his seat and smiles as he notices his sister. Soon the beautiful and stunning Sabrina appears, framed in the doorway. Victor beams!

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Victor says his vows to Sabrina.

    David says he has to go, but Nikki shouts, "No! It's not going to end like this!"

    Victoria overhears Zara on the phone saying, "I'm at Victor Newman's wedding and I have dozens of photographs! What do you think they're worth?"

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    Posted by l_s_b at Thursday, June 19 2008 11:16 AM

    Nikki go distroy victor and sabrinas wedding david please team up with ashley you 2 will make a great couple and sabi take your mamma back to france to the father of your child and leave my 2 favorite couple alone.( Victor NIKKI)

    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Friday, June 20 2008 12:55 AM

    "David Has Just Asked Nikki For A Divorce!"

    So soon a divorce already for Nikki and David?
    SAY it aint so!
    I can't believe he ask her that already, what's he really hidding or going to kill? Gulp!
    It hasn't been even a year yet!
    Yikes and Double yikes!
    Geeze, is he going to really kill her now, just as he did his first two wives?
    Somebody, anybody, call P.I. Paul Williams!
    Nikki dear: here's a song for you: "LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE!" by THE GROUP ROLLS ROYCE.
    He's gonna take your MONEY and RUN with IT.!
    Nikki dear, DID he SIGN a PRENUP paper?
    YOU need A divorce LAWYER, better CALL up oh MICHAEL Baldwin I need YOUR help FAST!
    Victor, TOLD you NOT to GET involved WITH him IN the FIRST place.
    YOU didn't LISTEN to HIM Nikki DEAR, such A fool!

    Posted by Turkeyteeth at Friday, June 20 2008 01:29 AM

    That came out from nowhere...David asking Nikki for a divorce. Who would have thought.

    Sabrina's Mother is something else. She needs to stay around for a while. It will give us somebody else to hate and talk about!

    Posted by soapwatcher101 at Friday, June 20 2008 02:02 AM

    There's a song by Kanye West that would describe Suckarina' mom. I'd ain't saying she's a goldigger but she ain't messing with no broke broke. David asking for a divorce never saw that one coming.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Friday, June 20 2008 05:41 AM

    soapwatcher101, LOL.

    Oh, this is getting good, David asked for a divorce I wonder how her face looked after he asked her? I guess if he divorces her, he thinks he can get some money from her. If she didn't get a prenup, she's a goner $$$,$$$,$$$!

    Posted by carlotta1960 at Friday, June 20 2008 05:50 AM

    I'll bet David asking Nikki for a divorce is just a ploy to pull her in further. He will say how unworthy he feels to have her and that he can't resist the urge to gamble and that he is going to divorce her for her own good... but there will be no divorce--not yet. I think he will end up trying to kill her or else he will be in deep debt to the loan shark again and the loan shark will try to bump her off to get David to have the money to pay up.

    Posted by artistah at Friday, June 20 2008 06:12 AM

    I did read something about David feeling bad about being a gambler and leaving Nikki but I didn't think it would happen so soon. I really thought he might end up being a bad guy. I hope they resolve his dead wives. They have been harping on that for a couple of weeks, but with the say things go lately I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't. Am I being too pessimistic?
    Why does Jill care if Adam and Heather date? She is not their mom... mind your own business. I REALLY thought the wedding was not going to happen.
    I am beginning to like Zara. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Hopefully she will reveal Sabrina as a golddigger.

    Posted by artistah at Friday, June 20 2008 06:14 AM

    Just read your post. You are probably right. Nikki will feel all bad for him and insist they "work on his addiction together" only to be taken for more $$.
    Where is Phyllis? Hopefully up to no good... we not some scheming in GC

    Posted by oldlady60 at Friday, June 20 2008 06:24 AM

    I love Sabrina's Mom. She will probably go after Victor just to satisfy her momey needs. She will tell him she has photos of them together and will sell them to the tabloids if he does not pay up. Then Victor will let her have it.

    Nikki how does it feel to find out that everyone was right about David??? How will you feel when he sues for half of the martial estate?? Remember he never signed a pre nup and he has friends who can do his dirty deeds for him.

    Can not wait for Kevin and Jana's wedding. That is going to be one heck of a wedding.

    Posted by chicky at Friday, June 20 2008 06:29 AM

    Oh sure, ask for the divorce after Victor is married. Just like David to mess everything up.

    I now think Sabrina is sincere about loving Victor. Her mom should heat things up. Perhaps her and Gloria will become really good friends.

    l_s_b: No like Ashley? Why?

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