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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Dodging Bullets!

    Monday, June 09 2008
    David convinces Nikki, the judge makes a ruling in the lawsuit, Gloria and Jeffrey's misunderstandings continue!

    In the Abbott pool house, Gloria tells Michael that a judge might go easier on her if she confesses. Michael tells her there will be no confession - not now, not if she's arrested, not ever. He reminds her that he and Lauren and Kevin might be arrested as well! Gloria tells her son to find her another way out then! Michael tells Gloria that Jeffrey hasn't actually told Jill what she did. Gloria looks at him, "He still loves me! I have to go to him!" As she leaves, Michael shouts, "Gloria?! Remember what I said!"

    At the Chancellor Estate, Jill presses Jeffrey to tell her exactly what it is that Gloria did in the past! He waffles, and Jill confronts him about telling her he had feelings for her when he still loves Gloria. She asks yet again to be told the truth about what Gloria did, but Jeff laughs that he just made it up to make her look worse. He thanks Jill for her kindness and offers to buy her dinner later in the week. After he leaves, Esther comes into the room and discovers his jacket - and the torn up 'deathbed confession of love' for Gloria in the pocket! Soon, Gloria turns up at the door and Jill won't let her see him. Behind Jill, Esther tries to gesture to Gloria that Jeffrey wrote her a note! Gloria leaves. Jill disappears and Esther finds Katherine and shows her the love note! Katherine calls Jeffrey downstairs and confronts him. "You love Gloria and are scamming my daughter!" Jeffrey notes that he feels like a smoker who's trying to quit! Katherine informs him that he is obsessed with Gloria. "Now what in the hell are you doing here?!"

    At the Ranch, Sabrina shows Victor a brochure of a sculpture garden that she would like to be married in. Adam comes in and they discuss the lawsuit. Adam promises that he will never make the same mistake twice!

    In her office at Jabot, Nikki asks David who Paul will say that he killed. David replies, "My first two wives!" Nikki tells David that she didn't know Paul was investigating him, but she knew that Victor had him investigated in the past. David presses her to believe that he is innocent, but Nikki is badly shaken. She asks him to tell her what happened. He says his first wife suffered from depression and committed suicide. He then describes his second wife as an adrenaline junkie who wrapped a Porsche around a light post! He then tells Nikki about Mina, and admits that he gambled all of his second wife's money away. David then moves on to the third wife who became paranoid and delusional. He explains that he left her and started seeing Carmen. Nikki asks why he never told her any of this before?! David apologizes. Nikki then gets a call that the judge is ready to rule, and leaves the office.

    Paul and Heather sit down together at the coffee house. He asks if she is seeing Brad. Heather confirms that she is not. They discuss Jabot, and Heather mentions that David is very protective of Nikki. Paul notes, "Watches every move she makes, huh?"

    At Restless Style, Sharon and Nick visit with Noah. When Noah goes off to play on a computer, Sharon tells Nick that Victor called and asked if Noah could come to his wedding. Nick says Noah is better off canoeing. Nick tells Sharon that Sabrina asked Vikki to be her Matron of Honor. Sharon is taken aback. She asks Nick if he is in the wedding. Nick says Victor hasn't mentioned it - he's not very dialed-in about what it means to be a father! As Sharon prepares to take Noah off to camp, Nick reminds him that he wants two letters everyday! They embrace. As Noah and Sharon leave, Sabrina comes in. She asks Nick if they could mend things before the wedding. Nick says it isn't going to happen. She presses him to be part of the wedding, but Nick says he assumes Adam is Best Man. "You see, my father didn't even give me a chance to say no!" Sabrina leaves and Sharon returns. She and Nick discuss their son growing up so fast, which naturally leads them to remember when Cassie started wearing make-up. Nick says kids think they're immortal. "But we know better than that."

    In the boardroom at Jabot, everyone arrives for the judge's ruling. The judge rules in favor of Newman Enterprises! Adam pumps his fist, Victor looks smug, and Jill looks disgusted! Out in the hall after, Victor tells Adam he dodged a bullet today! Inside the boardroom still, Nikki tells Jill they will appeal, but a furious Jill says they won't be spending another minute or another dime on this lawsuit! Heather stalks out and runs into David, telling him, "We've lost."

    Back in the pool house, Gloria calls someone and asks them to come over. "I could use a friend." Soon, Alistair arrives. Gloria laments that she still loves Jeffrey, but he doesn't want to see her again. As Alistair comforts her, Jeffrey looks at them through the door and gets the wrong idea!

    Paul arrives at Nikki's office. She asks him if someone hired him to investigate David. Paul confirms that no one asked him to, but there is plenty to worry about. She asks Paul, "As my friend, please, stop investigating my husband!" Paul leaves the office and David goes in. Nikki tells him that there will be no appeal on the lawsuit - Jill's orders. He suggests that she go over Jill's head to Katherine, but Nikki doesn't want to. As they get on the elevator to head home, Paul watches from the shadows, consumed with worry!

    Back at the Ranch, Victor fills Sabrina in on the outcome of the lawsuit. She is happy that now he will be able to ease up on Adam. Victor assures her that Adam will be fine - he is his son and is made of tough stuff!

    As Heather leaves Jabot, Adam appears outside the elevator and they formally discuss the lawsuit ruling. Once inside the elevator they passionately kiss!

    When Jill gets home, Katherine confronts her about Jeffrey. Jill stops her, however, and tells her mother she has heard it all before. She tells Kay not to worry, she's just playing with Jeffrey!

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Devon accuses Chloe of wanting to be with Cane. She tells him he is crazy!

    Lauren tells Jack good luck with the 'boundary thing' with Gloria!

    Alistair tells Jeffrey that Gloria is a tigress in the bedroom, and Jeffrey slugs him!

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    Posted by 667721 at Friday, June 06 2008 04:42 PM


    Posted by Barbee at Friday, June 06 2008 07:30 PM

    I WANT SOMETHING AWFUL TO HAPPEN TO JILL!! She has always been so nasty to everyone. I know Gloria has been a real bad person but Jill needs to get hers!!! Let's hope her mom fires her!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Keelex at Monday, June 09 2008 12:49 AM

    Barbee...and me both! I'm SO sick of Jill had her hateful antics.

    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Monday, June 09 2008 02:46 AM

    - The Nasty Antics Of Jill Abbott!

    1. ****Never keeps a man of very own
    2. *****Fighting with Kay, about being in love with Phillip Chancellor
    3. *******Never being nice to maid Esther ever
    4. *********Doesn't like Nikki, working for Jabot Cosmetics
    5. Using Alistair, to spy on Gloria
    6. **********Fired Gloria, from Jabot Cosmetics
    7. Had planned to marry Brock Renalds, before she knew that he was her brother (Kay's son)
    8. Slept with her stepson Jackieboy Abbott, while still married to John Abbott
    9. *************Doesn't like Ambrosia (Amber) Moore
    10.******Having a romp with Ji_Min Kim, in her office and got caught by William Bardwell before marrying Gloria (Abbott)

    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Monday, June 09 2008 03:49 AM

    - The Eye Shiner Seen On (Meffrey) Jeffrey's Face!

    Geeze that's a leftover punch eye shiner, that Money + Jeffrey= {Meffrey) still has from Michael trying to knock the [hello] out of him about his mother Gloria!
    Too bad the hot sauce wasn't on Micheal's fist, when he'd punched Jeffrey in the eye! [lol]
    Oh wait i got it: [The Hot Sauce Fist Punch] instead of having it in the coffee! [lol]
    The doctor, at the hospital should've checked [Meffrey's] brain, it says that: Damn Michael, why did you actually try to spend my head around- I'm not Linda Blair! [lol]

    Posted by BrookeFan101 at Monday, June 09 2008 04:18 AM

    Enough Jill bashing already! Gloria's sins are envy and stupidity. Katherine will back Jill in the end, and they will always have some conflict. Jill hasn't had a man worth trusting in memory that wasn't using her. Esther and Jill secretly will stick up for each other. Bring back Brock now!!!

    Aussie JILL FAN. Sharon also.

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Monday, June 09 2008 04:24 AM

    vernonda...ITA with your post about miserable Jill. she's just a bitter, unhappy woman.

    Yeah!!!!! Victor

    Posted by Candace at Monday, June 09 2008 05:00 AM

    Happy Monday Everyone!

    I can't believe Nikki is letting herself get taken for a ride this way - or so it appears! I just hopes she figures everything out before Paul or J.T. or Victor does it for her and she ends up with egg on her face!

    Jill does seem awfully bitter. She needs to lighten up with someone fun of her own - how about Larry Wartman!!


    Posted by Turkeyteeth at Monday, June 09 2008 05:19 AM

    Nikki is such a fool. In an effort to be a woman that is not under Victor's rule, she is finding she does need him as she is not competent enough for the position she is holding. How can an uneducated stripper be a CEO? That gives such a wrong impression to young people that you don't need an education.

    I am glad Victor won. That was a crazy lawsuit anyway.

    David Chow. I can't believe that Nikki married him without getting his personal history. What an idiot. What? They didn't talk before marriage? Was this just physical attraction and sex? Why does Nikki still use Victor's last name?

    I like the tension between Jeffery and Gloria. It makes for a good storyline and I like watching Gloria off 'her medication' as she does need to be medicated for bipolar. Yikes. Is her life a mess.

    Have a good day all.

    Posted by Momschild at Monday, June 09 2008 05:29 AM

    Well, at least Devon see Chloe for what she is. Make her go away and leave Lily and Cane alone plus Lily doesn't see Chloe for what she is. She can't get a man of her own, so she goes after someone else's. Like I said last week Nikki is so gullible. When will she find out the truth?

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