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    The Reluctant Hostess!

    Friday, June 06 2008
    Sharon helps Gloria, Jill continues to scheme, and the lawsuit swings in favor of Jabot.

    At Jabot, David suggests a change in the tag for the Jabot Retro line to Nikki. She agrees with his idea. Just then, Heather walks in with Paul. David nervously asks what he is doing there. Paul smiles and says that Nikki asked him to be there. Nikki explains that there is a meeting about the lawsuit this morning. Heather informs Nikki that Victor will be there.

    At the Ranch, Victor tells Sabrina about the upcoming meeting that morning. He and Sabrina also discuss the wedding, and she concedes that they can't force Nick and Victoria to be a part of it if they truly don't want to be. Adam comes in and father and son agree that they are ready to take on Jabot at the meeting. Victor states that they will regret taking on him and his company!

    Esther answers the phone at the Chancellor Mansion. It's Gloria. Esther pleads with her to stop calling! Gloria tries to wheedle information about Jeffrey out of her, but Jill comes in and takes the phone. When Gloria asks if Jeffrey is alright, Jill tells her, "It's just a nightmare, Gloria! Jeffrey died last night." Behind her, Esther's eyes become huge with surprise! Once Jill is off the phone, Esther scolds Jill for doing that to Gloria! At that point, Jeffrey comes into the room looking great. Jill tells him Gloria's been calling constantly, and he says he would've liked to speak to her. Jill shakes her head and suggests he sue her. However, Jeff continues to defend Gloria, to Jill's chagrin.

    At the Abbott Mansion, Sharon and Jack share breakfast with Noah and discuss his preparations for camp. When Gloria's name comes up, Jack tells Sharon she is being a good sport about all of this. They discuss the hot sauce incident. Jack and Noah head out the door. Soon, Gloria comes into the room and tells Sharon that Jill told her Jeff is dead! She begs Sharon to call over there and find out if it's really true! Sharon tells Gloria she is just a reluctant hostess, but is soon swayed by Gloria's pleading. Sharon calls, and speaks to Jill, who puts Jeffrey on the phone. Sharon hands the phone to Gloria. She speaks to Jeffrey and tells him that Jill wouldn't let her see him and then said he was dead. Jeff turns to look at Jill with the evil eye, then tells Gloria she'll need to apologize in person!

    In an office at Jabot, Nikki briefs Paul on the issues with the lawsuit, then leaves him alone with David. David and Paul discuss Mina, then Paul asks what became of the fortune he inherited. David admits he gambled it away. Just then, Brad comes in. Paul excuses himself. Brad warns David that Paul is very good at what he does and he shouldn't let him get too close. Brad says, "We don't want him to find out about your gambling problem." He then asks David where his past due money is, and David promises a payment that day!

    At Crimson Lights, Noah tells Jack that he is worried about Gloria being around Fisher - and his mom! Jack says he understands, then tells Noah he wouldn't have let her back in if he thought she would hurt anyone. Jack says he's following his instincts like his father, John, taught him to. He promises to look out for Sharon and Fisher, and Noah says he trusts him to do so.

    In the Jabot boardroom, Adam encounters Heather and tells her that with the suit and glasses she reminds him of Wonder Woman! She smiles and asks to table the conversation until later - if he's up for it! Michael comes in and informs Heather she is going to learn a lesson. Out in the hallway, Nikki and Victor give each other a little dig before heading into the meeting. Both sides admit they can't agree on a settlement, so the judge calls for a recess to review the lab reports. When she returns the judge suggests they settle. They can't. The judge gives Michael a heads-up, then says she'll rule after hearing their final motions. Heather tells Nikki that this is very good for them - they're one step away from winning! Nearby, Victor is reaming out Michael. Nikki wanders over and acts gloaty. Victor gruffly warns her not to get ahead of herself!

    At the GCAC gym, David meets with Walter and promises paying back the money will not be a problem this time. As Paul listens nearby, Walter thanks David for the guest pass. David tells him it's the least he can do. When David leaves, Paul chats with Walter. Paul walks away and Walter calls David to tell him that a man named Williams was snooping around. David admits he is a P.I., and Walter becomes angry, warning David this had better not affect him!

    Gloria arrives at the Chancellor Mansion and Jill answers the door. Gloria calls her a sick woman, and Jill counters by telling her that she knows this isn't the first time she's done something like this - Jeffrey told her! Gloria falls into Jill's trap. "But he promised he'd never tell anyone!" Jeffrey comes downstairs and Gloria turns on him. "How could you?! Do you really feel the need to destroy me that much?!" As she runs out of the house, Jeffrey is left standing utterly confused! Jill insists that she did nothing to upset Gloria, and Jeff says he knows - she is just an innocent bystander! Jill says Gloria has a guilty conscience and that maybe if he tells her more, she could help!

    Jack and Noah arrive home. Jack and Sharon discuss how quiet the house will be - except for Gloria! Sharon fills Jack in on the drama from earlier and admits she felt sorry for Gloria. Jack embraces her. As Noah finishes his packing, Jack and Sharon help out. Suddenly, Gloria storms through the front door talking on her cell phone. "I need to talk to you now!" Jack raises his eyebrows! He and Sharon worry about what kind of madness is going on now!

    Victor gets home to the Ranch and asks Sabrina to let him alone with Adam for a moment to talk about the lawsuit. He tells him bluntly that there is a lesson to be learned here in being arrogant and overconfident - both in buying the company and in thinking he could easily get them out of it! Adam slinks away.

    Out in the pool house, Gloria meets with Michael and she tells him Jeffrey is sending her to jail after all - he told Jill about the poison cream! Michael is stunned. Gloria tells Michael that she is exhausted and wants to go to the police before they come to her! "It's time for a confession!"

    At Crimson Lights, Paul sits with his laptop, looking up all the dirt on Walter. He discovers that he's a loan shark with a criminal past and says to himself, "That ties everything up nicely, doesn't it?"

    In Nikki's office, David stands looking out the window, replaying Paul's words in his mind. Nikki comes in saying, "Heather is preparing the motion now. If the judge accepts it - we'll win!" As she sits down at her desk, David turns. "Nikki listen to me. Your friend Paul Williams is investigating me." Nikki is stunned. "What? Why?" David says he doesn't know, but she should be prepared - Paul will be telling her that he is still gambling, that he is not to be trusted, and that he's a killer! Nikki is floored!

    Next on The Young and the Restless:

    Jill says to Jeffrey, "You haven't even told me yet what Gloria allegedly did. Did she deliberately hurt somebody?"

    Nick tells Sabrina, "My father didn't even give me a chance to say no."

    As the judge prepares to make her ruling in the lawsuit, Victor looks very smug!

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    Posted by 667721 at Thursday, June 05 2008 04:26 PM


    Posted by Keelex at Friday, June 06 2008 01:28 AM

    Wow is right. I'm FLOORED!

    Posted by Innocence86 at Friday, June 06 2008 01:54 AM

    Surprisingly, I'm starting to feel bad for Gloria. It seems like she trying to come around. I have to say that I feel worse for Jill who is that desperate to have a relationship with Jeffery, and how childish she's acting. I hope that Gloria and Jeffery get back together

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, June 06 2008 02:37 AM

    I hope the judge rules against Victor and wipe that smugged look right off his face.

    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Friday, June 06 2008 03:17 AM

    - Geezs I'm Gonna Need A Kleenex And Jail Cell, Screams Gloria!

    Wow Gloria looks like she was ran through a car wash along with her guiltiness!
    Oh now she wants to confess everything to her lawyer son Michael.
    Good grief Gloria's about to sing like the fat lady and ruin her family as well all in one blow.
    Clearly this whole family is going down like the boat Titanic very fast.
    Michael can kiss his Law Career good bye and Kevin can forget about marrying Jana or have his job at Jabot, Crimson Lights either.
    Hey Gloria, don't you know that [Lose Lips Sink Ships and having a guilty conscience] doesn't really help either. This goes way below for Gloria, i feel pity for her all the way.
    From Detroit to Genoa City with nothing, married for love n money, marries again and gets flat broke by Meffery (Jeffery).
    Next going off to prison and wearing a jumpsuit at the same time.
    I thought i was watching: [Cry Me A River]- Gloria's watery eyes that's like a running spout![lol]
    Puh lease, give Gloria a large box of kleenex anybody or somebody?!
    The Gloria waterworks are killing me with such sadness! [lol]

    Posted by Turkeyteeth at Friday, June 06 2008 04:04 AM

    Wow. Sounds like a good show. I can't wait until 12:30 to watch.
    *Jill is such an idiot. Doesn't she know that she can't keep those two apart?
    *I hope Jeffery and Gloria get back together. At least their interaction was funny and a change of pace between the ho hum of the others.
    *The lawsuit between Victor and Nikki is ridiculous. I hope the judge just drops it for its stupidity.
    *I love the interaction between Adam and Heather. HOT.
    *Sharon is softening up towards Gloria a bit. Jack and Sharon need her there to give their lives a little spark. It is so married. So predictable.
    *Can you believe David Chow said that?????? Who will Nikki believe? Someone she has known, loved and trusted for 30 years or some flyby night loser she just met a year ago? This will be the turning point for Nikki to see if she has what it takes to be a powerful woman or a woman who is still under the rule of some man. We will see. We will see.

    Posted by ohioan123 at Friday, June 06 2008 05:08 AM

    Now Gloria is ready to confess. What she needs to do if she has really changed is get Katerine and Jack together and confess to them before going to the police. I will never feel sorry for that witch. Its about time she starts to feel guilty. Its a whole lot more behind this than just Gloria and the face cream - there was the coverup and the tapping into the computers and a whole bunch of mess. Kevin use to work at Jabot but what happened - why didn't Jill fire him too? Oh that's right I forgot he'll be back when he needs to tap into someone elses computer or bug the conference room. We certainly can see how this is going to play out - poor little Gloria - let's just forgive her. WRONG answer.

    Victor is going to start to feel how much he really misses Nick and especially Victoria running things at Jabot. Little Adam is not all that Victor thought he was in the world of business. He is still wet behind the ears. I still think that Nick and Victoria are acting they way they should.

    Posted by Momschild at Friday, June 06 2008 05:10 AM

    David is trying to get ahead of Paul and gullible Nikki believes the snake. I hope Paul gets more info before he says anything to Nikki. She probably won't believe him, though. We'll see though.

    Posted by ohioan123 at Friday, June 06 2008 05:10 AM

    Sorry I meant running things at Newman.

    Posted by tee22 at Friday, June 06 2008 05:36 AM

    that was sick for jill 2 tell gloria that jeff was dead. she really needs 2 wake up and realize that he really doesn;t want 2 b with her he wants gloria.

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