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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    Once an Ambulance Chaser...

    Monday, March 31 2008
    Michael's ire is raised as he discovers the truth. David's gambling impulses are revving up. Sabrina invites Victor on a trip.

    A frustrated Michael, unable to catch Alistair, comes back into the Abbott Mansion and berates Jack and Sharon who feign complete denial. Michael warns that Lauren got hurt and they're responsible. Again, he demands that they tell him the truth about John Abbott's double! He turns on Sharon and says he thought she was Lauren's friend! To stop Michael's attack on Sharon, Jack tells him the truth about hiring Alistair. Michael is furious that they hired an actor who may have been totally insane. He threatens a lawsuit and Jack retorts, "Once an ambulance chaser, always an ambulance chaser, huh, Mikey?!" Michael lunges at Jack and Sharon pulls them apart. Meanwhile at Lauren's place, Kevin and Gloria decide to go looking for John's double and leave Lauren with Jana! At the Club, Jeffrey takes a call from Jack, who fills him in on Michael knowing the truth. Jeff realizes this means Gloria and Kevin will both soon know as well, and decides to head to the coffee house!

    At Crimson Lights, Jill argues with Katherine about her idea of returning to work. She tells Kay she is having trouble understanding what it is she really wants! Meanwhile, in the coffee house doorway, Alistair makes his way inside! As he tries to order an alcoholic beverage, Kay approaches and tells him he reminds her of someone she once knew. As Katherine leaves, Alistair follows her. Back at the Chancellor Estate, Kay again remarks on how much the stranger reminded her of John. She tells Jill she's getting back to work on her memoirs and Jill sighs. Jill then heads upstairs and Alistair lurks outside the door. Later, Jill decides to go out and Kay stays home alone to work on her book. When she investigates a noise, she sees Alistair and invites him in, first asking if she should fear for her life. He comes in and tells her that his name is Alistair. She asks if he knows John Abbott. He replies not personally. He asks if she can give him a drink and some food, or should he be on his way. Kay asks him to stay and chat. Suddenly Jill comes back in and gasps, thinking that Alistair is John. As Jill runs to get food and brandy for him, Kay suggests that they call Jack and Sharon. When Jill comes back, Alistair pleads with them to tell him about the beautiful Gloria - he wants to know if she is as beautiful inside as she is outside. Kay and Jill dissolve into fits of laughter!

    At Brad's place, a game of five-card stud gets underway. Nikki tries to reach David but he ignores her call. David becomes intense and competitive as the cards are dealt. Brad shrewdly notes the change in David. The stakes get higher and David continues in the game as Brad eyes him with a satisfied air. As Adrian and Cane prepare to leave, David urges them to keep playing - just another round! They all decline and say goodnight. Brad teases David about winning the night, and offers to sponsor him in a poker tournament. David says no, but Brad tells him if he changes his mind to let him know. As David leaves, Brad looks thoughtful.

    At Newman Enterprises, Victoria corners her father to ask what he thinks of Nick's venture. Victor doesn't think it will succeed, but says he admires Nick's enthusiasm. Victoria then admits that she feels bad about accusing Adam of being responsible for the security breach - he must have felt horrible. Victor hugs her and asks that she just give Adam a chance. Victoria remarks on how nice it's been having Sabrina around and Victor agrees. Nikki then comes in to pick up Victoria for a dinner date.

    Michael arrives back at home and Jana leaves the room. Michael thanks her for staying with Lauren. Michael tells Lauren that Jack and Sharon hired someone to play John's ghost. Lauren exclaims, "That's crazy!" Michael snaps about what could have happened to his wife, and she tries to calm him down. Michael settles down, but vows to Lauren that Jack is through torturing his family - he won't let him get away with this! Meanwhile, down at the coffee house, Gloria and Kevin pretend to know nothing when Jeffrey comes in and approaches them. Jeff, relieved, beats a hasty retreat home! Back at Michael and Lauren's house, a stressed out Michael heads into the other room with law books and a determined air. Lauren tells Jana that when it comes to Jack Abbott, she's afraid of what her husband might do! Jeffrey, meanwhile, has arrived back at the Abbott Mansion and he, Jack and Sharon speculate on what Gloria and the gang will do next and where Alistair has gone. They hope that he has disappeared for good. Jack worries that Michael will use this to keep Gloria in the house forever. Sharon sighs and says she is so tired of this. Jeffrey notes that he certainly doesn't want to stay in the house. Just then, Gloria comes in with Kevin. Not far behind is Michael. Once they are all gathered in the living room, Michael asks for someone to tell Gloria the truth. When no one speaks up, Michael tells her himself that they hired an actor to play John. Gloria smirks that she's known for days, and that once again, Jack has insulted the memory of his father! Kevin decides to leave and Gloria announces that she is going upstairs for a nice hot bath - and then they'll talk about what she expects from all of them to make amends! Sharon calls Lauren and apologizes to her - she asks if she can come over, but Lauren says she is going to bed. Sharon then says she'll come over first thing in the morning!

    At the Club, Victoria and Nikki share dinner while discussing business warily, noting that they are now competitors. Suddenly, Sabrina calls Victoria and is effusive about the weather in Los Angeles. She says she has found a couple pieces of art that Victor might be interested in, but wants to know if Victoria thinks she should call him about it. Victoria tells her to go ahead. Victoria returns to the table and tells her mother that Sabrina wants her to visit her in Los Angeles. She then remarks that Sabrina was the one who talked Victor into attending the Restless Style party. Nikki is surprised she was able to do so. Meanwhile, back at Newman Enterprises, Adam and Victor get together for a chat and plan to have dinner. Just then, Sabrina calls Victor to tell him about the art she has seen in Los Angeles. She thinks he should come and see it in person. He thoughtfully puts down the phone. As Victor strides out of the office, Adam asks if they are still on for dinner. Victor jovially says they are, at the Club! Adam notes Victor's happy mood. Back at the Club, Victoria has left, and David joins Nikki. She is surprised to hear that he has been at Brad's house. Just then, Adam and Victor arrive and are seated. Victor tells his son that he plans on going to Los Angeles! Later on that night, after Nikki and David have gone home, he stays up late and makes a phone call to see if the "regular game" is still on!

    Next on The Young and the Restless

    Jeffrey wrestles Gloria into a lip-lock!

    David asks Brad not to tell Nikki about the poker game!

    Neil tells Victor that he feels Victoria and Adam are making a real effort, not to get along, but to undermine each other!

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    Posted by 667721 at Saturday, March 29 2008 09:33 AM

    hmmmmm.........pity pity gloria.**sigh** when is that woman ever going to learn?

    Posted by antionnette at Monday, March 31 2008 12:36 AM

    posted by antionnette at saturday march 29 2008 10:33am NO one is gone to like whats gone happen wednesday i might even stop looking at it or i might fast forward through it I cant give it away because candance remove my comment but I SURE everyone know what its gone be.

    Posted by caterpillar at Monday, March 31 2008 06:17 AM

    Michael sure has a lot of nerve to be asking Sharon how she could do this to Lauren when she should be her friend. First of all why was Lauren in Jack house was she not spying on Jack. Now Is Jack not a friend of Lauren did she not stoop just as low? I think whoever is writing these storylines i really trying to pssss off the viewers. Have a great day everyone looking forward to the posting.

    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Monday, March 31 2008 06:21 AM



    I was reading your last post entry over the weedend, concerning Lily's apparent fainting spell on friday's show at The Restless Style Magazine Opening Party.

    - A Theory of Maybe If's & Not If's In Faint Land: One Night In A Paris Looking Hotel Room, At Gina's!

    I bet a million Paris Coins, that Lily might aleady be with a growing seed and tired at the same time from her passion filled Valentine's Day love making with [Slick-a-Cane]> now wouldn't that be a hoot of a reason for her fainting spell! [lol]
    Then Y & R, should bring back Olivia, Nate, Jr. and Malcome with Drucilla!
    I Bet that, Devon's chances of ever wanting Lily for himself are rising in the oven of no-way-brother land of dooming lustings, ouch! [lol]
    Then not eating wouldn't be the real problem, here for Lily now.
    Geeze, Daniel might've missed a few [swims]; when he used to make love to her in their fake marriage, ha, ha!
    Now that Daniel's actually with Amber, maybe he won't miss a few swims either this time around. [lol]
    Chloeriform's lovely chances for a wishful lusting fairy tale happiness with Cane would be blown right into [speed junkie orbit.][lol]
    Then Lily, would have to rethink her options of:
    1. Quit her molding career
    2. Leave her College behind
    3. Marry Cane and live with Kay, Jill together
    4. Admitt to herself, that she needs her momsy and dadsy; if Neil doesn't kill Cane first n not ready to be a parent yet!!
    5. Use a bit more protection, with [Slick-a-Cane.]
    I'd say that, making n baking cookies the wrong way= Trouble!
    Atleast, she'd wouldn't have to ever go on [The Maury Povitch Show] and hear: [You Are The Father!], ha ha! [lol]
    She'd sock Chloe for good, if she was ever pregnant for real. [lol]
    Chloe would need an ambulance chasrer for a lawyer, ha ha!

    * Have A Great Day!
    These are just my opinion thoughts, folks!

    Posted by shagans at Monday, March 31 2008 06:21 AM

    When is that WITCH gonna pay for what she has done!SHE is the one who has insulted the Abbott name and she needs to get hers!!!!!

    Posted by ohioan123 at Monday, March 31 2008 06:31 AM

    caterpillar - I agree totally with you. Michael has a lot of nerve asking Sharon how could she to that to Lauren. If Sharon only knew the back-handed stunts Lauren helped them with or covered up.

    Well they found a way to bring John back into the story. I wonder what the back story is behind Allistar. At least we don't have to watch John appear as Jack's conscious anymore.

    Gloria and her clan need to get their due. It isn't even worth watching them. It is time to close this story line - it has gone on long enough.

    Posted by YandR4ever at Monday, March 31 2008 06:40 AM

    I think Gloria is hilarious and so dramatic. I think Judith Chapman does an amazing job playing this gold-digging, high strung character, but I think enough is enough when it comes to this house. I want Jack to stay in the house. Jack not in the Abbott mansion is like Victor living at the Club, it just does not make sense. Even Phyllis served time and now it's time for Gloria to get in trouble for something. Where is this Alister thing going?! I'd like Kay to have someone, but not an alcoholic that could possibly get her on that path again.

    Posted by Melrose - Place at Monday, March 31 2008 06:50 AM

    I think Michael should be Disbar,he was an ex con and he still unethical lawyer,him and his family included Booria has to be exposed,Michael still can get a job at his brother coffee house,to serve latte instead being a crook Lawyer.......

    Posted by Sahara Queen at Monday, March 31 2008 07:02 AM

    I totally agree Melrose,Baldwin is an unethical lawyer,quess he has not learn being in jail before,once Con is hard to be decent human being,obviously as officer of the Law,he abuse them.
    also that pathetic Lauren,glad I never feel sorry when Sheila terrorizing her,I knew she/Lauren was fake,Sheila should have finish her off in the past or make her mentally ill so she can stay at Mental Ins. ,so she dont harras Jack anymore.

    Posted by ADFBuffie at Monday, March 31 2008 07:07 AM

    O please put the post from Wednesday back on. What is going to happen....What is going to happen?

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