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    Wednesday, March 19 2008
    Jake is shocked by Alistair's appearance, Danny puts blame on Phyllis, and Nikki makes an appointment with Heather...

    When Alistair shows up at The Club, Sharon and Jack start making plans to make the man presentable to Gloria – as John! As they explain that he’ll need to impersonate a real, dead person, Alistair claims he’s done this may times! After Sharon hands him a picture of John, and Jack hands Alistair one of John’s suits, the man goes into the bathroom to change, leaving Sharon and Jack wondering if he’ll be able to pull it off… Just when Sharon and Jack agree this was a bad idea, Alistair rejoins them and Jack is in awe, gasping, “Dad…” A cleanly shaved Alistair looks remarkably like John! After the initial shock, Jack warns that if Alistair talks to anyone about this ‘secret prank’ he won’t get paid the $10,000! Sharon and Jack continue to explain Alistair’s new role, to which Alistair promises to give them the performance of his career!

    At the mansion, Gloria holds John’s suit jacket then asks Jeffrey, “Did you put this there? It’s John’s jacket.” Although Jeffrey denies it, Gloria accuses him of trying to drive her crazy! After Jeffrey claims to have fallen in love with Gloria, he suggests she get out of the house – to clear her mind. Once she walks away, Jeffery snickers then calls Jack with an update!

    Gloria goes to the coffeehouse and worries to Kevin that John may be haunting her – or that she may just be cracking up – then leaves again. Later, Kevin leaves Gloria a message to say that Jack and Sharon have arrived – and that he too thinks they’re up to something!

    Sharon and Jack walk into the coffeehouse and worry about Alistair’s accent but can’t deny how much he looks like John! While Sharon goes to get some sugar for her coffee, John’s real ghost appears and asks Jack how he thinks he’ll be able to pull off this latest stunt! Still disappointed in Jack, John snaps, “Just give Gloria the house!”

    Paul pays Nikki a visit at Jabot, wondering if she has any job openings for his daughter, Heather Stevens. When Nikki puts two and two together, Paul explains that no one knows his relation to Heather – but that she’s making a career change and he’d like her stay in Genoa City. Smiling, Nikki takes Heather’s number and agrees to see what she could do! After Paul leaves, Nikki calls Heather about a legal position at Jabot, to which Heather agrees to come by and discuss it!

    Gloria arrives at Jabot and talks business with Nikki. Just then, Jill appears and disagrees with some of Nikki’s ideas. While Nikki takes a call regarding ‘her interview’ Jill storms out – and Gloria follows to annoy her with an offer to take Nikki’s place at Jabot! Back inside the boardroom, during her interview with Heather, Nikki asks if she really thought she could put a man like Victor Newman behind bars! Feeling chastised, Heather questions Nikki’s motives then goes to leave. However, Nikki convinces her to stay – and claims, “I was testing you to make sure you had a backbone! I think you’ll fit in here very well.” Heather is definitely interested in the job!

    Over at Amber’s, Amber scolds Daniel for the way he acted toward Danny and tries to soften Daniel’s hurt where his father is concerned. Amber tries to sway Daniel to head to the warehouse with her, but Daniel refuses – not wanting to see his mother either!

    At Restless Style, Patrick shows Phyllis how the press is connecting Victor to their magazine, making Phyllis livid! However, Patrick assures her he’ll call a press release to correct this then asks for a hip picture of Nick – without him wearing the funky sweaters! When Nick shows up with Danny, talk of Daniel comes up, to which Danny informs Phyllis of his confrontation with Daniel – and how Phyllis is to blame! Just as Nick tries to calm Danny down, Patrick appears and takes Danny away to talk business – not before Danny warns, “I’m going to make this right with Daniel, Phyllis!”

    When Amber arrives at the warehouse, Phyllis lays into her for being late but calms down when Amber relays how upset Daniel is. Although Phyllis doesn’t like Amber’s suggestion that she go speak with him, Phyllis rushes off to see her son.

    Phyllis enters Amber’s apartment, goes to Daniel and apologizes for not getting to Daniel before Danny did. However, Daniel claims she should have warned him the minute she intended to invite Danny to town. Phyllis begs Daniel not to do anything stupid and reminds him of what Nick is going through with Victor. “He’s is your father. He raised you,” Phyllis says. “He loves you.” Phyllis admits to not being a good mom when he was little then says, “It’s not his fault… I want you to try.” No matter how much Daniel wants to forget everything – and everybody – he promises to go back to work but refuses to talk to Danny.

    Arriving at the warehouse together, Daniel leaves Phyllis to her work and goes to Amber, who is happy he showed up – and warns, “Don’t let things from your past ruin this for you… This is our time.” Across the room, after Jack leaves to meet an ‘old friend’, Phyllis talks to Sharon about an old friend she ran into – Danny. Later, Nick impresses Sharon by the way he handles the press!

    Later, at the coffeehouse, Danny thinks back to how unhappy Daniel was to find out he wasn’t his real father – until Paul interrupts. Like old friends, Paul and Danny talk about their kids, to which Danny thinks it might be best to just leave town now. However, Paul knows deep down that would hurt Daniel. With Danny on the patio, Paul is approached by Heather who boosts about a job interview she had with Nikki Newman! Paul then briefly introduces her to Danny, where she realizes he is Daniel’s father.

    Just then, Phyllis shows up and tries to apologize to Danny. Though Danny is furious, Phyllis begs him to talk to Daniel then impresses Danny with her love for her son. “You have to work this out with Daniel,” Phyllis begs. “You have to fix this.”

    Jack quickly heads back to The Club to get Alistair then leaves… Back at the mansion, Gloria arrives home and tells Jeffrey she’s back to ‘reality’ and plans to forget all the crazy coincidences she’s been experiencing! While Jeffery is tickling her, Gloria sees John looking in the dining room window – and screams in fear!

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    Posted by Amy at Wednesday, March 19 2008 10:37 AM

    Hi everybody,

    I'm filling in for Candi today - she'll be back Monday when Y&R returns! Enjoy the recap!

    Have a great week!
    Assistant to the Editor-In-Chief

    Posted by wowbabyits2008 at Wednesday, March 19 2008 10:41 AM

    Thanks Amy!

    OMG, today's show was awesome. Danny going at it with Phyllis. (John) coming back and scaring the crap out of Gloria at Jack's urging.

    I am so happy, this is like the old Y&R I used to know and love!

    Please keep it up writers!!!

    Posted by Chrissi at Wednesday, March 19 2008 10:44 AM

    I loved today's show as well!

    Posted by MAURITIUS at Wednesday, March 19 2008 10:46 AM

    I hope that actor Jack hire will kick Gloria azz out the Abbot mansion,Jack time is coming,he need his break now...

    Posted by artistah at Wednesday, March 19 2008 10:46 AM

    This is out of the blue but I was trying to remember if Neil had a drinking problem a while back and what started it. Can anyone remind me?
    I love the John imitator. Good thing in soap land you can find "twins" of the dead.
    Why is Daniel so angry with Danny? Did they hide the fact that he was not his real father? Remember when Daniel hated his mother too? Did he hate both of them and didn't he live with Danny before coming to GC?

    Posted by wowbabyits2008 at Wednesday, March 19 2008 10:51 AM

    I'm trying to figure out why Daniel hates Danny so much too?! Others have said because Danny didn't let Daniel know that he wasn't his bio father and/or he shipped him off to boarding school. Whatever it is, I'm sure its just cuz we need to see some drama in Danny's return.

    And hopefully in Danny's return we can dredge up Phyllis' horrid past. Cuz I've been so sick of her being portrayed as this great wonderful woman when we all (ok, us long time viewers)know her past.

    Posted by American_ Pie at Wednesday, March 19 2008 10:54 AM

    hei MAURITIUS,ITA..I am so sick of Glorilla too.
    hmm I think its not Danny fault about Daniel not knowing who his real father is,its Phylis responbilities to tell him and it was Phylis fault Daniel was taken away coz she was declare as an unfit mother.
    I wonder if Danny ever tell Daniel if her syco Mother Phylis was drug him and seduce him or other word Rape him in the past thats why he ended marry Phylis...hmm,I think Phylis would be so ashamed about that one...LOL

    Posted by bigsky06 at Wednesday, March 19 2008 10:55 AM

    I hope John scares Gloria and her family all the way to the looney bin. Hopefully he can also kinda unnerve Jack too. I know this is Jacks idea but it needs to blow up in his face! It's really nice to have Jerry Douglas back.

    Posted by wowbabyits2008 at Wednesday, March 19 2008 10:57 AM

    AmericanPie, wouldn't that be a good story line for Phyllis have to confess all and face her past. From what I remember, Danny and Cricket (his wife at the time) had never told Daniel the truth about Phyllis in order to protect him. Now years later he hates his dad?! I hope the writers do their homework on this one...cuz too many of us remember well!

    Posted by MAURITIUS at Wednesday, March 19 2008 11:01 AM

    American Pie - I still cant believe woman rape a man thats gross ..real gross..LOL..I doubt Danny told daniel about that one,Danny is very nice man,you know Daniel would feel disgusted to his mother if he know...LOL
    I dont believe Zephylis just yet,hmm actually never,character stay in you,people just dont change,you cant,you wont coz thats part of you,coz if it is she will come clean to all the terrible crimes she had done in the past...yay..yay..

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