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    Jack Feels Betrayed!!!

    Friday, September 28 2007
    Jack reacts to Sharon’s betrayal, was Ji Min murdered, Jana freaks Phyllis out!!!

    At Newman Enterprises, Jack looks stunned. Brad and Sharon ask him what’s wrong. He tells them, “I was just reading another political blog, I think the way the press is vilifying you for standing by my side is starting to get to me.” Sharon tells him he should stop reading that stuff. He replies, “The problem is they don’t know you like I know you, for them to take shots of your integrity, for them to imply that you are dishonest. I mean that that’s just wrong.” Brad states, “What’s wrong is that you were dragged into this mess in the first place.” Jack remembers the conversation Brad and Sharon were just having about her kiss with Nick. He excuses himself to make a phone call. Brad releases the speaker button. Sharon exchanges looks with Brad.

    At the Club, Daniel and Noah spend time together. Nick walks in and jokes with them. Noah talks about Jack lying and getting “busted” and informs Nick he got into a fight at school about Jack. Nick appreciates his honesty but they will discuss it later. Noah admits it wouldn’t have happened if Jack had told the truth. Nick advises Noah “People make mistakes, but being a man is owning up to them when you do make them.”

    In Jail, Jana tells Phyllis that she is “over the moon” about them being bunk mates. Phyllis informs her “Jana, its not like I have buried treasure or anything, you’re not going to gain anything by going after me.” Jana exclaims, “Its Carmen, I get it. Your sense of humor is so great!”

    Later, Phyllis speaks to the Warden and requests another cellmate. She tells him that Jana “scares” her. He refuses and also tells her he knows Victor has been placing calls to “people high up in the states government”. He tells her “Lucky for me, I’m already vested in my pension plan and I’m far too cranky too be influenced by billionaires.” Phyllis asks to make a call to her husband and he tells her that her calling card is empty and as soon as she works to gain more minutes, she can call anyone she likes

    At Jabot, Jill and Cane are trying to fix her computer. Katherine walks in, upset about a blog that continues to cause problems for Jabot because of Jack. Jill lets her know she hasn’t seen the blog because her hard drive isn’t working since Katherine had it checked for security breaches. They discuss the security issues. Jill is stressed out and tells Cane “I will relax dear, when they figure out who bugged our offices, now do they know anything more?”

    Maggie knocks and apologizes for interrupting. She tells them the Coroner’s Autopsy Report on Ji Min is completed, but it raises some questions. Kay asks, “Really, what kind of questions.” Maggie informs them “Although its possible that his death was the result of an accidental fall, it now seems more likely that we are dealing with a crime.” Jill exclaims, “I knew it! I knew it!” Maggie goes on to explain, “The Coroner found contusions on various parts of Ji Min’s body, including abrasions on the knuckles of his right hand. These injuries are consistent with a physical altercation.” Maggie continues, “The Coroner’s conclusion is that Ji Min died due to a blow to his throat, which crushed his larynx and the upper portion of his trachea causing acute asphyxiation. Now although it is possible this could have happened in a fight, its also possible that he accidentally fell.” Maggie tells them they will be re-interviewing everyone that Ji Min spoke to the day that he died and that if anyone was targeting him, they will find out. Jill tells Maggie, “Oh, please, we all know who wanted Ji Min dead.”

    At Newman, Sharon worries to Brad if Jack overheard their conversation. She questions herself as to why she would even talk about the “kiss” in the middle of the office. She tells Brad, “If he finds out about this kiss, this is going to be bad and with everything that Jack has going on right now, this is the last thing he needs.” Brad tells her, “I won’t tell if you don’t tell.” Sharon really appreciates his support. Brad remembers Sharon crying in his arms. He tells Sharon “You will never have to worry about me abandoning you.” She thanks him and leaves.

    Kevin visits Jana in Jail and asks how she is doing. She tells him “Its not easy for a killer to make new friends, but seeing you makes everything better though.” She tells him Phyllis is her cellmate but doesn’t think she’s “thrilled” about it. She lets him know she wants to make amends for her actions and she’s also writing a letter to Carmen’s family. Kevin lets her know that this is a really nice gesture and will look great in court. She tells him she’s not doing it improve her case. She lets Kevin know “It was you who got me through everything.” She tells him their love is strong enough to get through anything that gets thrown at them. He nods in agreement.

    Back at Jabot, Maggie questions Cane. Kay advises him to have a lawyer present but he refuses. He tells him he had no relationship with Ji Min, he was trying to tear his family apart. Maggie asks “Did you say to him, well, did you grab him by his arm and say to him, this ain’t over, I’ll be seeing you.” Cane tells her he would have knocked Ji Min out if he had the opportunity, but unfortunately he didn’t, he walked out of the GCAC, up the stairs and that was the last time he saw him.

    Back at Newman, Sharon walks in to find Jack. She asks if he wants to get together for lunch but he tells her he’s “swamped”. He gives her the opportunity to explain things by telling her noticed she seemed upset talking to Brad earlier and asks if things are “fine”. She tells him everything is fine and Brad was just letting her vent. She’s proud of him for taking responsibility for everything and putting Noah first through it all. He tells her “You do know busy or not, I always have time to listen to sit and listen to you vent or talk to me about anything.” She replies, “I know, that’s why I love you.” He tells her he must get back to work. She leaves. He picks up the phone to get the number for Phyllis.

    In Jail, Phyllis tries to read, while Jana talks out loud about Kevin. Jana advises Phyllis since she hasn’t been convicted yet so she has special “concessions” and doesn’t have to work like the rest do. She tells Phyllis she can use her calling card to call Nick. She tells her she would get in trouble for using it, but Jana tells her “I can phone anybody I like.”

    At the Club, Daniel and Nick discuss Noah and how he’s doing. Daniel tells Nick he’s been taking it all pretty hard that Jack was the one person who hadn’t let him down in one way or another. Nick receives a call from Jana. She tells him she’s making a call on behalf of Phyllis since she ran out of minutes. Phyllis tells him through Jana, she misses him, loves him and give a kiss to the kids. Jana gets Nick to tell Phyllis he loves her back. Nick gets off the phone and tells Daniel Jana is his Mom’s new cellmate.

    In Jack’s office, Jack is on the phone with the prison and tries to leave a message for Phyllis, but they won’t let him. Sharon walks in, wants to order food and he tells her no. She asks what’s wrong. Jack tells her “When I gave my last press conference, I put all my secrets, all my lies behind me at your urging.” She replies, “Are you regretting that you did that?” He replies, “No, I’m just not sure I want to go down that path again, with you. I overheard your conversation earlier with Brad. The intercom was somehow on. I know about Nick, I know about the kiss.” With tears in her eyes, “I don’t know what to say, I feel horrible.” Jack asks how and when it happened. She tells him when they were on the location scout. Jack inquires, “Who kissed whom?” She says it wasn’t like that. He replies, “It’s a simple question Sharon, did Nick come on to you or was this your idea?” She confesses they were locked in a bank vault and it wasn’t planned. Jack states, “Wow, that’s a comfort, you just spontaneously kissed another man.” She wants him to understand. He yells, “I don’t understand, I don’t understand any of this. How many times lately have you told me the importance of the truth! There’s another thing I don’t understand, when this happened, when this kiss suddenly happened, why did you run to Brad of all people!” Jack asks her what else she did beside kiss Nick. She tells him nothing. He tells her, “I am just supposed to believe that? How do I know the two of you haven’t been sleeping together ever since he came home and forgot he was married to Phyllis.” They continue arguing. She keeps telling him it was only one kiss. Jack finally tells her “Just like you slept with Brad only once, what is it with you, one time and it doesn’t count?”

    At the Club, Nick is on the phone trying to get in touch with Michael about Jana and Phyllis, while Daniel listens. Daniel observes Kevin walk in and speaks to him about how crazy Jana is. Kevin tells Daniel that it was the tumor that was the problem. Kevin then tells Daniel he is worried about Phyllis now because she’s “no saint”. They argue and Daniel tells Kevin “What’s insanity is that my Mom is living with a killer.” Noah comes up and wonders what they are talking about. Nick then comes up and wonders what’s going on. Noah pipes up, “They said that Phyllis is living with a killer, we have to go help her.” Daniel and Kevin try to cover up what they said, but Noah asks to go see Phyllis right away. Nick tells him he will go to make sure things are okay.

    At Newman, Jack runs into Brad at the elevator and demands, “Brad, I’m not going to tell you again, my wife doesn’t need a confidant.” Brad tells Jack “Sharon and I have been friends for a long time Jack, your marriage doesn’t change that.” Jack tells Brad, he already ruined his own marriage, he won’t ruin his. Brad retaliates with “You will do that all by yourself. If Sharon comes to me for advice it doesn’t concern you.” Jack tells him the last thing Sharon needs is his advice. Brad tells Jack “Everyone needs a friend to talk to.” Jack grabs Brad “Not friends like you, okay!” Brad warns “If you try to isolate me from Sharon, she’ll only end up resenting you.” Jack warns back “Stay away from my wife!”

    In Jail, Nick and Daniel visits Phyllis. They all discuss Jana. Phyllis is freaked out and describes Jana as being like a “stepford wife”. Phyllis tells them Jana appears to be sweet, caring and helpful, everything she seemed to be when she “killed Carmen”.

    Nick tries to tell the Warden how dangerous Jana is. The Warden tells Nick Jana hasn’t been convicted of a crime and is a model prisoner. Nick repeats that Jana is dangerous. The Warden informs him “This isn’t a five star resort Mr. Newman, it’s a pay your debt to society prison, everyone in here poses a danger.” Nick tells the Warden if he changes Phyllis' cellmate, she will become a model prisoner.

    Back at Jabot, Kay and Jill are upset Maggie questioned Cane. Jill tells Maggie to question Jack. She asks them if they have seen or heard Senator Abbott or anyone else threaten Mr. Kim. They say no, that Jack is their best suspect.

    Jill and Cane talk about Ji Min. Jill questions Cane about whether he had a fight with him. Cane is stunned that she is asking him. Cane tells her again he did not do anything to Ji Min.

    In Jail , Phyllis and Jana talk. Jana discusses a book that’s just arrived and tells Phyllis she’s in it. Phyllis picks it up and reads the title “The Mindset of a Killer”. She talks about what she did to Carmen. She explains “You know, when I close my eyes I can still hear the crunch that her skull made when I hit her with that flashlight.”

    At Newman, Sharon is in her car. Brad approaches her and tells her about his argument with Jack. She gets out of the car to talk to him. Brad apologizes that Jack overheard their conversation. Sharon tells Brad she loves Jack, he is so good with Noah and she never meant to hurt him. She cries and Brad takes her into his arms and hugs her. Brad tells her he’s there for her 24-7. Sharon calls Nick. She tells him Jack knows about the kiss.

    Next on The Young and The Restless

    Nick confesses his kiss with Sharon to Phyllis.

    Neil warns Karen about Brad.

    Jack tells Sharon her actions speak volumes and he hears her loud and clear. She disagrees.

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    Posted by sbnique at Friday, September 28 2007 08:38 AM

    OK, now Jack go to Phyllis and ya'll kiss or whatever. Then Nick tells Phyllis he kissed Sharon. Phyllis gets a taste of her medicine and Sharon tells her that she will never loose Nick!! Then Sharon and Nick re-marry and Noah is happy! And Phyllis can have Jack back since Summer is his baby! Yeah, wouldn't that be great!

    Posted by ZjahKeiRO at Friday, September 28 2007 08:43 AM

    I am a fan of Phick and Shack...I love both the couples together and have to say lately all their acting has been superb!

    Posted by bratattack at Friday, September 28 2007 08:47 AM

    Why is Jana reading serial killer books in Jail? Honestly, that is just plain dumb... It really makes me think that she is an evil twisted sicko...

    CBS posted a spoiler on youtube that shows Phick talking about the um "incident". If you don't want to wait for monday, I found it pretty funny...

    Posted by mz.m.davis at Friday, September 28 2007 09:04 AM

    LMAO!! "what is it with you, one time doesn't count?" ~ Now that is the quote of the day!! Love it!

    Posted by leelee82 at Friday, September 28 2007 09:20 AM

    So now we know that Jana was acting all along!!! She really is crazy!

    And why oh why does Sharon keep running to Brad?!!! She ticks me off! She has no business confiding in a man that she was in love with and slept with. Jack needs to be telling Sharon to stay away from Brad instead of riding Brad. Sharon should know better!

    Posted by leelee82 at Friday, September 28 2007 09:25 AM

    That tumor wasn't making her crazy...she was already crazy and she's unveiling that to Phyllis now, but unfortunately for Phyllis, there's no one there to believe her!!! Ha Ha!! See what you get when you do nasty things to people Phyllis???!!

    Posted by pooh77 at Friday, September 28 2007 09:41 AM

    Over the jana story and Kevin is just plain stupid. I hope Phyllis understands what happened between sharon and Nick was a mistake and they move on. Nick and Phyllis are great together. Sharon deserves Jack!! She is no Saint. Has everyone forgotten????

    Posted by leelee82 at Friday, September 28 2007 09:45 AM

    I've been watching Y&R for about 11 years now, and I have always been a die-hard Nick and Sharon fan. However, lately I've found myself wanting Nick and Phyllis to stay together because Sharon is really starting to tick me off.

    She's married to Jack, kisses Nick and gets hurt when she overheard him telling the warden how he loves Phyllis, but she continues to run to Brad will all of her worries!!! She's confused and doesn't deserve true love from one man right now. Nick has his blemishes too, however, he's focused on one woman right now (his wife), and Sharon needs to do the same!!!

    Posted by chaye23 at Friday, September 28 2007 10:11 AM

    It's about time someone tells Sharon about herself thumbs up for Jack. I am so sick of everyone making Sharon get away with everything she does. I hope Phyllis hurry up and get out of jail. I hope the spolier is wrong about Summer been Jack's child.

    Posted by CantgetenoughYandR at Friday, September 28 2007 10:16 AM

    Hey I live in Indiana and I JUST heard an announcement on the last commercial break for Y and R that Michele Stafford (Phyllis) will be in Anderson, Indiana at Hoosier Park on October 6th for the Indiana Derby (It is a horse race park). I plan to go since it is only about 15 minutes from here. She will be doign a meet and greet with fans and she will be presiding over the ceremonies an other events. If you are close by and wish to see her they also have a free admission ticket for the event.

    Anyhow they have a web page you can go to but I did not know if I could list the link to the page about her. If I can, let me know and I will. If not, and if you are interested in reading about her and what she will be doing, then do a search for Hoosier Park and you will see towards the middle of the page a full page story on her.

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