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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

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    Y&R Recap: The Kind Of Doctor I Was.

    Monday, August 04 2014
    Ben resigns, Nikki gets a verdict, and Gloria helps Kevin.

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    Ian drops into Crimson Lights to needle Dylan about Nikki's journal entries. He gets a message that the judge's decision is in. Confident, Ian offers to share his monetary reward with Dylan, who assures him he'll go down in flames.

    At the Club, Nikki worries to Michael by phone about the case. He assures her if they lose they'll fight it. She ogles the tequila. Victor appears. They are leaving when they hear Billy's raised voice. They join him, Ben, and Barton. Billy, brandishing the file, thinks Victor should know the truth about the man he's been pushing on his daughter. Ben tells Barton this was what he was about to tell him. He says he took someone else's identity. Billy blurts that Ben killed his own father. Ben admits he served time for that. Nikki feels there must have been extenuating circumstances. She and Victor leave. Stitch tells Barton he'll resign, but says his past never interfered with his medical career - after much loss it was all he had. Barton says it will have to go before the board. After, Ben tells Billy this all happened when he was a kid and questions Billy tanking his life and his career. Billy doesn't care. Stitch reminds him he was there when Delia was brought in. Billy cringes and tears up as Ben says he cried when she didn't make it. "That's the kind of doctor I was."

    At the station, Kevin pleads with Michael not to leave him for Nikki's case. Michael says he'll send reinforcements in. Later, Harding orders Kevin to be locked back up as Gloria appears. Kevin sighs. "You're the reinforcements?" She powders herself in preparation to deal with Harding. Kevin cringes. Glo tells Harding she's in desperate need of undercover work. She gushes over his name and alludes to her past with Chavez. Finally, she suggests that the ID badge was in Kevin's desk because he solved the crime. Harding holds his head.

    At Nick's house, Victoria tells him she's off to worry about baby daddies and Nikki's lawsuit. Mariah arrives. Nick introduces them. Mariah quips, "Do you want to see my Cassie impression?" Victoria lashes out at her and they bicker until Nick intervenes. Nick and Victoria get texts about Nikki's case. Mariah offers to babysit Faith. Once alone, Mariah grills Faith about what Nick likes. Faith says he loves peach pie and volunteers that he's scared to get married to mommy.

    At court, Victor, Nikki, Dylan, and Michael whisper about Ian and wonder how any judge could side with him. Nick and Victoria arrive. Nikki asks Victoria about Stitch. She says she's dealing with it. Ian arrives. After some snarking the judge enters and says the most disturbing thing about this case is that a mother robbed a son of his father. He then tells Ian he finds him and his actions repulsive. The judge dismisses the case with prejudice - it cannot be brought back to court. Sherman tells a disgruntled Ian there is nothing left to do. Nikki accepts her family's congratulations and tells Ian, "You lost." Dylan, Nick, and Victor speculate on whether Ian will finally move on. Victor warns Ian not to come after his family again. Ian smirks. Ian tells Sherman he's got one more weapon left in his arsenal - one they'll never see coming.

    At the station, Gloria has run Harding off by fondling his 'guns' as Michael returns. Harding reappears and tells Kevin he's free to go - the ADA won't pursue a case against him.

    At the hospital, Nikki doesn't approve of Victoria not taking the DNA test. She urges her to learn from her mistakes. Vikki wants to wait. Nikki pretends to leave but then sneaks back to an AA meeting to talk about her stress-related temptation. Vikki runs into Ben, who's carrying his belongings in a box. He says he's been asked to take a leave of absence and may never practice again. Vikki thinks he's holding something back. "What else is there?" Ben grimly says he made his choices and he'll live with them.

    Nick arrives home to find Mariah cooking dinner. He tells her Ian's case was thrown out. Mariah congratulates him with an embrace. Nick is puzzled but notices the smell of peach pie. She says it's her favorite.

    At the Club, Billy corners Dylan to discuss Stitch. Dylan doesn't want to hear it and says he's only on Victoria's side.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Lily says something about getting her dad to move on with a new woman and Hilary throws a drink on her. "Shut up!"

    Austin tells Summer a date's been set for his trial.

    Nick overhears Mariah saying into the phone, "Why did you have me if you never even wanted me, Mom?" Nick blurts, "You told Sharon your mother was dead."

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by apple1950 at Friday, August 01 2014 03:41 PM

    Iran must think Miriah is his secret weapon against the Newman's.

    Posted by marvista at Friday, August 01 2014 04:16 PM

    I***📰✒️ ✏️ 🚦S P O I L E R S ** 💏**Spoiler Alert** 🎭 S P O I L E R***🆘

    ***** Spoiler Alert*💃** 🙈 🙉 🙊 📺 **Cheat Sheet***Sneaky Peeky**

    ****The Spoils**Last Chance to Scroll*** S P O I L E R ***A L E R T **👀
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The verdict comes in

    Ian finds a way to make lemonade out of losing his case

    Mariah uses play time with Faith as a way to fish for information about Nick

    Nick finds his favorite meal ready and waiting when he returns home

    Sharon catches Mariah displaying herself around Nick while wearing a skimpy outfit

    An angry Stitch brings Billy to tears with his comments about the night Delia died

    Stitch refuses to give Victoria the information she asks for

    Abby and Devon talk things out

    Lily tells Hilary that she’s like to find a new woman to set Neil up with

    Hilary throws a drink at Lily

    Devon gives Hilary an address they can use for a private conversation about making decisions

    Fate takes an unexpected hand in Hilary and Devon’s dilemma

    Nick catches Mariah in a lie when he hears her on the phone with her very much alive mother

    Summer is shaken by Austin’s news that his trial date has been set

    Lauren and Michael have a night of romance

    Billy tells Victoria that he won’t stop fighting for their family

    Victor presses Dr. Mead for info on Sharon

    Sharon confronts Victor for prying into her personal business… and Dr. Mead for abusing her trust

    Nikki finds herself unable to resist the lure of the bottle

    Devon gives Hilary an ultimatum

    Nick is surprised by something he finds at Newman-Chancellor

    Jack tells the Abbotts that it’s time for him to say goodbye to Phyllis

    An emotionally compromised Nikki foists herself on Christine and Paul’s honeymoon escape

    Christine seethes as a clueless Nikki and Paul puzzle out their situation

    Paul wonders about the road not taken

    Mariah’s emotionally deprived youth and crush on Nick factor into a spell of bad judgment and unpleasant consequences

    Nick meets bitter nurse Helen Copeland

    The first anniversary of Katherine’s death brings letters from Katherine

    Katherine asks her loved ones to meet at Chancellor Park and reflect on their lives

    Nina thinks about her unhappy relationship with her oldest son, Ronan

    Light is shed on Katherine’s thinking regarding the music box mystery

    Jill achieves a different victory than the one she initially anticipated

    A bombshell further devastates Nikki and Victor’s relationship

    Nikki succumbs to alcohol again as Katherine’s loved ones gather for the one year anniversary of her death

    Sharon’s secret comes out, putting her at risk of losing everything

    Mariah conceals one more secret

    The Winters family reels as Neil’s thwarted need to replace the love of his life becomes a Greek tragedy of lies and betrayal

    Neil takes an emotionally complex journey

    Malcolm comes home to make amends with his family in early September

    Kelly’s messed up childhood affects her present life

    The complex truth about Stitch and Kelly’s history together devastates everyone involved

    Phyllis makes an explosive return to Genoa City

    Things heat up for Lauren and Michael

    Adam’s complicated situation impedes the possibility of a reunion with his grieving widow and son

    Ashley comes home to tension at Jabot

    Ashley’s presence adds further complications to Billy, Victoria and Stitch’s entwined issues

    Adam’s return reveals his number one priority: Connor

    Avery’s bitter ex, Joe Clark, crosses paths with several Genoans as the weather turns cold

    Posted by thomp at Friday, August 01 2014 05:30 PM

    Wow ... Looks like Ben is toast. The writers could have worked this in Stitches favor but NO they chose not to listen to their viewer. Very disappointed. Done! Billy is such a jerk. He is ruining the show. Jill and Colin are close behind.

    Posted by thomp at Friday, August 01 2014 05:30 PM

    Wow ... Looks like Ben is toast. The writers could have worked this in Stitches favor but NO they chose not to listen to their viewer. Very disappointed. Done! Billy is such a jerk. He is ruining the show. Jill and Colin are close behind.

    Posted by Teri_ETC at Friday, August 01 2014 09:36 PM

    ITA Thomp - Billy Boy is a jerk !!!! So Stitch is gonna have to live off his savings and vacation/unemployment until this is resolved. I hope those responsible are happy now.

    Ben ought to sue some of these rich tricks for invading his privacy and for defamation of character resulting in the loss of his employment. I'd start with Billy Boy, Chelsea, and when he finds out about Kevin, add his sorry behind to the list of defendants!!!!

    Posted by Teri_ETC at Friday, August 01 2014 09:47 PM

    I read the weekly polls for the show have dropped significantly...go figure - I'm not surprised given lame-brain s/l like Stitch's where they bring in a hot guy with a character background that is loved and respected throughout our nation, then they senselessly trash him out...Who wants to see that crap???

    I FFWD over the other ridiculous s/ls (i.e.: Jill and Colin; Neil/Hilary/Devon/Lily/Cane; Summer/Austin to name a few).....

    I'll keep checking in to see if things have improved, in the meantime, I am enjoying the peace and refuge of the "Lost Kritter's Refuge and Clubhouse" - a great place to chill until this crap gets straighten out...

    Posted by Iowagirl68 at Saturday, August 02 2014 03:40 AM

    Stitch committed identity theft. Fraud. He snooped into Vic's medical records. He's kind of been stalkerish. I can see him kidnapping her or the baby-he's that desperate and dark.

    I think Sharon had twins and Mariah is her daughter.

    Posted by Re-Write at Saturday, August 02 2014 05:27 AM

    I think in the end that Ben will be praised for overcoming a life of abuse, and protecting his Mother by taking the fall for what she did. Everyone will feel sorry for what he has had to face in his life and what he went through as a child. Eat dirt Billy boy.:) This makes a strong statement about being judgmental of others. Billy has been a rich kid screw up his whole life, and as far as we know killed Adam, so who is he to come on like the pillar of goodness? Kevin should have used his computer skills to find out what really happened the night Delia was killed.

    Posted by Re-Write at Saturday, August 02 2014 05:39 AM

    Micheal has got to be tired of having to defend Kevin. Kevin is an a$$. His excuse for everything is his abuse. How is he going to feel when he finds out he destroyed the life of another abuse victim? At least Ben turned his life into something good and served his country and dedicated it to saving others lives. Kevin must think he is the only one that was ever abused.....? Kevin is a computer hack for the police department....and will break the law without blinking.

    Posted by Re-Write at Saturday, August 02 2014 05:50 AM

    Yep, all this fast forward stuff is getting old. FF thru Neil, Cane, Lily, Colin and Jill, Billy and Chelsea, Jack and Kelly......doesn't leave much to watch.

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