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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Y&R Recap: Extreme Emotional Distress.

    Thursday, July 24 2014
    Summer visits her mother, Jack tries warning Victoria about Ben, and the court case begins.


    At the court house, Nicholas joins his mother, Michael, Christine, Paul, Avery and Dylan for the hearing. She thanks them all for being there. Michael is called in to see the judge. Nikki is eager to have this finished. Out in the hall, Ian bumps into Victor. The mustache mumbles threats. Ian strolls into the court with Victor following. Ian tells Dylan how much he appreciates his being there. The lawyers return and Nikki continues to dread her journal being made public. Victor tries to reassure her. Ian takes the stand to talk about his extreme emotional distress. He recounts the past few months. Everyone cringes as she talks about how much he loves his son. Michael brings up the evidence of Ian being sterile. Ian thought that Dylan was a miracle. Michael doubts that but Ian holds his ground. Victor wanders out after he gets a text from Dr. Burnett. Dylan takes the stand next. He's hostile. Under Michael's questioning, he talks about how much Ian is making them all suffer. The judge declares a recess. When that ends, Victor takes his son out and asks him to leave while Nikki reads her journal. Nikki is called up. She explains that the journal contains all of her thoughts feeling and the indignities she suffered. She reads about all the times Ian called her to his bed. Nikki eventually breaks into tears and has to stop. Ian shakes his head. Under questioning, she insists that the sex was forced and giving away the child was the biggest mistake of her life.

    Austin calls Summer and they yap about his job interview. She gets off the phone and heads to her mother's hospital room. She holds her hand and tells her all about how much her life has changed since she met Austin. This is the first time she's ever been in love. She got married and now feels like Jack's her dad. After she lets go of Phyllis' hand, the redhead's fingers move. Summer goes on and on about how perfect her husband is. Dr. Burnett watches through the door. He gets Victor on the phone and is ordered not to say anything about the reversible coma.

    At her penthouse, Chelsea fills Billy in about Ben stealing someone's identity and doing time for murder. Billy is livid. He storms out as Kevin shows up. She wishes she'd told Billy earlier. Kevin has learned more. She doesn't want to hear it and thinks getting involved with Billy has been a huge mistake. Kev worries about her and says she needs to accept that Adam is not coming back.

    Victoria is at the Club with Stitch, worrying about her mom. Ben does his best to distract her and then leaves to take a call. Jack shows up. They discuss the Billy situation and she makes it clear they don't have a future. He points out that they always get back together. She thinks she's a rational person now. Kelly stands around the corner as they discuss Ben. He warns her that she doesn't really know Ben. Kelly interrupts and drags him away as Ben returns. Billy shows up and confronts Jack and Kelly about the murder. Jack apologizes for not telling him. Billy wants all the details. Jack sends him off to talk to Ben himself. Kelly runs after him. Billy catches up with Victoria and Ben. He demands some answers. Ben wants to escape but Victoria wonders if there is anything to what Billy is saying.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Nick spends some time with Mariah.

    "What’s it going to be Ben? Are you going to tell her or am I?" Jack asks Ben.

    Chaos breaks out at the hearing and Nikki breaks into tears.

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    - Matt Purvis

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    Posted by thomp at Wednesday, July 23 2014 05:17 PM

    OK already... Ben has spent his time in jail paid for his crime so for goodness sake let it go. Billy just makes me sick. He needs to live out of the country and the world. Billy is really too much and unlike Ben who paid his dues Billy is Not repentant. Didn't even watch much of the show today. There is way to much crap on it. Kevin needs to go to jail for stealin g Leslie's husbands id. Sure hope Ben is Victoria's baby's father. Just can't take anymore Billy and I am not the only one who feels this way. Again Ben paid for his crime and all Billy does is point the finger at Ben. Hopeful this all turns out on Ben's side. Again so done with Billy. If Victoria takes Billy back & the baby is Billy's why watch the show? Like I said I didn't watch much of it any way today. Hope the writers and producers do the best thing for the show. Keep Ben with Victoria. He at least paid his dues. Billy just keep on being the jerk he always has been. Need the story line to get away from Billy and his sleeping around. This crap about him changing will never happen.

    Posted by bikette at Wednesday, July 23 2014 05:25 PM

    And still another day of us not knowing WTH Ben killed and WHY. I still think Chris gave Paul good advice about not testifying. WTH is he going to say?, Oh I was sleeping with her and she never even told me it was at the same time she was screwing Ian while we searched for our child(which she never even took the time to find out if it was a boy or a girl). And BTW what is this big deal about her saying that she wished she was never PG? Dylan knew that she never wanted him because she gave him away. Which is way better than the alternative of him not even being alive or her dragging him to the strip club every night when he was a baby.

    Posted by bikette at Wednesday, July 23 2014 05:40 PM

    How can people say at this point that Ben paid for his crimes? Which IMO is the stupid writers fault for dragging this chit out for so long. HTH do we know if Ben even spent one day in jail? Ben has not told the truth about anything since he arrived in GC.As far as we know he could be an escaped murder. I doubt it though because I haven't heard anything about the actor leaving, but still nobody has said what he did was justified or if he even went to jail or got off of the charges the same way that Ian, Austin Kevin, Nikki, Victor, Billy and the rest of GC has or are about to. And what ever anyone else does not make what another person does any better. Both are wrong for what they do and the people they kill are still just as dead.

    Posted by leotwin at Wednesday, July 23 2014 05:54 PM

    So, Austin & Summer yap about his job interview? Did he ask for a part time job since he might be going to jail. Did the prospective employer not know about the police chief's shooting? I'm sure that had to have made the news. Someone said the nuBilly looks older than the other two, and I agree he does. Vikki does seem to have that "pregnancy" glow. She's been looking a lot better lately. I also read when Phyllis awaken she asks for her laptop, maybe she'll research Austin's & Kelly's background since Summer & Jack didn't. Then she'll get up and go knock the stuffin out of them both. Now, that's a storyline. Lol

    Posted by bikette at Wednesday, July 23 2014 07:51 PM

    Ok, just watched some of the show and I am not buying this chit with Nikki believing Ian was Dylan's father. I do understand why she would think that 40 yr's ago, but after all the therapy she has for her drinking WTH would she still not even consider that Paul couldn't be Baby Huey's dad 40 yr.s later when they went to find him? Makes absolutely no sense at all. Oh wait I forgot, no matter how old you get in GC you still have the emotional maturity of a 12 yr.old. Just look at Jack, Billy, Neil,Victor,Victoria, Nick, Sharon,Lily Chelsea,Kevin etc. LOL

    Posted by Teri_ETC at Wednesday, July 23 2014 09:26 PM

    **************** EYE CANDY ALERT !!!!! *****************

    Must see video of Shemar. Ya'll probably have already heard he's going be back for two episodes in September. Details in the "Comings and Goings".

    Posted by Teri_ETC at Wednesday, July 23 2014 09:55 PM

    If it is true that Ben spent some time on lockdown, Victoria betta double check them tattoos - make sure they not jailhouse tats...Y&R

    Posted by thomp at Thursday, July 24 2014 12:30 AM

    Just shut billy up. Wow.. Ben has paid his debt. Ben changed billy has so many addiction problems that no one not even Victoria can keep up. Give Victoria and all of us a break Billy is and always will be a loser. Again give us all a break from billy boy. Ben is the man for Victoria and her baby

    Posted by FL senior fan at Thursday, July 24 2014 02:38 AM

    Does Victor "buy the Judge"?
    Will have to see it, but sounds like Summer is too wrapped up in telling about Austin to notice her Mother's movements.
    Well, our girl Chelsea finally snaps out of it over Billy? Did his constant reminders of "getting back with Vikki" finally sink in?!!
    It's not clear to Billy really tell Vikki about Stitch's stolen identity and a murder, yet she sticks by Ben?? The DETAILS should come out before this person is allowed to be around a child; after all, Jena thought he shouldn't so that needs to be considered even if he "did his time, which must have been very short/unreal".
    What more does Kevin know? I hope this will ALL come out for our cliff-hanger friday eppy!

    Posted by FL senior fan at Thursday, July 24 2014 02:42 AM

    SETTLE WITH MONEY, NIKKI. Spare us and yourself more drama.
    Are we gonna hear in her journal that she was having sex with Paul (or others?) at the same time and did not think he might be the would that help her case?-Not!
    Also looks like Needy-Nikki has destroyed Paul/Christine's marriage and all that's left is for them to accept the fact.

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