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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Y&R Recap: Permanent Relationships.

    Monday, June 23 2014
    Victor warns Mariah, Dylan makes a decision, and Devon comes clean.

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    At the hospital, Dylan hears Nikki tell Paul that he is his son. Paul's eyelids flutter. Christine, Michael, and Todd arrive but Paul is unresponsive. Todd prays. Nikki steps out and cries. Dylan tells her he knows Paul is his father. Everyone gathers and Dylan demands that Barton allow him to be Paul's donor. Barton and Dylan argue. Dylan threatens to call his lawyer. Michael says medical professionals have been overruled before. Nikki pleads with Dylan not to do this. He tells her he won't just let his father die. Christine looks shocked. Nikki tells her it's a long story, but confirms Paul is Dylan's father. Arguing about the transplant resumes. Barton says it has to happen now. Later, Chris tells Todd she's overwhelmed by Nikki's news about Dylan.

    At The Underground, Sharon complains to Nick that she can't reach Mariah. She insists Nick go find her. They bicker. Nick finally leaves and says he won't let this woman get between them.

    At the Club, Victor overhears as Mariah and Ian discuss how long he can stay in Genoa City. He says he's always kept his eye on the ultimate goal. Mariah asks what that is, and how she fits into it. Ian talks about her building permanent relationships - she's only ever built one with him. After, Victor warns Mariah she's playing with fire - she was better off as his ally. At the bar, Cane tries to talk Neil into postponing his wedding. He doesn't think Neil is being fair to Hilary. Neil sniffs that Hilary can make her own decisions. He suggests Cane stop interfering.

    At the park, Devon tells Hilary he has feelings for her. He wants her to see where it can go. Hilary says it's too late - she's marrying his father tomorrow. She goes on about how special and secure Neil makes her feel. Devon asks where the passion is and admits he took his hurt and jealousy over Hilary kissing Jack into a misguided relationship with Esmerelda. Hilary finally admits she felt the same things Devon was feeling, but insists it's in the past. He doesn't believe that and kisses her. Hilary says they couldn't possibly be together - she won't go back on her promises to Neil. As Devon asks about her happiness, Neil appears. Devon wishes them luck and leaves. Hilary tells Neil that Devon doesn't think they should get married. Neil offers to let her back out, but she won't. Neil says everything is right as rain, but Hilary looks upset over his shoulder.

    Leslie and Avery discuss Austin's case at Crimson Lights. Avery wants Leslie to appear in court on his behalf. Leslie has issues of her own - she shared information told to her by a client in confidence. Avery realizes it has to do with Ian. Just then, Ian appears. Leslie goes for a refill so Ian sits with Avery to needle her about her past coming back to haunt her. He insinuates that what he knows will prove more valuable than anyone ever imagined. Nikki flies in and confronts Ian about letting her believe he was Dylan's father. She drags Avery off to the hospital to stop Dylan from having the transplant surgery. Later, Ian lets Leslie know she'll have to pay for her breach - he called the bar association.

    Nick arrives at Mariah's hotel room, apologizes for jumping to the conclusion that she took the wallet, and asks her to return to The Underground. Nick indicates that he will let her run the register because Sharon will like it, but says he wants her to commit to leaving town once she's paid Sharon back. Mariah says that will take years. Nick warns her not to cause Sharon pain.

    Victor finds Sharon at The Underground and asks for Nicholas. They discuss her trying to remember her secret. Sharon says she's set that aside, but asks Victor to tell her everything he knows about Mariah. Victor avoids answering. Sharon says Mariah touches her - she thinks Mariah came into her life for a reason. Victor says she may be right about that. Nick arrives and tells Sharon that Mariah will come back to work. Alone, Nick and Victor discuss not trusting Mariah.

    Avery and Nikki return to the hospital and try to talk Dylan out of the transplant. Chris asks Dylan not to back out. Dylan assures Avery he'll survive. He goes in to squeeze Paul's hand, and then hugs Nikki and Avery before going to pre-op.

    At the Club, Devon tells Cane what happened with Hilary. He says she plans to marry Neil anyway. Cane says all three of them are going to be hurt.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Stitch tells Kelly he has to break things off with Victoria.

    Hilary tells Jack she hopes to take the rest of the day off. He asks if she's not feeling well. She says she's getting married.

    Neil tells Devon he could use a best man. Devon asks, "You want me to be your best man?"

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by pipposprincess at Friday, June 20 2014 01:27 PM

    I'm so glad the storyline didn't drag out that Dylan is Paul and Nikki's son.

    Posted by marvista at Friday, June 20 2014 06:04 PM

    Daytime Emmys®

    The Red Carpet is at 5:00p East Coast time.

    At 8:00 p.m. East Coast time, the Daytime Emmys® stream only the internet:

    I guess TV stations think nobody is interested.

    Posted by marvista at Friday, June 20 2014 06:05 PM

    Daytime Emmys®. FORGOT TO SAY SUNDAY, June 22.

    Posted by marvista at Friday, June 20 2014 06:12 PM

    ******🎈*S P O I L E R S ***👀****Spoiler Alert**** S P O I L E R********🆘
    ***** Spoiler Alert********** 🙈 🙉 🙊 📺 ************Cheat Sheet***

    Father Todd gives Paul the last rites as a devastated Christine hopes for a miracle

    Nikki realizes that Dylan heard her tell Paul that he was his son

    Dylan insists on going through with the surgery despite the risks

    Michael forces Barton to accept that Dylan has the legal right to make this decision

    A shocked Christine listens as Dylan tells Nikki that he won’t let his father die

    Christine begs Barton to allow Dylan to save Paul’s life

    Father Todd supports Christine as she processes her fear and worry

    Dylan takes Paul’s hand as they’re wheeled into surgery

    Cane advises Devon to tell Hilary how he feels before it’s too late

    Hilary rebuffs Devon when he asks her for a chance

    Devon pulls Hilary into a passionate kiss

    A clueless Neil arrives and is unable to decipher the tension in the air

    Hilary covers by explaining that Devon is opposed to the marriage

    Neil asks Hilary if she wants to back out

    As the wedding party gathers, Devon tries to talk to Neil

    Lily prays for a miracle

    A surprise guest’s arrival threatens the completion of the ceremony

    Mariah pumps Ian for information about why he’s still in Genoa City

    Victor tries to hear more of what Mariah and Ian are talking about

    Mariah agrees to stay on task

    Victor makes Mariah an offer

    Mariah realizes that Victor saw her with Ian

    Nick asks Mariah to resume her job at The Underground – with conditions

    Mariah agrees to make nice with Noah and then leave town after she repays Sharon

    Billy tells Victoria what he found out about Stitch

    A furious Victoria demands a divorce

    The scales tip as Colin’s plan to trick Jill ends in disaster

    Jack catches Kelly and Stitch in a close moment

    Summer tells Austin that she will stand by him

    Victor and Jack work together to protect their loved ones

    Christine hides information from Paul

    Traci lends her support and wisdom to her brother Jack

    Summer reaches out to her mother

    Nikki’s secret is revealed

    David Sherman is pulled into an unexpected court case involving the Newman Family… and Ian Ward?

    A bombshell further devastates Nikki and Victor’s relationship

    Sharon recovers more and more memory fragments but the one crucial piece continues to elude her

    Victor goes to extremes to learn the truth about Sharon’s secret while someone else races to beat him to it

    Mariah conceals one more secret

    Colin’s Machiavellian ways become a catalyst for shocking change

    Jill achieves a different victory than the one she anticipated

    Devon is torn between his love for Neil and his feelings for Hillary

    Kelly’s messed up childhood affects her present life

    The complex truth about Stitch and Kelly’s history together devastates everyone involved

    Adam’s complicated situation impedes the possibility of a reunion with his grieving widow and son

    Kevin begins a journey of self exploration as his computer skills help uncover big revelations

    Phyllis makes an explosive return

    Ashley comes home

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, June 22 2014 04:38 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Did you see the realization finally dawn on Dullan’s face after Nikkki told Paul that he was their son…AFTER SHE REPEATED IT THREE TIMES!! LOL She must have strung it out to make sure Dullan made his cue to open the door, either that or she thought he was deaf or dumb!!!

    So WHO didn’t know that Dullan would be the one to save Paul at the last minute? Anyone? LOL….and they will all live happily ever after….NOT!!! LOL Christine hasn’t had her hissy fit about Paul and Nikki having a child together yet!!! LOL I’m not a doctor, but I would think that if someone is at the point that they are receiving last-rites it would be too late to perform surgery on them.

    Dullan hugs Nikki and kisses Avery before going to get prepped for surgery, but I thought it would have been appropriate if he had hugged Chris too…and Chris could have at LEAST thanked him!

    Cane is the most two-faced person I have ever seen!!! FIRST he tells Devon that if he doesn’t go to Hillary and “declare his love” that he will regret it the rest of his life, THEN he tells Neil that he should do what ever makes him happy!!! He should just butt out of other people’s relationships and concentrate on his own!!! He should stick to “cooking the books” for GCAC and leave the “matchmaking” to Lilly!!! He should have told Neil to begin with that Devon had feelings for Hillary…not that it would have stopped Neil from going after Hillary. TIIC are portraying Neil as a very selfish person, only thinking about himself and not thinking about his family OR Hillary for that matter. All he wants to do is RUSH into a marriage to show Leslie that HE can do it too!!!

    Tomorrow Neil asks Devon to be his best man…how appropriate…Devon already KNOWS he is the “best man”!!! LOL

    Posted by bellydance at Sunday, June 22 2014 05:49 AM

    Marvista.. Thank You for the spoilers ...

    Posted by Texanne at Sunday, June 22 2014 05:50 AM

    marvista: Thanks for the info. on the Daytime Emmys. It will be interesting to see if they have a category for worst writers of a daytime soap. LOL! Also thanks for the updates. At least I have an idea of what to expect.

    Fiddlers Daughter: RE: Devon being "best man". Good one.

    Posted by smallworld at Sunday, June 22 2014 07:24 AM

    Fiddlers daughter I agree with your entire post. Cane has now become the resident expert on relationships, NOT. Perhaps all other GC residents should pay him a visit. They are all experiencing some form of angst with their significant others.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, June 22 2014 08:06 AM

    Posted by smallworld at Sunday, June 22 2014 07:24 AM

    Fiddlers daughter I agree with your entire post. Cane has now become the resident expert on relationships, NOT. Perhaps all other GC residents should pay him a visit. They are all experiencing some form of angst with their significant others.

    ...Smallworld, ESPECIALLY Dullan and Avery! LOL All they do is argue lately. I think BOTH of them are control freaks!!!

    Posted by marvista at Sunday, June 22 2014 12:55 PM

    Fiddlers Daughter: I agree. I thought receiving Last Rites meant it was too late for surgery but he will get surgery JUST in time, as in: Two more hours, he would have been dead. 💒

    Pippens: I think we are going to have to go through Neil hitting the bottle. Maybe Jack doesn't answer his call because he is with Phyllis? 🍻

    Bellydance, Texanne: You're welcome.

    Off Topic:

    I plan to watch the Daytime Emmys® since Y & R have many nominations. Fun to see the clothes. 🏆

    Maybe we will see JFP. Oh boy 🎭

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