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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Y&R Recap: I Want To Come Home.

    Wednesday, June 18 2014
    Nikki and Victor reconcile, Billy and Chelsea alter their plan, and Stitch receives an ultimatum from Jenna.

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    At the hospital, Victor asks Stitch about Dylan being a donor for Paul. Stitch explains that he doesn't qualify and says Paul just has days. Victor wonders if he can help. They end up talking about Victoria. Victor lets Stitch know he hopes he's the father of her baby.

    In Australia, Chelsea checks in with Anita and Connor. Billy arrives at her hotel room, and they head to Jenna's place where she tells them the phone number on their card is for a deli in New York City. She confronts them about lying their way into her home. Billy says her ex-husband has lied his way into his home. Jenna says Ben is single. Billy points out she divorced the guy and moved across the world. He pleads with her to help protect his family. "Tell me what Stitch did." Jenna says good luck to his wife; she'll need it. Billy mentions Kelly. Chelsea asks if she's the reason they broke up. Jenna threatens to call the police so they leave and return to the hotel where they decide to dig into Kelly's past next.

    At the station, Nick and Jack worry about Summer being interrogated. Avery arrives and says it never should have gotten this far. A cop comes by with Austin. Nick shoves him and rants. The cop says he made a full confession and waived his right to counsel. Avery takes him to speak privately. She warns Austin that Paul may not make it. He expresses regret and she believes him. They talk about Boz Foreman. Summer appears - she's not being charged. Jack and Nick are appalled when she defends Austin. Jack gets a call from Kelly, who gives him a pep talk. Meanwhile, Nick and Summer fight about Austin. Nick is so relieved things didn't get out of hand between them. He says she feels things deeply like Phyllis and he doesn't want to see her hurt. Summer joins Avery and Austin - it's where she needs to be. Summer asks Avery to fix this by defending Austin.

    At the Club, Dylan asks Nikki if something else is going on besides Paul. Nikki says Victor found Willa Ward. They talk about Paul. Nikki says Dylan could die if he was a donor and she has no intention of losing either of them.

    Victoria stops Kelly in Crimson Lights to ask about Ben. She goes on about thinking you know what someone is capable of and Kelly realizes she's talking about Billy going to Australia with Chelsea. Victoria asks why Kelly warned Ben that Billy was trying to dig up dirt on him. Before Kelly can reply, Stitch appears. Kelly urges them to talk. Stitch tells Vikki her dad is concerned about Paul. She says it's for her mother. They talk about Victor giving Stitch his blessing. Stitch brings up what he wanted to tell her the other day, but Dylan interrupts to argue about not being allowed to be Paul's donor. It comes out that Victoria's baby could be Ben's. Dylan gapes. Stitch says that regardless of who the father is, he's not backing off. He tells Victoria they'll talk later - he has to get back to the hospital. Kelly warns Ben on his way out to tell Vikki before someone else finds out. Ben says he'll tell her after his shift. Jenna calls. Ben tells her he'll explain what he did to Victoria, but she doesn't want it to come out. If he wants contact with Max he needs to keep his past to himself. Meanwhile, Victoria and Dylan discuss her being pregnant. She's glad he's her brother - he's glad too. He hopes everything works out the best way possible with the pregnancy. Victoria sighs that someone will get hurt.

    At the ranch, Nikki and Victor discuss Dylan not being able to donate to Paul. She admits she couldn't tell him about his paternity when he was so upset. They talk about needing proof. Victor says he admires Dylan for wanting to help Paul. He thinks Dylan inherited good traits from her. Nikki is pleased but tells Victor she still can't forgive what he did to Sharon. However she loves him and wants to spend more time with him. Nikki wants to come home. They kiss and hug.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Christine hugs Father Todd Williams in Paul's hospital room. "I'm so glad you're here."

    Jack tells Kelly he'll always take Billy's side.

    After Abby says, "A piece of trash is always going to look like garbage," Mariah hisses, "That's it!" and lunges at her.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, June 17 2014 03:54 PM

    Don't ya love it...Nikki can't forgive Victor..but she's going home to spend more time with him. Sounds to me like this Dylan/Ian mess is playing on your conscience and you figure you'd better get back home, while you can.

    Please, Stitch or Kelly just spit it out! It's getting ridiculous like the "Sharon Secret" storyline. I hope Kelly spills it all to Jack while Stitch is still putting off telling Vikki. Glad Jenna did not help Billy/Chelsea!

    Posted by hubbardfan at Tuesday, June 17 2014 04:03 PM

    So now Jenna wants to keep it a secret, too?! WTH!!!!

    Posted by bc1954 at Tuesday, June 17 2014 04:05 PM

    I know TPTB, FOJ and TGVN from my old Y&R site, but what does TIIC mean? THANX! ~barbara~

    Posted by Ms Stella at Tuesday, June 17 2014 04:46 PM

    @bc 1954: TIIC means the idiots in charge.

    Posted by thomp at Tuesday, June 17 2014 06:58 PM

    Seriously people leave billy boy down under for good. He is such an idiot. Chelsea and him deserve each other. Stitch has to be the baby's father. Glad Niki is going home. Please may all be well with Paul.

    Posted by smallworld at Wednesday, June 18 2014 01:36 AM

    Paul will survive. Pure speculation, but once Dillon discovers Paul is his biological father, he will insist on being the donor.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Wednesday, June 18 2014 02:20 AM

    Just want to add I'll be OFF THE BOARD for 7 days while on vacation. Flying from Sanford FL to Winston-Salem NC. I have
    confirmed they get the SOAPS on TV for my vacation will be
    even better than hoped for. Happy blogging and keep the board steaming!

    Posted by checks1 at Wednesday, June 18 2014 02:44 AM

    Boy oh boy Nikki makes herself out to be a poor innocent bumpkin when first introduced in GC instead of the pole dancing stripper/ male escort(I am being kind)/killer of her childhood friend/ girl who gave Paul his first STD!!! Guess even a scumbag like Ian Ward can be falsely accused .....of paternity not much else and poor Paul was so lousy and dull in the sack he was not even worth the memory. Yea he really is DULLENS DADDY!!!

    Posted by Re-Write at Wednesday, June 18 2014 03:07 AM

    It's sad that instead of coming up with new story lines, they just drag out the old ones to the point of the viewers not caring anymore. Wow, Stitch has a secret...this has went on since right after he came on the show. IT'S GETTING OLD WRITERS. Sharon has a secret.....this has went on how long? Two years now? Gee Whizzzz. Oh, and has anyone counted how many times that Victor and Nicki have married and split up then went back together? That should be in the book of world records by now, shouldn't it?

    Posted by jacksonm at Wednesday, June 18 2014 05:12 AM

    Why must we drag out the hidden secrets for so long dang writers come on sharons still hasent came out i think thats been 6 months no stich its been about 3 months if you want to keep it exciting stop dragging the stories out... jeez.. If your out of ideas to write about get new writers stop dragging them out....I,m already bored with all these lines.

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