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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Y&R Recap: Make Love To Me.

    Monday, June 02 2014
    Summer has something to prove, Cane arranges a scavenger hunt, and Colin and Jill get an appraisal.

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    At Avery's apartment, she watches Austin flirt with Summer and asks what's going on. Leslie arrives. Summer tells Austin that Leslie helped Ian get out. He makes a nasty remark about lawyers and argues with Avery and Leslie about law versus justice. Summer says Austin's right. Avery takes her aside to issue a warning. Summer hisses that she's not her mom. Austin and Summer leave. Avery is distracted as Leslie talks about a case - she's upset about Summer. Leslie notes Austin has a mouth on him. Avery thinks she snapped at Summer because she's uptight about the disturbing messages on her website. Leslie learns Dylan thinks Ian is behind the messages and that he went to Idaho to see Ian's ex-wife. Leslie leaves and Avery gets another message. "4MJ. Who are you?"

    At Sharon's place, Nick tells her he wants to come with her to Portland. Sharon nixes the idea. Nick says he's going to the gym. Sharon insists something good will come of her trip. After, Sharon's therapist arrives and they discuss her newly-returned memories. Sharon admits she's scared of what she's going to find when everything sorts itself out. She shares that she got her traffic ticket the same night Phyllis fell down the stairs and went in a coma. Suddenly, Sharon looks like she's remembering, but nothing comes. They talk about Mariah. Sharon says she reminds her of herself and her own childhood. The therapist urges her to be cautious.

    At the Chancellor Estate, Colin tells Cane he believed Bonaventure was a solid acquisition. Cane tells him he's the only thing standing between Victor and a federal indictment. Colin is absolutely stunned to hear that Cane didn't tell Victor about his role in it. Cane warns him not to make him regret it. Later, Colin tells Jill he needs to earn Cane's trust. She says hers too. They spar verbally about the necklace until the doorbell rings - it's an appraiser. Jill carefully hands the necklace over. Colin asks about its value. Jill exclaims when the answer is 18 million dollars. Jill marvels about Katherine wearing the outrageously expensive bauble, full of admiration. Colin muses it will be a shame to sell it. Jill informs him that's not happening and warns him not to get any ideas. Colin thinks Katherine would have supported her helping him out. Jill laughs. She won't part with it, but tells him they'll find another way to solve his issues. She makes him sign a paper that the necklace can't be sold unless they both agree. After, Colin phones someone to come over and steal the necklace.

    Lily finds Tyler drinking at the Club bar. He tells her he blew it with Abby. Lily muses about him running after his ex and how Mariah has always meant a lot to him - he even used to say how they had similar qualities that attracted him to her. She thinks he feels more for Mariah than he realizes. Tyler says he couldn't leave Mariah in the lurch; it's not him. He complains about Nick telling Abby to dump him. Lily urges him to fight for Abby. Cane appears and wishes Lily a happy birthday. Tyler heads to the gym. Cane says he has a surprise. Lily gets paged to the fourth floor. In the gym, Tyler confronts Nick about his advice to Abby. Nick won't apologize for trying to protect her. They bicker about why Mariah was in town. Nick wants Tyler to tell him what Mariah is capable of, but Tyler insists she's not evil, just a scared girl. Nick wonders if he's still in love with her. Tyler says he helped Mariah because she's alone in the world, but he's committed to Abby. Nick goes and Tyler gets a text from Mariah wanting him. In the dining room, Lily is back from the fourth floor and has the first clue in the scavenger hunt Cane planned. Soon she's collected more clues and Cane helps her put them together to make an Eiffel Tower. He admits they're not going to Paris, but gives her earrings from her favorite French designer to wear to bed tonight.

    At Austin's place, he offers Summer a beer and then asks her age. She worries he thinks she's a child. He assures her he doesn't think that at all. Summer admits she's been acting immature about Jack and Kelly. She decides to prove she's not a child anymore and asks Austin to make love to her. On his nearby computer screen is a post by 4MJ.

    Nick returns to Sharon's place and shares what Tyler told him about Mariah being needy. He's worried Sharon will open a door that will lead to more heartache. Sharon's car arrives and she leaves, promising to be strong.

    Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

    Victoria asks what Stitch has to tell her.

    Billy wants Chelsea's help finding information on Stitch.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by pipposprincess at Friday, May 30 2014 01:48 PM

    Summer is back to her Newman smart know it all mouth. Leslie is doing her job.

    Posted by pipposprincess at Friday, May 30 2014 01:56 PM

    Jill and her stupid quest to find more of Katherine's treasures is just plain dumb. It's dragging out like the paternity switch with Sharon.

    Posted by savytabby at Friday, May 30 2014 06:26 PM

    Based on the spoilers below, will someone take steps to cover up what Sharon did, like maybe Ian at Mariah's behest?

    Also, what is up with Summer? This storyline with her and Avery is weird and happening way too fast. There's like no rhyme or reason to it as far as I can see.

    Posted by kmc320 at Saturday, May 31 2014 01:20 PM

    *********this SPOILER*********
    Neil receives unexpected news from Hilary
    ~~~I sure hope no one is pregnant nor getting married

    I'm confused. Victoria wants Stitch but she's jealous and thinks Chelsea wants Billy. So it looks like she wants both her baby's daddy.

    But!!! Billy and Chelsea are spending too much time together

    So what "unique skill set" does the former gypsy con artist have to dig up dirt on Stitch?
    Friday, Kevin was seen typing in Ben Rayburn's name yet he's not mentioned in this week's nor next week's spoilers BUT TIIC takes this angle with Billy & Chelsea. Dumb

    See the Newmans are all about family: Nick won't apologize to Tyler for trying to "protect" Abby.

    The only jewelry I wear to bed is the one I was born
    with Cane gives Lily earrings to wear to bed

    I'm going to keep repeating and asking WTH is TSOBIC ingesting? What's wrong with this picture? Tyler hits the gym to wear the booze off. One gyms won't let you near equipment and 2. sober people have accidents at gyms

    I like the old Jill. This money grubbing woman seems to forget she's already rich.
    Explain to me why Katherine would hide an $18 Mil necklace on a chandelier? Something of that value would have been reporting missing I would think. Most people would have it under lock and key. I guess Katherine forgot she had it

    I thought Nick was taking Share to the airport

    Posted by Upset Blogger at Saturday, May 31 2014 01:40 PM

    Maybe just maybe Jill is setting up Colin on the value of the necklace! Jill is nobody's fool!

    He right away calls someone and tells them to do a robbery at Catherine's place. I betcha Jill heard him make that call and has the police alerted!

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Sunday, June 01 2014 07:48 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    I read the “exit” interview that David Tom gave about JFP letting him go and all I can say is………WHAT A CROCK!!! She told him that he looked to young to have scenes with Kelly…WHAT?!!!.....he doesn’t even HAVE scenes with Kelly anymore!!! And like he said, they hired him FIRST and should have been aware of that when they hired Kelly!!! I’m beginning to believe that, like other posters I have read saying they needed to hire “Billy” immediately…thought that if they hired David it wouldn’t be such a hard transition for viewers since he had already had the role previously…but KNEW that he wasn’t the right cast….then it gave them MORE TIME to look for a more suitable replacement who would NOT be replacing Billy Miller, but NOW would be replacing David Tom!!! Does this make any sense?!!!! Sounds like David Tom was just going to be their scapegoat!!!

    Read another article that stated that Michael Mooney has been sighted going into the CBS’s Y&R set….probably with his “gaggle of lawyers”!!! LOL

    Did I miss something?!!! When did Avery’s cooking show become so popular that she now has to have an assistant/lackey (Summer)?!!! UGH!!! Are TIIC having a hard time writing a script for Summer or what, just so she can be in Austin’s orbit?!!!

    Tyler spilled his guts about Abby to Lilly (of ALL people) and she said that he told her once that he was attracted to her to begin with because she reminded him of Mariah. She added that it WASN’T that she LOOKED like Mariah…I guess for OUR benefit! LOL I don’t know, Lilly, I don’t think that I would be flattered that I reminded Tyler of a woman that posed as a dead daughter and harassed the mother of said daughter for money! LOL I guess Lilly just grabs at ANYTHING that REMOTELY resembles a complement! LOL

    Why in the world does Leslie feel compelled to justify herself to a photographer (Austin)?!!! By the way, WHAT was Austin planning on shooting? The camera was so low that all he would be able to see is Avery’s belly button…I guess that is why her buttons are getting lower and lower! LOL Can’t TIIC pay for the other two people that Tyler had helping him before? Where are they?

    Before Nick went to the gym, he told Sharon that as soon as he got back he would take her to the airport….when he returned from the gym TIIC have written that Sharon’s car is outside waiting to take her to the airport…WHAT?!!! Now TIIC can’t even remember what they wrote in the same scene?!!! LOL

    Posted by bikette at Sunday, June 01 2014 08:48 AM

    Fiddlers re>Now TIIC can’t even remember what they wrote in the same scene?!!! LOL

    I'm still waiting for Billy to go to N.Y. with his lucky tie per last week when he stopped by Victoria's house. LOL

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Sunday, June 01 2014 02:29 PM

    HELLO AND WELCOME OLD AND OLD POSTERS; So, Stitch decides not to tell Vic about his past; but wants to hang ten with her and the baby. Ian is still going after Nikki and using all his means to do it. What does he have to gain from all of this mischief?? Dylan and Victor working together is questionable!! Neil must be afraid that Lily will get through to Hilary; pushing things along and with Hilary ready to tell him something. Neil and Lily are such worthless characters on the show. SMH!! So, I guess we will be exposed to another make out scene with Cane and Lily at the end of the hunt! I sure hope not, as it is so boring. How did Summer suddenly pick Austin to bed and she doesn't even know him? Is he a plant from Ian to get at Avery and Summer?? Billy must be getting so desperate to try and get information on Stitch that he will recruit anybody to get the dirt for him??? SMH! With the money he has and he can't hire a PI to do it for him. WTH! Sharon and her wild goose chase to help Mariah and her thinking she will ease her conscicious and make her feel better. Tyler, I don't care for you and your Leslie's secrets and thinking you are all that. Jill and Colin trying to figure out ways to get money, are pathetic. I can see Katherine climbing a ladder and putting that necklace to hide from Jill now... NOT! Victoria blaming Chelsea for talking to Billy is stupid since she won't talk to him and when he goes to talk to him; you can't pry Stitch away long enough to have a conversation with his wife. This makes no sense at all. If I were Billy I would move back home in the guest room and get a restraining order for trespassing on Stitch and would add him stalking his wife. How much longer until Adam returns to the show?? Hello Marvista: Thanks for the spoiler alerts.

    Posted by dslc at Sunday, June 01 2014 06:22 PM

    Does anyone remember if Summer is still a virgin? I fast-forward all her scenes so I can't remember who she may have slept with. If she is why would she want her first time to be with a guy she met two days ago. But then again in this soap all I do is ask YYYY.

    Posted by marvista at Sunday, June 01 2014 08:40 PM

    Va. Hillibilly: Katherine climbing a ladder = LOL. Perhaps Katherine THREW the necklace up there. She KNEW Jill would find the necklace? What if a cleanup crew found it? How would Jill find it other than tossing stuff at Colin? Who would look in the chandelier? Maybe there's popcorn up there too!

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